In the same room during pregnancy, the fetus is like this, I can’t help but laugh after reading it.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are no longer alone, and they must take into account the baby in the belly.Whether in diet or life, you must be particularly careful, especially in the same room, many pregnant mothers are afraid that they will hurt the fetus in the stomach.

In this year, many prospective dads easily derailed during this period because of physiological needs.For this reason, many expectant mothers will inevitably worry about it.But in fact, the pregnant mother is not a taboo during the same room during pregnancy. In the appropriate time, the same room will not only hurt the baby, but it is good for the fetus.

Pregnant mothers should not have the same room in these two time periods

1. Early pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus development was still unstable during the first three months of pregnancy, and it was the most prone to abortion, because at this time the placenta was not mature, it was not fully connected to the uterine wall, and the hormone in the pregnant mother’s body wasInsufficient secretion and protect the embryo well. At this time, if the pregnant mother is in the same room, it can easily cause abortion.

2. The early pregnancy

There is also a certain risk in the same room in the third trimester.Especially in the first two months before the due date, the same room during this period can easily make expectant mothers a premature birth phenomenon, which means that the fetus will be born when it is not enough.You have to stay in the thermal insulation box of the hospital for a while. Therefore, for the sake of the fetus to be healthy, it is best not to do the same room in the third trimester.

The best time for the same room is actually in the middle of pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the placenta has been roughly formed, and the fetus is also stable. At this time, the pregnant mother can properly the same room.Some pregnant mothers will worry that the fetus will be greatly impacted during this process. In fact, the pregnant mother does not have to worry, because at this time, the placenta and amniotic fluid in the pregnant mother can already protect the fetus. They are brought by the outside world.The stimulus can play a buffer role. At this time, not only will the fetus not be harmed, but it will feel very comfortable and happy because of a slight shaking.Therefore, the same room will not only hurt the baby in the belly during this period, but also have many benefits.

The benefits of the same room in the middle of pregnancy

1. In the middle of pregnancy, the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers has completely disappeared. At this time, the mental state will be better. At this time, the same room not only meets the physiological needs of the prospective dad, but also the pregnant mother’s body hormones are released, and the mood will become very happy.EssenceDuring pregnancy, the emotional fetus of pregnant mothers can be felt. The pregnant mother is in a good mood and the baby will be very happy.

2. Appropriate in the same room in the middle of pregnancy can also make the pregnant mother’s vagina healthier.Because in this process, a quasi -dad will release a substance called semen paste, which can eliminate some of the harmful germs in the pregnant mother’s body, which has a great protective effect on the vagina of the pregnant mother.You know, due to the increased secretions of pregnant mothers in the body during the body, the most easily caused inflammation during this period. With this layer of protection, the pregnant mother is not easily plagued by gynecological diseases during pregnancy.

Although there are many benefits to pregnant mothers and fetuses in the same room in the second trimester, pregnant mothers remember that it should be appropriate. Do not be too frequent.Otherwise, it will have an impact on the development of the fetus. There is also an important point that the prospective father must consider the mood of the pregnant mother and be carried out in the case of a happy mood of the pregnant mother. Otherwiseaffected.

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