In the end, it is best to be a person who is pregnant for a few months

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Some female friends who are pregnant for accidents most want to know how much can be used to be people. For a few months of pregnancy, it is very important to choose the appropriate time. The impact of abortion surgery at different periods is different.Early, it should not be too late. Only by finding the most suitable time can we minimize the harm caused by the surgery to the body.How many months are the best abortion in pregnancy?

For those expectant parents who do not understand, what do you think of the most suitable time for you to be pregnant for a few months?Let’s take a look at it together!

Choice of flow of time

1. If you do a flow of people 35 days ago, it is too early, because at that time the embryo in the belly had just begun to develop, which was relatively small.If abortion surgery is performed at this time, it will be prone to air or leakage, which will cause surgery failure or incomplete abortion.In this way, the secondary clearing palace needs to be done, which will cause serious damage to the uterus, which is equivalent to secondary damage.

2. During the 35-60 days of pregnancy, if you choose to perform abortion surgery during this time, the best and most suitable time.Because at this time, the gestational capsule in the pregnant woman is suitable, when the carcass can not be fully developed, the damage causes is the smallest. Do not perform the surgery that can be completed smoothly.

3. If you do surgery after 70 days, it is too late, it is likely to have a physical impact on the patient, and the risk is high, and it will even endanger health.Because the gestational sac at this time is relatively large, the abortion surgery will have a great damage to the uterus of the subject, and it takes a long time after surgery to recover.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right time to do the right time. Too early or too late will affect your health, and even cause many unnecessary harm to you and affect your life.

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