In the first month of pregnancy, the details you need to know (week 1)

When you feel that you seem to be pregnant, but you are not sure, you can take two methods to verify.

1. Buy pregnancy test paper or pregnancy test stick to detect.

2. Go to the hospital for testing, determine early, and pay attention early.

1. Pay attention to distinguish between colds and early pregnancy reactions

Most people have symptoms of colds. Don’t take it for granted that it is a cold, and take medicine, because this symptom may be a reaction of early pregnancy.

In the TV series "Flying to the Sky", there was a bridge of a hostess in the TV series. He thought he was a cold. As a result, he found a small clinic. The doctor prescribed a little anti -inflammatory medicine and took it.

Later, I went to the hospital to check that I was pregnant, and I was shocked with cold sweat and regretted it.

Later, the dramatic nature was that the medicine given by the small clinic was also fake, and it passed this level.

What I want to tell you is that not everyone has such a life to avoid, so you must pay attention.

In addition, it is prompted to go to a regular hospital for a clinic, do not listen to rumors of false advertisements, and avoid unnecessary trouble.

2. Early select hospitals for production inspection and production.

It is determined that after pregnancy, you need to screen a hospital around your residence to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each hospital. Choose the most suitable hospital, such as the distance from home, the strength of the hospital.When you choose the hospital, you can go directly to the hospital when you go to the file to avoid tossing.

Medical speaking, the cycle of pregnancy is about 280 days, that is, more than nine months, about forty weeks, from the first day of the last menstruation.The first week of pregnancy is actually the menstrual cycle of pregnant women.

3. Carefully treat the last menstruation

Menstrual period is an important period of female physiology. There are many particular attention before and after conception.

1. Keep cleaning

To buy a standard sanitary napkin, the vulva needs to be cleaned every day. The best way is to shower. If you are afraid of cold, it is best to wipe your body with warm water.

2. Pay attention to diet

Eat more fruits and fruits, eat less irritating foods, and keep stool unobstructed.Don’t be too big, keep good sleep, try not to drink tea and coffee.

Do not eat frozen food and drink drinks.

3. Avoid cold

Avoid rain, dip in cold water, and use cold water.

4. Keep an appropriate amount of exercise

Participate in style and sports activities appropriately, transfer irritable and depressed emotions, but you should avoid tiredness and appropriate.

Fourth, intake comprehensive and sufficient nutrition

1. Active protein

Eat more fish, shrimp, chickens, ducks and pigs, eggs and soy products.

2. Feeling fat in moderation

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and water ghosts

4. The heat supply should be sufficient

5. Ensure sufficient sleep

Ensure that life must be regular, sleep sufficient, sleep for 8 hours a day, and you can take a nap properly at noon to ensure sufficient physical strength.

6. Keep a good mood

1. Find fun

Don’t let your mood around your mood, learn to adjust yourself, comfort yourself, participate in cultural and sports activities, and regulate your mental state.

2. Reasonable vent

(1) Multi -exercise: run, walk quickly, swim, do yoga

(2) Happy interaction with others

(3) Det more sun

(4) Variety of flowers, listening to music, watching landscapes,

Seven, precautions for boys prepare for pregnant boys

1. Avoid riding a bicycle for a long time

2. Avoid putting the phone in the pants pocket for a long time

3. Daily operation operation computer, a distance from the computer screen of no less than 70 cm

4. Try not to put your laptop on your knees.

5. Do not go to the sauna room

6. Control weight within a reasonable range.

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