In winter, do n’t be soft in your hands when you encounter duck meat, cheaper than pork, nutrition than beef, and often increase your resistance

Introduction: In winter, it is a bit losing to this meat!It is cheaper than pork, nutritious than beef, and often increase resistance!

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. In my life, the only food and beautiful scenery cannot be disappointed.After Xiaoxue, the north began to slowly enter the cold winter. At this time, not only should we wear thick down jackets to protect the cold, but also increase the protein required in the body, so as to allow the human body to increase the temperature in a timely manner and increase its calories.In addition to eating more radish and cabbage in winter, you also need to eat some meat to supplement protein, such as beef, lamb, chicken, duck meat, etc., are suitable for cold days.Recently, my family often eat duck meat. The price is cheaper than pork. It is only 16 yuan a pound, and it is more nutritious than beef.Duck meat is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutrient elements. It is dry in winter. It is good for the body to eat duck meat. It is not easy to get fat after eating too much. It is a high -protein and low -fat food.

I went to the vegetable market to spend 48 yuan to buy a duck. They are all sold now. The meat is very fresh. I stewed a pot of duck meat for the family.EssenceThe following editors will share with you the delicious practices of ducks, let’s take a look.

[Stewed duck meat] The ingredients prepared are: one duck, 500 ml beer, flour, cooking wine, star anise, fragrant leaf, cinnamon, green pepper, green onion, ginger, soybean sauce, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce

[Specific method] 1. Many people are used to simmering water when stewed duck meat. In fact, ducks do not need to be simmered. Doing this, the stewed ducks are not hard or fishy.First of all, clean the duck meat bought back, put it in a large basin, add an appropriate amount of flour and cooking wine, grab it hard, and then wash the water several times to remove the impurities and blood water inside.Essence

2. Do not need to put oil in the pot. Pour duck meat and fry the water in the duck meat. This is the key to delicious and not fishy.Boil the oil in another pot, put all the seasonings in, stir -fry the flavor, and then add 3 spoons of soy bean sauce to continue stir -fry, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, and then pour the duck meat with dry water.Stir -fry a few times, finally pour 500 ml of beer, an appropriate amount of warm water, cover the lid, boil the high heat and simmer for 2 hours.

3. After stewing for 2 hours, add an appropriate amount of salt, stir it, then put the appropriate amount of green pepper segment, continue to simmer for 15 minutes, and the pepper can be turned off when the pepper is broken.The fragrant beer ducks are ready, soft and delicious, so that the stewed duck meat is not at all or fishy. The family version of the duck meat is simple. After the table is served, the whole family loves to eat.

If you want to eat fried duck meat, like the above steps, the same method will be stewed out of the duck meat.Boil the oil in the pan, stir -fry the octagonal, sesame oil, green onions, garlic, and ginger after the oil is hot, and then add 1 spoonful of soy bean sauce to continue frying, stir -fry the flavor of sauce.

Finally, pour the stewed duck meat into the pot, fry the high heat for about 10 minutes, fry until the duck meat color, completely absorb the flavor of the sauce, then add some green peppers, fry until the green pepper is broken, sprinkle it before the pan, and sprinkle it into the pan.With a little green onion, you can turn off the heat.(Because the duck meat is stewed, it does not need to be fry for too long.)

Cooking tips: Duck meat does not need to be simmered. During the cleaning process, use raw flour or flour, and add cooking wine to remove the fishy fish. In this way, the stewed duck meat is not fishy or fishy.

In the cold winter, stew a pot of duck meat, and drive the cold and relieve it. Do you like to eat duck meat?Do you also know which new ways to eat duck meat?That’s it for today’s sharing. I hope my sharing can make you gain. Thank you for your reading and support.

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