In the first month of pregnancy, it is a period of rapid fetal development. What are the nutritional and attention of what to pay attention to?

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In order to eugenize and eugenics, most of the couples who are preparing for babies have adjusted their lifestyle, exercise, and supplement nutrition from pregnancy, and they all know that folic acid should be supplemented when preparing for pregnancy, because sufficient folic acid will promote the fetus to promote the fetusHealthy development.

But if you are already pregnant, especially in the stage of rapid development of fetal nervous system in the early pregnancy, what are the nutritional and precautions need for pregnant mothers?

According to the suggestions of the Chinese Nutrition Society, extra folic acid should be supplemented at the first month of pregnancy.

1. In the first month of pregnancy, how to add folic acid

Folic acid can stimulate cell metabolism and growth, help the formation of embryos, help the development of fetal nervous system, and prevent fetal nervous tube deformity.

Pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, beans, fresh fruits, etc. to supplement folic acid.However, folic acid is water -soluble vitamin. After high temperature heating, food will cause folic acid loss. Therefore, in order to ensure the amount of supplement, it is recommended to take oral folic acid tablets to supplement folic acid.

① Supplement time: oral folic acid tablets, in principle, from 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy, you can also add folic acid throughout pregnancy;

② Selection of folic acid tablets: You can choose simple folic acid tablets, or you can choose composite vitamins containing folic acid, 0.4 mg per day, and some composite vitamin content is 0.8mg. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry, it is also possible.

2. In the first month of pregnancy, what nutrition supplements need to be paid attention to

① High -quality protein

High -quality protein is an important nutrient that ensures the healthy development of the fetus, while milk and dairy products, soybean and soy products, lean meat, fish and shrimp, etc. are all rich in protein -rich foods. Pregnant mothers should eat frequently;With less, you can also add milk powder with pregnant women.

② vitamin

Vitamin can promote the baby’s maturity, and at the same time, it can enhance the resistance of pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the reasonable diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing more vitamins; if the pregnancy is severe, the pregnant mother who can not eat fruits and vegetables can also take the diverse vitamins of pregnant women.

③ iron

Many pregnant mothers have "iron deficiency anemia" during pregnancy. Although the iron content that needs to be consumed every day in the early pregnancy is the same as before pregnancy, it is also necessary to pay attention to supplementing the iron supplement to prevent anemia after entering the middle of pregnancy.

Eat more iron -rich foods, such as animal liver, lean meat, and dark green vegetables. If pregnant mothers with iron deficiency anemia are found in the early pregnancy, we must follow the doctor’s advice.Doctor’s suggestion.


In addition to these three types, the first three months of pregnancy must be appropriately supplemented by DHA.DHA is the gold nutrients of the fetal brain development, which can promote the healthy development of the baby’s brain, especially the development of intelligence.

DHA is mainly obtained from foods such as deep -sea fish and nuts. Generally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat fish two or three times a week, at least once deep -sea fish; pregnant mothers who do not eat fish can also take pregnant women DHA supplements orally.

3. Overall suggestion of early pregnancy diet

① Pregnant mothers who have loss of appetite, eat less meals, eat a light diet, you can eat some food you want to eat;

② Pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting should avoid excessive water loss. Pay attention to the supplement of carbohydrates. It is mainly staple foods such as rice and steamed buns.

③ The diet structure is reasonable. On the basis of nutritional balance, you can eat more coarse grains rich in vitamin B tribe;

④ Pregnant mothers who are pregnant, especially those who can’t eat anything, should seek medical treatment in time.

1. Pay attention to rest, don’t stay up late

6pm from 12th to the next day is an important time for each organs to rest and detoxify. For pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, they need to rest on time to avoid staying up late.

① You can listen to light music before going to bed, play less mobile phones, especially look too excited or horrible and violent content to avoid high excitement of nerves and affect sleep;

② Institute of frequent urination in the early pregnancy, reducing drinking water before going to bed to avoid affecting sleep.

2. Avoid the same room in the early pregnancy

Because the fetus in the first three months is not stable in the uterus, if sexual life will stimulate contractions and increase the possibility of abortion.In the early pregnancy, the same room must be prohibited. There can be proper homes in the second trimester, but to avoid compressing the uterus, it must be stopped after 32 weeks;

3. Be alert to signs abortion

If there is a small amount of red in the early pregnancy, or the secretion is pink, you must be alert to the occurrence of signs.

① Perform patients such as progesterone and other related examinations in a timely manner. If it is a threatened abortion caused by low progesterone, orally or injeped progesterone, review after a period of time;

② If it is caused by other factors, such as fatigue and cold, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of threatened abortion, avoid tiredness and physical labor, pay attention to keep warm, especially the warmth of the abdomen.

4. Far away from the bad factor in life

Early pregnancy is the sensitive period of fetal tears, because the living habits and living environment of pregnant mothers are very important. For example, pregnant mothers need to quit smoking and alcohol, but also stay away from the environment of second -hand smoke, stay away from noise pollution, air dust pollution, high formaldehyde contentThe environment, etc., is also an important measure to protect the fetus.

5. Can’t take the medicine randomly

In the early stages of pregnancy, drugs will have a significant impact on the development of the fetus’s nervous system.

① If you are ready to baby, you must avoid taking drugs, especially anti -infection drugs;

② If it is an accidental pregnancy, you should stop taking the drug immediately after pregnancy. If you do merge the internal medicine disease, you need to treat drugs. You need to choose a drug that has less impact on the fetus under the doctor’s doctor’s advice.

6. The mood during pregnancy is important

In the early stages of pregnancy, the feeling of discomfort followed, and the mood of pregnant mothers would be greatly affected.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers adjust their mood appropriately, and can develop some hobbies or listen to soothing music. If the fetal condition is better, you can also go out to take a walk every day, go to the park to bask in the sun, etc. to help soothe your mood.

7. Pregnant mothers who insist on work should reduce their work intensity

If the pregnant mother at work, adjust your work intensity in the early stages of pregnancy, and pay attention to rest; if you need to face the computer for a long time, you must prevent the effect of radiation from the fetus.Get up and drink some water, walk around.

In the early pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid all risk factors that affect the development of the fetus and supplement folic acid on the basis of the nutritional equilibrium and rest, so that the baby will grow up healthy.

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