In the third year of long -distance love, I was pregnant, and I accidentally sent the news to the class group

In the third year of long -distance love, I was pregnant.

I accidentally sent the message to the class group.

The ex -boyfriend immediately jumped out.

I answered weakly, "Everyone’s constitution is different."

"I want to compoundly say, don’t be shameful in the group."


The monitor who has been diving in the group suddenly said, "Then you have to ask his husband and disagree with his husband."

Ex -boyfriend, "What do you mean?"

Squad leader, "I don’t agree."


In the third year of long -distance love, Jiang Mo and I also reached the point of talking about marriage.

In the evening, I rushed back to the bedroom while rushing back to the bedroom, and called him to share the new house decoration I saw in the little sweet potato today.

"I want to pave the wooden floor in the new home,

An updoor floor window,

Buy a lazy sofa,

On the weekend, you read a computer and I read a book,

Do you say this is good?"

I said a lot, and there was a sudden sentence on the phone, "Are you annoying?"

I stepped into the puddle with one foot,

"Jiang Mo?"

"Huh?" He seemed to be talking to me as if he reacted. "I’m not talking about you. I scold the graduate student and the princess.

When he said this, I obviously felt his patience had reached the limit.

"Are you raining too?"

"Well, the heavy rain, the umbrella can’t be wet, she is really sick."

"Then you go?"

He sighed, "I have to go, I am mainly afraid that her laboratory does not turn off ultraviolet lights, and the fungus was killed. The instructor scolded her that she was not stunned. She had no brains, you know."


I looked up and found that my hair was wet.

However, because no one had given an umbrella, I always felt that it was not a grievance to return to the bedroom.

Jiang Mo’s sister is Wang Ya, who has a princess.

Eat for people to bring, the experiment is accompanied, and the plan must be written by others.

Jiang Mo was tortured by her.

The last time, his sister made an experiment to overturn the alcohol lamp. It was obviously her fault, but she kept crying. The instructor had to pour the dog’s blood that my boyfriend scolded, saying that he was not optimistic about her next to her.

Fortunately, there was only one semester left, and Jiang Mo graduated from graduate students.


Jiang Mo and I have been together.

Because the two schools were more than 1,000 kilometers, we rarely met.

Although there are few meetings, because the two met in high school, they knew it, and both parents were satisfied.

"I went to the city center with Jiang Mo’s mother today to see a house, ninety -one, more than two million, there are shopping malls, convenient transportation, kindergarten to high school …"

My mother came to see my mystery and mysteriously giving me a passbook during the day,

"There are 1 million in it. We and the Jiang family have 1 million. We must not spend all of them.

"Mom, we haven’t graduated yet."

"Know, when you graduate, you can’t wait for the decoration for half a year … In case you are pregnant, you can’t live in the house just renovated."

"Mom, it’s still early!" I suddenly became red to my ears.

I was a bit difficult to open up, in fact, Jiang Mo and I hadn’t reached that step.

One is to have little meeting time, and the second is that every time I meet, the parents of both parties stared at me and ran to his house without face, or went out to live with him.

"Earlier, stay together, the stomach is so big."

I was annoyed in my mouth, but I couldn’t restrain my expectations.

After three years, I can finally not have to fall in love with a long distance.

In the evening, I watched my mother and Jiang Mo’s mother to settle a new house. Nothing was written. I checked how to decorate the new house for one night.

The eyes were blind and couldn’t wait to share it with Jiang Mo, but because of his sister and sister, it was stirred.

I had to send him all the types he liked, and there was no news in the middle of the night.

I woke up the next day, only he said at twelve o’clock last night, "I’m sleepy, watch it tomorrow."

But the next day he didn’t reply to me.


"Jiang Mo, are you busy?" In the afternoon, I really couldn’t help asking him.

His phone call suddenly came.

"Not busy, what’s wrong?" His tone was still so gentle, sweeping the doubts in my heart.

"Did I see the decoration I sent you?"

"Ah, I forgot."


He paused, "Let’s come according to your intentions, you are happy most important."

I don’t know why, although he was petting me, I still felt panicked.

I took the courage and asked, "Don’t you want to have a home with me?"

For so long in love, parents of both sides are anxious than anyone else, but he never said that graduation planning, where to work, what jobs do, and how much to buy a house … Do you want to marry me?

Some seemingly logical things, he never said it.

"Get, I don’t drink milk tea!"

The phone scolded again.

I don’t know why, he may not scold me in a second reaction, but my heart was stinging.

"Try it, thank you brother to send me back to the dormitory last night, hee hee."

Sure enough, it was his sister.

"Go on the way … don’t make trouble … oh."

