In the third trimester | Ice, cold, cold … Can’t touch it?rest assured!Only these 3 types of pregnant mothers should pay attention!

A few days ago, the weather was not cold, and when I was a little hot in single clothes, my girlfriend called me and said that her husband was too much, so because I was pregnant, I wanted to drink some cold drinks …

My girlfriend has been pregnant for more than 8 months. I complain about her complaints, but I have no power to do it.Because in the people, there are many taboos in mothers during pregnancy, and one of them cannot be cooled.

1 custom

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, they will always be told by the elders at home. They will tell the pregnant mother very seriously that they will have some taboos during pregnancy.for example.Among them, you can’t eat cold during pregnancy, and many elderly people will tell the pregnant mother.

And when the elders say that these taboos, they will be slightly exaggerated. For the health of the fetus, most pregnant mothers will choose to abide by this taboo.

2 personal constitutions

The living environment is different, and everyone’s physique is also different. Some women are cold and cannot be cold. Drinking ice water a few days before menstruation will cause irregular menstruation.And some women are particularly good in their physical fitness, and they do not have any discomfort to eat cold and spicy body during menstruation.

If these two women are pregnant at the same time, the former is not suitable for eating cold during pregnancy, because after eating, the body will be affected; the latter is not related to eating some cold, and it will not be affected by the fetus.

Whether you can eat cold during pregnancy mainly depends on the physical fitness of pregnant mothers.If the pregnant mother has excellent physical fitness, and if you eat cold things, your body will not have any discomfort, then you can eat it in moderation.

However, if the pregnant mother is not good, eat cold and easy to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and indigestion, it is recommended that the pregnant mother is still taboo, because diarrhea during pregnancy is a very dangerous thing.

1. This kind of pregnant mothers who have poor stomachs before pregnancy

This kind of pregnant mother’s stomach is not good. If you do n’t pay attention to your gastrointestinal and intestines after pregnancy, you still want to eat what you want. If you do n’t care about this aspect, if you do n’t care about this, it will definitely affect the development of the fetus.

Such behaviors will affect the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant mothers, and will also greatly reduce the ability of pregnant mothers to digest food, thereby affecting the absorption of the fetus on the impact.

2. Pregnant mothers in Gonghan before pregnancy

Pregnant mothers before pregnancy are actually affecting normal conception. Fortunately, pregnant mothers have successfully conceived.But pregnant mothers should not think that everything is good after successful.

Pregnant mothers should still pay attention to their own diet, but not to eat too cold food, which will increase the pregnant mother’s palace Han, which will affect the health of the pregnant mother.It is said that the pregnant mother itself will also affect her health.

3. Pregnant mothers who have inflammation before pregnancy

There is inflammation in the body before pregnancy. Such pregnant mothers cannot eat cold foods after pregnancy. This is more than just some spicy and greasy food pregnant mothers. This will increase the inflammation of the pregnant mother.

In fact, many taboos during pregnancy are not hard rules. Pregnant mothers do not need every to comply with each other. According to their physical conditions, choose to do and do not do it. Pregnancy is already very hard. Do not let yourself be restrained in more rules.

Regarding the diet, daily life, sleep, minor illness and small pain at all stages of pregnancy, Xiaobian will be updated daily. Welcome to pregnant mothers to pay attention to support ~ In addition, on the public account health 320 pregnant platform, there are also dry goods during pregnancy.Back pain back pain, constant nights, weightlessness … There are corresponding solutions!

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