In the right season, girls have a coma and their lives are critical after eating!Doctor reminds →

At present, the seasonal fruit

The season when Litchi is listed in large quantities


Although litchi is delicious, it is not greedy!


A 5 -year -old girl in Ningbo, Zhejiang

Due to a large amount of lychee, hypoglycemia is caused

Rescue away from life danger

In the early morning of the incident, the 5 -year -old girl Lele (a pseudonym) in Ningbo, Zhejiang, was coma at home. His parents hurriedly sent her to the pediatric emergency department of Zhenhai District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Zhenhai District Longsai Medical Group General Hospital).

"When the child arrived at the hospital, he was unconscious and could not be shouted. He was pale, with cold limbs, and incontinence in the stool.1.8mmol/L (the normal range of children’s empty blood glucose is 3.9-6.1mmol/L), which is a hypoglycemia shock.

Fortunately, after timely rescue, Lele finally resumed consciousness and was out of danger of life.

The young daughter had a sudden situation, and her mother blamed himself.Under the doctor’s question, she finally thought of the "culprit".It turned out that Lele did not eat dinner normally before the onset, but ate a lot of fresh lychee.Seeing that the child was happy, the adult did not stop.After getting up the next morning, Lele was uncomfortable and hungry, and then this terrible scene happened.

Litchi is so sweet, why did you eat it

As a result, hypoglycemia?

The attending physician stated that eating litchi many times or once in a row may cause "litchi disease". It is a kind of hypoglycemia caused by eating litchi, manifested as hunger, thirst, dizziness, sweating, pale, palpitations, diarrhea, etc.Severe compilation and twitching, pupil narrowing, and even respiratory failure.

The mechanism of the "litchi disease" has not been completely clear. The more common explanation is that the lychee contains two substances that reduce blood sugar, and the unpredictable content is higher. Litchi is high fruit sugar food.The pancreas secretes a large amount of insulin and breaks down blood sugar, causing symptoms of "hypoglycemia".

How to eat litchi safely?

Expert reminder

Fully soak and clean the preservatives and pesticides on the surface of the litchi shell.

Don’t overdo it.The Nutrition Association recommends that adults can eat 200-400 grams of fruits a day, while eating high-sugar-high fruits such as litchi, it is best not to eat more than 300 grams, and children do not exceed 5 at a time.

Don’t eat litchi on an empty stomach, it is best to eat it half an hour after meals.

Tonsillitis, laryngitis, gum swelling and pain, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diabetic patients do not eat fresh lychee.

Correct hypoglycemia in time.Those who cause hypoglycemia due to eating lychee (symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, sweaty sweat) can drink some white sugar water to correct hypoglycemia. Those with severe symptoms should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.

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Newsfang Comprehensive Surging News, Ningbo, China

Source: News Morning News

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