The swallowing sound came from the phone.

"It’s delicious!"

"It’s hard to drink."

"The mouth is wrong, you try again."


I listened to the conversation on the phone, and the scene appeared in front of me, and for a moment I was like the extra third party.

"What are you talking about?" Jiang Mo’s voice came from the phone.

I suddenly lost my desire to share, "Nothing."

"That’s okay. I went to see her to do experiments first. If she didn’t look at her for a second, she had to make a moth."

I looked at the phone sluggishly. There were so many Chinese characters in China, but I couldn’t find a word to reply to him.


Jiang Mo and I contacted when they played a team in a team.

At first, I made an appointment with the pressure of the game to relieve the graduate experiment. Later, he suddenly asked me if I wanted to be together.

"You won’t think I really like to play games before asking you every day. I have been chasing you for three months.

I didn’t talk about love at the time, I couldn’t tell whether I liked him or liked to play with him.

I am really lonely. I like the feeling of being accompanied by him, so we are together.

At the beginning, we had nothing to talk about. We often talked until late at night. We had to get up early to do experiments the next day, but felt that this day was tired and full.

But I don’t know when he stopped playing, and he didn’t take the initiative to call me.

Even when I hit it, he was either quarreling with his sister or sister, or how much princess disease was his new sister who was new.

"There are cooking aunts at home. When I go to school, I am a driver picking up. She is used to it. I ca n’t twist a mineral water bottle. How can she marry it in the future?"

"She told me that the rice grew on the tree. She had never been to the countryside. If she encountered a famine, the first one starved to death was her."

"She said that for the first time, she knew that the washing machine in the school washing room had no drying function. You said it was funny, who would be unlucky."

I don’t know when, he was still concerned about her marriage.

I was a little annoying to listen to his tulp, "Then you marry her."

He was still excited and he stopped suddenly, "What do you mean?"

"literal meaning."

After talking, I hung up.

This is the first time I quarreled with him.

Because it is a long -distance relationship, my mother has taught me girls since she was a child.

"Don’t be too dependent, he is so far away. You said that he couldn’t give up the heat water in his stomach, but it was worrying."

So I am very obedient.

A person eats obediently, watching movies alone, and even getting sick to go to the hospital to hang water.

Never trouble anyone.

Even my girlfriend laughed at me, "You talk about love, don’t meet, can’t see it, can’t see it, and have something to carry yourself. Then where is the meaning of finding a boyfriend?"

I always laughed and said, "Isn’t we all fighting for a better future?"

"His life now is only his sister, do he have you in the future?"

I would say without hesitation before, "Of course."

But now, uncertain.

In the past, I definitely did not believe that Jiang Mo would be interested in his princess sick master and sister. I know him that he is excellent and self -disciplined. He hates the lazy and stupid one, but recently I am very confused.

I always feel wrong and I can’t describe it.

At night, Jiang Mo finally sent me a message.

"No, what’s wrong with you today?"

As for why I thought of the news of the clockwork at night, because he went to KTV with a classmate in the laboratory in the evening.

And I saw the face full of the birthday cake was Jiang Mo and Wang Ya.

The birthday was Wang Ya, but the cake was on their faces.

Didn’t you say that he was laughing.

"Do you think of me now?" I replied to him.

"Why do you say that, I’m always busy today."


Even if he admits to spending his birthday with his sister, I am not so angry and ignorant. What is he covering up?

"Busy to accompany the teacher’s birthday?"

"Who told you?" He called over, "No, what is to accompany his sister’s birthday, the entire laboratory is going to go, I don’t go well."

Who told me?

He probably forgot that I have a WeChat of several people in his laboratory, and usually help them vote.

Only his sister.

"She do not let her bother you." He explained this way.

The photo was sent by the people in his laboratory.

"Don’t you think you have a big amount of chatting with me?" I paused for a moment, "Jiang Mo, let’s consider our relationship."

"What are you joking, you don’t think I like her like that, right?"

Although he does not like this sentence, I still feel suffocating.

"Isn’t it possible?" I asked him.

He didn’t speak anymore, and took a few seconds to ask me seriously and seriously, "What are you going crazy, why are you doing it like her?"

Look, I mentioned her again.

"Are you a bit under pressure to graduate recently? Sorry, I didn’t take care of your emotions. You can rest assured that I keep a distance with her in the future."

"But you also know that I am his brother. She has to be responsible for her experiment. There is no way to not contact. She is stupid to die. She wants to mess up without looking at it for a day.You say funny or not funny … "

I really suffocated.

"It is not funny."

I hung up the phone instantly.


