In the past half a century, men’s fertility has fallen?How do men raise high -quality "small tadpoles"?

The breeding of children in the next generation is the nature of human beings, and it is also the only way for many young couples. However, many people only discovered when preparing for pregnancy that pregnancy and childbirth are not as logical as they imagine.Looking at the infertility clinic of the hospital, it seems that it is also difficult to find the number one.There are many reasons for infertility, not in traditional ideas, "women’s stomachs are not fighting."Recently,”Research said that men’s fertility ability fell off.”On Weibo hot search, many men were shocked.

It is reported that the University of Israel has studied recently. For half a century, men’s fertility ability has shown a cliff -like decline and is constantly accelerating.According to the British "Guardian" reported on the 15th, studies have shown that between 1973 and 2018, the average sperm concentration of men around the world decreased from 101 million yuan per milliliter to 49 million, a decrease of 51.6%.When the sperm concentration decreases significantly, its ability and probability of conception will also be affected.

There are also data that the average male sperm concentration has decreased by 2.64%per year since 2000, so if it is more and more difficult for children to be, it may not be illusory, nor is it around the world.

What factors can affect male fertility?

Research does not make it clear that the concentration of male sperm concentration is declining, but in general, this may be related to people’s modern lifestyle and other factors.The following factors may affect male fertility:

1. Obesity

That is, the physical index (BMI) is greater than 24. Obese men can hide the scrotum in fat, thereby raising the temperature of the scrotum, affecting the sperm ability of the testicular, and weakening sperm quality.On the other hand, obese people are prone to merging hypertension and diabetes, which will also reduce sperm vitality.In addition, the sexual ability of some obese people will also have problems, which will also affect fertility.

2. Smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are not good for the body and also affect fertility.Smoking can significantly reduce male sexual function, increase the probability of sperm malformations, and even affect the success rate of IVF.When alcohol enters the blood circulation quickly, it will cause damage to the brain and nervous system.If long -term alcoholism can lead to chronic alcohol poisoning, at this time, the testicular of men will gradually shrink, and the production of fine cells will be affected, resulting in the decline in semen quality and vitality.

3. Bad living habits

The testicular is afraid of high temperature, and the local temperature is high for a long time, which will affect the generation of sophisticated cells.Therefore, everything can cause the increase in the temperature of the scrotum to harm male fertility.Including panties that pass through tights, often soak hot springs and steamed sauna.

4. Sitting for a long time

If you sit for more than 8 hours a day, the blood circulation of the lower body will slow down, thereby inducing the diseases of various urinary systems, and then reducing the ejaculation threshold due to inflammation stimulation, which will also affect fertility.

5. Environmental factors

It mainly refers to the pollution of food, air, etc., as well as electromagnetic radiation pollution from the environment, including computers, radio frequency, microwave, X -ray, etc.

How do men protect their fertility?

1. Appropriate exercise

Life lies in exercise. Exercise can make men strong and effectively decompress.However, it should be noted that men are not suitable for long -term bicycles, otherwise they can also cause compression of scrotal, and time can be appropriate.

2. Develop good living habits

Men should quit smoking and restriction, especially during pregnancy, and should be as much as possible to get non -dipping and completely quitting smoking.Avoid sitting for a long time in daily life, soak hot springs and steamed sauna, wearing loose and breathable pants.In order to avoid inflammation in the private parts, it is necessary to develop good hygiene habits, and fully clean the parts where private parts are prone to hiding dirt.

3. Guarantee nutrition

Men should also be nutritious daily. Based on this, they can also consume more vegetables and fruits and seafood, and regularly take animal liver.Obese people should adjust their dietary habits under the guidance of a nutritionist and slowly reduce their weight.

4. Regular physical examination

In order to discover various diseases that may affect fertility as soon as possible, the habit of regular physical examination should be developed.If you are preparing for a child, it is also recommended that the couple are checked for pregnancy together to achieve eugenics.

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