In the morning, the girlfriend sent a message: I’m pregnant, you have to be responsible!Men: Get off, have nothing to do with me

Our society is becoming more and more tolerant, and the distance between people is closer, so many people will call their friends who have a good relationship with their relationship as girlfriends.

For example, some men have a good relationship with female friends, known as female girlfriends, and some women have better male friends called male girlfriends.

So on this friend, is the lover’s unsatisfactory relationship?We all know that the exchanges between the opposite sex must be cautious, especially after the family, if it is not handled well, then your family will break.

At 2:00 in the morning, Mr. Feng received a text message from his girlfriend. The content of the text message was that I was pregnant. You have to be responsible!What has actually happened?Let’s take a look. How did Mr. Feng say?

When I was in college, I had always had a better female friend, but we were just good friends, because she was not a type I like, so I said that I had no idea about her.

After that, we graduated from college. I stayed in the provincial capital. She also chose to stay in this city. Later, because of the old classmates, we often met, but not the two of us, and there were many previous classmates.

Because it is a girlfriend, she habitually told me whenever she encountered something and let me analyze it.If you encounter any troubles, you will also talk to me.

I think it is not easy for everyone to just graduate, so I enlighten her patiently every time. In my heart, I think our relationship is more like a loved one.

Two years later, I met my current wife.This girl Wenwen is two years younger than me. It is the type I like, so we love the love and get married.

My girlfriend also chose to get married after I got married, because we have become a family, so the connection between each other has become less.

Because I think no matter how good I have had a good relationship with my girlfriend, now I have become a house. If I still keep in touch with the female girlfriend, I am afraid that my wife will be unhappy. After all, women are careful!

Although we have less contact, we are not completely unconvinced. Occasionally he complains with me complaining that the discomfort encountered in life through her complaints, I can feel that she does not seem to be happy.

One day I was at work, and my girlfriend suddenly called me. Because I was busy, I didn’t care about answering her call. Later, she then called me several again. I guess she must have encountered something.

So I was busy, and I quickly picked up the phone and asked him what happened. I did not expect that your girlfriend was crying on the phone. She said that her husband was violent, and she was beaten. Now she is in the hotel. She is very scared.I don’t know what to do?

A woman suffers from domestic violence. Now running away from home, I really don’t know how she should face her future life. I had to comfort her emotions and tell her that I will come to see her immediately.

At this time, I thought that when I went to the hotel alone to see the female girlfriend, I was afraid of my wife’s misunderstanding, so I wanted to call my wife, but no one had answered my wife’s phone.

At that time, I didn’t think much about going to the hotel first, see the female girlfriend, I don’t know how she was hurt. After I went home, she told his wife for specific things.

After I arrived at the hotel, I found that she was really purple, and she drank a lot of wine alone.I bought medicine on my way to wipe her, ready to make her want to open a little.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she saw me, she held me crying and crying. The sudden move made me feel helpless. I could only stand in place and pat on her shoulders.

After she cried, she suddenly said to me: Do you know?In fact, the person I liked from the beginning was you, but I used to be too counseled. I did n’t have the guts to express my heart to you. Later, I finally got my courage, but you have your own girlfriend, I regret it, I regret it.I didn’t show my own heart earlier, I really don’t want to miss you anymore, can we be together?

I quickly pushed her away, put the medicine on the table, and left directly without saying a word.Because I have never thought about the female girlfriend, I have always regarded her as a friend or even a relative.

Now that we have become home, I also love my wife very much. She also has her own family. Although she is unhappy, it should not be my misfortune.

After leaving the hotel, I regretted it. I shouldn’t see her alone, and I should go after my wife’s consent, and after seeing the girlfriend, she also held me and said that a lot of words, meI feel sorry for my wife.

After returning home, I didn’t expect my wife to know about me going to the hotel in advance. My wife confronted me with the video in the mobile phone. I did not expect that my girlfriend would use this method to harm me.

I hurriedly explained, but my wife said nothing. This was the phone that I remembered that I did not get on my wife. I asked my wife to take a phone call to see if there was no call in the afternoon.

This is my wife picking up her mobile phone. It really has it. Later, I told my wife about the cause and consequences, and my wife barely forgive me.

I was kind and wanted to comfort your girlfriends. I didn’t expect her to treat me like this. I vowed that I would never plan to come and go with her.

This time, I also gave me a big lesson, that is, I will never meet with friends of the opposite sex in the future. I obviously did not do anything. I almost destroyed it.It’s right.

But I didn’t expect to receive a text message sent by my girlfriend to me at 2:00 am. She said: I am pregnant, you have to be responsible!

Fortunately, I saw the text message first in the morning. Otherwise, even if I had 10 mouths, I couldn’t explain my wife. This time, I would like to see the face of the female girlfriend completely.

I said to her: Get out!What does you have to do with me when you are pregnant? I treat you as a friend. I didn’t expect you to treat me like this. You are not doing well yourself. Do you want to destroy my family?

After speaking, I hung up the phone to pull all her contact information and decided not to come and go again.

Do you believe in pure friendship between men and women?In fact, no matter whether there is a pure friendship, under the premise that you already have a partner, you must keep the distance with friends of the opposite sex. Do not have your family breakdown because of too close heterosexual friends.That would be too much to lose.

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