After hanging up the phone, I still felt that my chest was so stuffy, and I couldn’t sleep on the bed.

At one o’clock in the morning, Jiang Mo sent me a screenshot.

It was his chat history with his sister.

Zhang Ya, "Is my sister misunderstood? Oh my god! How can this be so sorry?"

Jiang Mo, "You know too." He was also equipped with a cute expression pack.

Zhang Ya, "Brother, I promise to do my own things from tomorrow, my own experiments have done myself, and my brother is absolutely not troublesome to be a brother, and be an independent experiment!"

Jiang Mo returned a emoji package "Reasonable when you see you like this".

Zhang Ya, "Brother, I need to add a sister, explain to her, and say that you are definitely not interested in me, because I also have someone I like."

The dialogue is here.

Ten minutes later, there was a new friend’s application, remark, "Sister, I am Jiang Mo’s sister."

I was probably stunned by my head. When she saw that she had a person she liked, I shaken and passed my friend’s application.

I have been entering there, I am still thinking, I really think about it, all this is really a misunderstanding, so it is a bit embarrassing.

As a result, she said directly, "He is mine." A cute smile on the back.

For a moment, my blood rushed into the top cover.

The hands under the words were shaking, lost a lot of words and deleted, and finally hit only one word, "Roll."

As soon as the news was sent, she withdrew the sentence, "He is mine."

I was too lazy to care and deleted people directly.

As a result, less than a minute, Jiang Mo sent me a screenshot of Wang Ya over and a question mark at the same time.

There is also an innocent expression package with Wang Ya, "Brother, am I messed up again?"

There is only my sentence in the screenshot, "Rol." He sent by Wang Ya, "Sister, you misunderstand your brother." But there is a rejected exclamation mark in front of this sentence.

"Don’t you want to know what the sentence she withdraws?" I asked him.

"?" He only replied to one question mark.

"She said you were her."

He played a string of omitted numbers.

"Are you nervous? She is crying in the bedroom now, are you satisfied?"

"Why are you like this?"

Seeing on the screen, my heart was torn.

"I have no nervousness, I can like you? Silly, you."

After sending the news, I deleted him.

My girlfriend Xia Xia knew that I broke up, and I came by the high -speed rail.

The first sentence of walking into the bedroom is, "Is the Pharaoh Eight really with the little green arrow?"

"I don’t know." I couldn’t help choking as soon as I said.

"Bring the dog with a dog, lock him two!" Xia Xia came to hug me, "Cry, cry, just be the two people die, and give him two crying graves."

I was still crying, but she was laughing.

After telling Xia Xia last night, she was silent for a minute. "When you are angry, you should bring my mouth, you have to quarrel with people like this., Cry yourself first. "

So Xia Xia took my mobile phone and released Wang Ya out of the blacklist, output more than 100 crazy output, and finally came, "Isn’t it so love screenshot, show your brother."

Then delete her once again.

I looked at her operation.

A mouth is fortunate to be a friend.

I finally sent a message to my mother in the end. My mother was shocked, "Don’t worry, let me ask his mother to ask."

I want to stop it, and I didn’t stop it in the end, anyway, I will know it anyway.

This is my first love. It is really uncomfortable to end like this.

Xia Xia was accompanied me for a few days, and she suddenly asked me on the day of walking.

"I really don’t understand how you look at Jiang Mo. Didn’t you like him at the same table before?"

"Which table?"

"Pretend, squad leader."

The old and bad things were turned out by her, and I felt a little funny.

"When graduated, people held the whole class in order to hold the people they like.

The memory of death suddenly attacked me.

At that time, the squad leader liked another girl. When I graduated, I hugged me for holding the girl. After I knew, I cried for a day and one night.

Before she finished speaking, I saw a few decoration workers wearing helmet walking through us.

I was not curious at first, just staring at one of the backs of the back.

As a result, the person had eyes behind his back, and suddenly turned back–

"Squad leader!" Xia Xia shouted excitedly.

Everyone was watching Xia Xia, but the man’s eyes fell on me.

"Class … long."

I haven’t seen it for 7 years, and I met again and saw that he had just moved to the brick.

"My names have forgotten?" He stood in place so and stared at me.


"She didn’t forget, she-ah." Xia Xia greeted excitedly.

I quickly covered Xia Xia’s mouth.

I know that she has always been straightforward, but after so many years, I don’t want to cause trouble to others.

"Xu Zhao." After many years of shouting his name, I think it’s awkward everywhere, "What a coincidence, how do you work here … work?"

He heard me calling his name, he suddenly laughed, "Remember my name, yes."

"Unfortunately, I have encountered you several times."

