In the seventh week of experience, these five important matters have to know!

When the pregnant mother is pregnant, it has entered the 7th week. At this time, the embryo looks like a kidney bean, about 1cm long.At this time, the formation of the baby’s brain is very fast, with an average of 10,000 nerve cells per minute.Because of the early pregnancy reaction, your emotional fluctuations will be great.At this time, folic acid and other trace elements are still needed.

1. Keep oral hygiene

Now your early pregnancy response may be heavier, nausea, vomiting more times, and oral content is prone to vomit. If you do not clean your mouth, it will easily affect oral hygiene.

On the other hand, you may like to eat sour things to relieve vomiting reactions, and sour things are the most likely to damage your teeth.

In order to let you have a beautiful teeth and clean mouth, expectant mothers must rinse more mouthwash and brush their teeth frequently.

2. Keep emotional stability

It is still in the early stages of pregnancy, and hormones have changed drastically. In addition, you may not be able to adapt to life after pregnancy, so emotional fluctuations are more severe. At this time, you should pay attention., Maintain a good and stable emotion, help your baby’s healthy development.

Therefore, no matter what you face, you must be calm, and everything is important.

3. Snacks must be necessary during pregnancy

Now is the high incidence of pregnancy reactions, you may feel dizzy, sleepy, and no appetite.At this time, you need some healthy snacks.

You can choose some low -sugar, low -calorie, high -meal fiber snacks, such as miscellaneous grain biscuits, yogurt, red dates, chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, etc.As long as you choose properly, you can also eat healthy snacks to add points to the clever and healthy of the baby.In addition, the snacks can enjoy your mood.

4. Drinks during pregnancy

You may find that leucorrhea has increased, don’t worry, this is a normal change after pregnancy.

What you need to do is to pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, change the panties frequently, and eat less spicy food.

5. Appropriate exercise

You may be worried about hurting the baby in the early pregnancy and dare not exercise. In fact, appropriate exercise during pregnancy will help the baby and you.

You can pull the prospective dad to take a walk together in the morning and evening, which can promote blood circulation and allow you to increase your appetite. It is also helpful for sleeping.

7 weeks of pregnancy are the high incidence of pregnancy reactions. Specific mothers will be more uncomfortable, and prospective dad must take care of it.

This week, your body shape and weight still can’t see any changes.Some expectant mothers even lose weight, these are normal.Of course, there are also mothers who are not sick and have a good appetite. During this time, because they will be hungry at any time, they eat more food, and their bodies will gain weight slightly.The body of each pregnant mother will change at a slightly different speed, but most of the pregnant mothers’ weight growth is about 0.1kg, which is no different from the figure before pregnancy.

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