Incredible!Women can get pregnant alone, without any male cooperation. Is this true?

When I watched the news in the morning, I accidentally saw a news news that "two girls can also have children." It was a bit shocked.

The news screen

Generally speaking, the incident of having children requires the combination of men’s organic matter "sperm" with the organic eggs produced by women’s bodies. The combination of substances slowly develop in the female uterus, and they can come to this world after development.

However, it is inevitable to feel a little incredible to see this news, so I read a lot of information.

Let’s talk about finding the results: Two girls can have children, and women can have children alone.

Experimental data screen

The data shows that British scientist Karimanania did an experiment that extracted the stem cells of bone marrow from the body of A mouse.Subsequently, the genetic "deception mechanism" was used to cultivate stem cells into "sperm" in a petri dish. After a period of time, the material was successfully cultivated.

Immediately afterwards, the experiments put the cultivated sperm in the B mouse’s body, combined with their eggs, but the accident found that it was successful. The mother and mouse successfully gave birth to a mouse cub.

The picture in the Cultiville

After that, the experiments tried to extract stem cells from the bone marrow in women, and used the same method to successfully cultivate "sperm" with the deception mechanism.

This technology is called "artificial sperm" training technology.

If you are interested, you can search for "artificial sperm", which has a basic explanation.

This technology has not been experimented in clinical practice because it is impossible to ensure whether all the functions of sperm cultivated by artificially cultivated are complete.

In addition, the experimental results also show that if the sperm cultivated by artificially cultivated is combined with it, the child born will only be girls, because the Y chromosomes do not exist in women at all.

British scientists published their research results in the monthly magazine of "Breeding: Dominal Biology", and the news released has attracted a lot of attention.

The theory of the publication also pointed out that in theory, if men have infertility, this technology can help men realize the dream of having their own children.At the same time, if two girls are together, they may also have their own children without relying on men.

How do you feel a bit similar to "IVF", but there are differences in ways.

The only difference between the two is that the former uses children with this technology to be men and women, and the latter can only be a girl.

Many netizens saw the news: It turned out that when the evolution was evolved, men had gone.

It should be said that although this technology has improved, it will face many problems, such as moralology and genetics.

I do n’t understand the genetics, so I wo n’t say much. Moralology just simply understands the choice of our ancestors.

Maternity diagram

We now have their own names and surnames. The last name is basically taken with our father, and the tradition of named by his father needs to be tracked to the maternal society.

During the matriarchal social period, women were the main force of society, and the male status was very low.After each soul communication, men must leave the female tribe.

If a woman is pregnant by accident, the child’s name will be named with the tribe’s surname.

This was nothing, but after a long time, women in the maternal society found a strange phenomenon.

Many women have an inexplicable abortion after pregnancy. Some children have finally given birth, but they have severe malformations. Some of them have grown up, and they have become disabled or disease seedlings.

To avoid this situation, after the men and women at the time were completed, when men left, women would take the initiative to ask men’s surnames, and the children born followed the names of the male tribe.

Later, in order to avoid the tragedies such as children’s malformations and abortion caused by close relatives, the "surname" was born. At the same time, the ancestors also stipulated that "the same sex and close relatives are not allowed to get married."

This tradition has continued to this day.

Looking back at this technology, if a woman relies on stem cells to have children alone, will the children repeat the tragedy of our ancestors at the beginning?All of this is unknown.

In addition, even if two women, offspring genes, health, etc. will be affected, it is not known now.

Whether this technology will be widely used, and maybe the continuous inspection of time and practice requires to know.

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