He said so generous and calmly that even if he was moving by high school classmates, he had no restraint on him.


"Boss, know?"

"You are stupid, the boss stared at her in the cafeteria that day."

"The cafeteria?" Why haven’t I seen him?

"Everyone knows, do we want to go together, we just want to go." His brother invited enthusiastically.

I was embarrassed to stand there, because Xia Xia’s car couldn’t catch up.

"Go and go, don’t scare others." Xu Zhao stared back with a look.

A few brothers next to them seemed to dig out coal, and the whole face saw the eyes, a bit funny.

"Sorry for the old classmate. Today, this body is really inconvenient to tell you the old." There was a trace of emotions in his eyes, and he raised his hand and patted the lively brothers. "Go."


On the way to Xiaxia to the station, I listened to Xia Xia Gossip, "His family went bankrupt and owed a lot of debt."

"So miserable?"

No wonder there was no news after the college entrance examination.

The teenager who was once loved by the girls in the school, and the style of being full of spirits, even moving bricks at the construction site, also made people sigh.

After Jiang Mo and I completely made a noise, my mother came back from Jiang Mo’s house with a black face.

The first thing I came back was to take me to buy a house.

For a house loan, I ran down a set of procedures, and my mother and I were tired enough.

Then my mother opened a blind date for me.

I resist.

"Do you know what Jiang Mo’s mother said? She said that the two relatives of the two family members knew that the neighbors knew it for three years. Although there was no testimony, what was the difference between this?Married, I am angry at me. "

"I don’t believe it, this marriage can’t be with their family!"

My mother was so angry for a while.

"But I really don’t want to fall in love anymore." I didn’t get anything in three years of love, and got a green hat and a title of a second marriage.

If you go to fall in love again, if there is no result, I am really injured.

"Then you will go on a blind date. Parents will give you the conditions and get married directly."

What kind of fallacy is my mother.

I didn’t care about this, but my mother was Zhang Luo every day, making me feel a little breathless.

However, for a month, Jiang Mo came back to find me.


"Do you know, my mother has settled in the hotel. I don’t understand what the benefits of making trouble like you. How do you let the people around you step down?"

"I said that I have nothing to do with her, you are still crazy."

He stood at the door, and I thought he was here to apologize, but it turned to me.

"Who are you? Who are your sisters?"

I asked him with a smile.

He turned pale instantly, "Liang Yuan! How did you become like this?"

"If it’s nothing, don’t stop the way, I still have a date." I passed away from him.

"Delivery? Who date?"

"Blind Date."

He listened to his face.

After a while, he recovered his confident smile again. "Don’t lie, who else can you do with, you are such a boring girl, except for me to play with you, do you really think others want to play with you?"

"You will play with you in high school. If you are not pitiful you, who will talk to you?"

"Jiang Mo!" I didn’t want to quarrel with him today.

But he really attacked me with my weaknesses and anger me.

At the high school, I was introverted, not good at communication, and was indeed lonely.

When you arrive at university, there are no particularly good friends except Xia Xia.

But I didn’t expect this to be his breakthrough point.

"Do you know how many experiments I have been here this time? Don’t make trouble, I don’t get used to you every time I quarrel. Who else can you marry in this life?"

"Why do I marry someone?" I asked him.

He paused and laughed again, "Yes, no one wants."


"Jiang Mo, you are really good enough."

I left this sentence and left directly.

I was light and light on the surface, but in fact, my teeth were bitten.

Walking on the street, his heart was so angry.

I sent a message to Xia Xia, "Where can there be a single high -quality man, I want to find someone to get married."

"Now saying that they are single on the Internet, maybe children have soy sauce. There is only one place. The Civil Affairs Bureau divorced area, where it is really single."

The Divorce Zone of the Civil Affairs Bureau?

Xia Xia was just kidding, and I didn’t care. As a result, when I looked up, the Civil Affairs Bureau opposite the road.

I sat on the side of the road suddenly, thinking about the youth of the dogs in the past three years, and my mood was a little depressed.

I am even thinking about it, otherwise find a man with good conditions and get married before falling in love.

Then after a few seconds, I looked up and saw a man out of the divorce area of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Squad leader!


My first reaction is, did he divorce?

I have n’t graduated yet, they are married and divorced, the gap between this person.

Another thought, Xia Xia said that his family was bankrupt, and now he moved bricks at the construction site, and now divorced again, it is really miserable …

I didn’t want to understand yet, he stood in front of me.

"Why are you here?"

He looked at me squatting on the ground.

I originally wanted to say, "Hello, coincident."

But the brain was fainted, and the first sentence said, "Do you want to marry me?"

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