In the first month of pregnancy, what will change your body?

Xingxin and Zhou Wei have been married for three years. Although their parents urged very tightly, they have not planned a child’s plan. However, even if certain measures are taken, it is inevitable that there will be accidents.Feeling weak and very tired. Thinking of the weather in recent times, she felt that she should have a cold, so she took a cold medicine and went to bed, and there was no abnormality afterwards.

After a month soon, Xingxin suddenly found that his routine holiday was delayed for a long time. One thought came out and used test strips to test, and it was really in the middle!However, Xingxin was not happy, because she didn’t want children now, and she took some medicines with teratogenic risks. After discussing with her husband, they decided not to want this baby.

For some couples who do not want children for the time being, accidental pregnancy is undoubtedly a trouble, but it is even more troublesome that they have no consciousness of pregnancy, and they may have the situation of Xingxin, and even miss the best abortion time.In fact, in the first month of pregnancy, some signals will be given to remind women to be pregnant.

1. The monthly period is expected.For women who have always been on time and have been acting in the same room on time, if they have not come next time, and exceed two to three weeks than the established date, it is likely to be pregnant.

2. There are many urination times.Because the position of the uterus and bladder is similar, and the uterus will increase after pregnancy, the lower abdomen will feel swelling, which will cause people to continue to urinate.

3. Picked eaters.If the appetite suddenly changes, for example, the food that I especially love to eat now does not want to eat it, or I don’t want to eat anything. I should consider whether to get pregnant.

4. Tired and sleepy.In the early stages of pregnancy, in order to develop the fetus smoothly, it is necessary to consume a large amount of energy of the mother. Women often feel that they cannot adjust their tiredness, and they sleep more and sleep.

When you have some of the above phenomena, you must go to the hospital for examination to judge whether you are pregnant, or diagnose ectopic pregnancy and other complications related to pregnancy.

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