Indian 15 -year -old girl was forced by her stepmother to show the red light district for indecent performances. It is 8 months pregnant

According to the Indian media reported on July 25, a 15 -year -old girl in Mumbai, India was forced to engage in illegal transactions by stepmother, successor and a male leather passage.The red light district (because she was 5 months pregnant).

The girl is currently 8 months pregnant, and the police are hunting the suspect.

The girl told the police that after her biological mother died a few years ago, her father remarried. Later, her father divorced her stepmother again, and finally the stepmother asked and obtained the cubs of the girl.

It is said that her stepmother took her to leave her father to bring her to her relatives, but she brought the girl to the brothel.

A police officer said, "The victim’s stepmother was a sex worker, and the girl was only 12 years old at that time."

In the brothel, the criminal suspects in this case raped the girl.She was then raped by her stepdom and was forced to prostitute. Since then, the victims were raped by several men every day.

They also took the girl to the ballroom to force her to perform indecent performances.When she refused, the three defendants beat her and used a cigarette butt to cause burns to her body … "Girl claims that whenever she does not obey them, they will hurt her body." OneFamous police officers said.

"This is how they forced her to prostitution. They torture her because she is a minor and has nowhere to go. She had to do anything they asked," the police officer added.

However, three months ago, when the criminal gang learned that she was five months pregnant, they drove her out because they were afraid of the exposure of the matter.

Girls who have nowhere to go can only go to the local station to sleep. In the past three months, she has been sleeping on a platform.

Until this Tuesday, the station managers noticed the girl and sent her to the local Children’s Welfare Commission (CWC).After a preliminary investigation, CWC reported the matter to the police.The girl is currently treated by a government hospital.

Police filed a case for the defendant in accordance with the "Indian Criminal Law" and "Protecting Children’s Sexual Crime Law".

"We have sent a group to control the suspect." A senior inspection said.

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