Increasing the pregnancy, the cervical gland cyst must prevent in place

Cervical gland cysts, also known as cervical Na Shi cysts, are a manifestation of chronic cervicitis. If there is no symptoms of small sacs, it may not be treated. However, considering long -term inflammation stimulation, a few patients may have a tendency to change bad changes. It is recommended to do it.Good review and timely treatment measures.Women who have suffered from pockets need to pay attention, and the sac is easier to recur, especially under the stimulation of inflammation.

Causes of cervical gland cysts

1. Chronic inflammation: Women with chronic inflammation are more likely to appear sac, because the long -term stimulation of inflammation can cause repeated congestion and edema of the tissue, and cervical fibrosis may also occur.

2. Cervical glandular tube is squeezed: When the glandular duct is squeezed by the surrounding tissue, the glandular mouth is blocked, and the secretions in the gland cannot flow out of the outside and stay inside, it may form a cystic mass of varying sizes.

Harm of cervical gland cysts

1. Although the cervical gland cysts may not be treated when there are no symptoms, it is also necessary to do a good job of examination to avoid the possibility of deterioration. Infertility will cross infections and diffuses other organs.Wait, severe or even infertility.

2. Under the long -term stimulation of chronic inflammation, the cervical tissue recovers repeated congestion and edema, while inflammatory cell infiltration and connective tissue hyperplasia can lead to cervical hypertrophy.

How to prevent cervical gland cysts

1. Pay attention to hygiene: Maintaining cleaning and attention is an important means to maintain health.Be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of the lower body. In particular, during menstruation, pay attention to cleaning the remaining blood. The blood is a bacteria of the bacteria, which is very easy to breed. Pay attention to changing panties and sanitary napkins.Health and safety; also, do not have to do the same room during menstruation, which is very easy to induce gynecological diseases.

2. Sexual life: Sexual life, health, no long -term abstinence, or excessive desire.Sexual hygiene issues are a constant topic of health. Many gynecological diseases are related to improper sexual life, such as cervicitis, vaginitis, cervical laceration, and immune infertility.

3. Medical infection: Usually take good health protection measures to avoid unnecessary surgery caused mechanical damage to the genitals such as cervix and uterus. In addition, you must go to a regular hospital for medical treatment to avoid medical -derived infections and injuries.

4. Dietary problems: Foods such as comprehensive diet, pay attention to balance, spicy stimulation and other foods cannot occupy the main part of the diet. Light green vegetable porridge is very helpful for health.

5. Regular gynecological examinations are performed and found active treatment for cervic inflammation.Be careful not to do the same room during the treatment. Some problems may require couples to treat them with each other, and do not taboo diseases and doctors.

6. Exercise: The body is the capital of the revolution. Now many office workers are busy with work and basically do not have the intention to exercise. This is an unhealthy lifestyle. It is recommended that you can take at least half an hour of exercise every day every day.It is very effective to improve resistance and immunity.In addition, good mood is also an important secret to health.

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