In the third month of marriage, there was someone from my husband outside the marriage. I want to cry without tears

The reader’s letter said:

When I met his husband in the gym, when I saw him for the first time, I started to commit idiots, and then I often created the opportunity to chat with him.After a few greetings, I invited him to dinner cheekily, and he did not refuse.Subsequently, we were more frequent "dating" and had intimate moves during the period.After this relationship lasts half a year, I was pregnant. When I was unwilling to deal with my child, my husband and I were married.

While getting along with my husband, I can feel that I am not a woman that my husband wants to marry. At best, it is just a tool to solve the loneliness in the empty window period.But my attitude towards this relationship is: 1) What kind of way to use the pipe to be used to marry the man you like is the ideal result; 2) It is not important for the strong and twisted melons. The key is to quench thirst.However, when I was still immersed in the joy of wedding, my husband was in love with it. You must know that when my husband betrayed his marriage, we were married for only 3 months.

After the husband loves me, he is frank: 1) He has never really loved me at all; 2) If I don’t want to deal with the children in my belly, he will die in a marriage that I have no emotional marriage for responsibility.In this case, I will return myself to a more rational state to examine our relationship.At this time, my attitude towards this relationship changed then: a healthy marriage should be happy. If one of them explicitly expressed that they do not love, such a life is actually tortured to each other.To this end, my final decision was to deal with the child first and find a suitable time to complete the divorce procedure.

The reason why I don’t want to divorce immediately: 1) I feel that I am divorced shortly after getting married, and my face is a bit unable to hang;

After I deal with my child, my husband was even more unscrupulous: I often did not go home at night, and often chatted with the girls he liked in front of me, and even ran to date with the other party without avoiding it.Although I am only delaying divorce time, I need to admit that my current life is experiencing a suffering like a year.

Muzi Li Emotional Analysis:

Marriage life is a more complicated combination. Among them, it must be used as the minimum prerequisite for mutual appreciation. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the support of the material level. Can both parties form the same frequency in most things, and whether the two parties have in this relationship in this relationship.The feelings of dedication, softening, and giving, and even consider each other’s living habits, eating habits, and hobbies.Even in this era of fast food love, it is still hoped that people should take precautionary measures during the time before marriage. At least, when both sides have not reached a marriage consensus, it is best not to have pregnancy.Otherwise, after the result of passive Fengzi marriage, it may launch a foreshadowing for the unfortunate blessing of the marriage itself, which will be an unfair decision to each other.

Most young people in contemporary contemporary belong to the only children, so that the contradictions often occur between men and women: 1) Women’s erosion of poisonous chicken soup believes that they exist like queen in the field of emotion;The material input level is relatively equal.It means that in today’s marriage and love system: While men converge their so -called big masculinity, they also hope that women can put away the so -called princess disease.If in today’s marriage and love market, a woman shows a more stressful existence to themselves at the emotional level, material level, and details of life.The relationship is unreliable.One of the most obvious changes: Now more and more men are more inclined to love sisters and siblings. The purpose is obvious. It is more tolerant and independent in girls who feel older than girls older than themselves.

In the field of marriage and love, there is also a factor that cannot be ignored: For most people, the face value of the other half is no longer the most important consideration indicator.It means that when most people choose the other half, they will not ignore the other party’s shortcomings in other fields because they are outstanding.Of course, people also have requirements for the face value of the other half: at least do not belong to the category of ugly in their aesthetic system, and the other person’s figure belongs to the hanging one that they appreciate.More often, people care more about each other’s ability to make money and whether both parties can be in a more comfortable state during the process of getting along.In addition, feelings are a matter of two people. If it is only moved for a while, in exchange for the result of marriage, once the life of life after marriage, it is difficult for the other party to continue to harvest again, maybe it will start to be indifferent to this relationship.

It is not ruled out that some people belong to Yan control. After encountering a opposite sex that makes them bright, they will try to go closer to each other and use their so -called enthusiasm to exchange the favor of each other.Similar emotions can really make the other half feel enthusiastic like fire at the beginning. The key is that many people often present this kind of presentation when they operate similar feelings: in the process of chasing love, their enthusiasm is particularly high.But after this relationship is finalized, I hope that they can return to a relatively fair trajectory.At this time, the person who was with you because he was moved could not continue to be moved from you, so he had a new reflection on this relationship: obviously you are not his satisfactory marriage object.Together?

What needs to be acknowledged: You like your husband, you did chase your husband with the so -called enthusiasm, but after you get married, your attitude towards this relationship has changed a lot, or you think you think you thinkThe husband and wife should form a good mutual mutual, but you ignore a little bit. Your husband only thinks that you are good to him before you accept you.Now, your enthusiasm for him is lost. He feels that being with you is not his willing choice, so he has questioned your relationship.Of course, there is a reason that you are indifferent to your husband when you just pursue him: 1) When you are pregnant, you are fragile and you are more eager to be cared for by your husband; 2) You are your husband during pregnancy.The empty window period.

Looking at the feelings of you and your husband from another perspective: 1) Your husband is enjoying your goodness to him at first, thinking that you are a good girl, and feel that he can marry a girl who is particularly good to himself,It is also a good choice; 2) With your deepening exchanges, you have not been able to pass the running -in period smoothly. During your common life, you have serious differences at the level of life trivial.It is not appropriate to be with you; 3) Your husband was originally a flower -hearted person, and relying on your rarity to him, he did not cherish the relationship between you, and even he did not have the idea of divorce, but trampled on with practical actions.Your bottom line.All in all, you don’t need to continue to be humble in front of a man who is extremely disrespectful to you. Now that the child has dealt with it, and facing the life of the year, don’t take care of too much face. The divorce may be a decision earlier.

Editor’s words:

A relationship is not suitable. In fact, everyone has their own judgment.Under normal circumstances, after people have a negative attitude towards a relationship, they will not immediately separate, or because there is still their own factors in this relationship, or want to adjust the other half through their own explicit or hints that the other half can be adjusted.The other party runs this relationship.Later, the truth: It is difficult for you to change each other.For this reason, in the case of disappointment, he drumped the courage to separate.

The emergence of feelings or appreciation of each other because of the face value level, or the other party moved himself with Xiao En Xiaohui at the level of money.At the beginning of the establishment of a love relationship between the two people, the two sides may have reached the consensus of "accompanying a lifetime", but not every relationship can go through the running -in period smoothly, so that some reasons for the breakup will be "After a period of time, I am interested, I am meI found that both of us are not suitable. "After a relationship disintegrates, you can punish yourself without the mistake of the other party, but you also need to have the minimum self -reflection.

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