In the early stages of pregnancy, the small changes in these 5 points were quietly reminding: you are pregnant successfully

For many pregnant women, they hope that they can know that they are pregnant for the first time, so that they can protect the fetus earlier.In the first month of conception, pregnant women will not obviously feel that a small life is breeding.But these small changes in the body are quietly reminding: you are pregnant successfully.

1. Auntie didn’t come

If your menstrual period has been accurate, but this month does not follow the time, you can do a early pregnancy test after a week delayed a week.If your menstruation is usually irregular, or you do not remember your cycle, chest pain, nausea, and frequent reaction to the toilet, you can go to check before you realize your pregnancy.

2. The chest becomes larger

After pregnancy, the chest becomes larger than before due to changes in hormones in the body.This pain is very similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it will be stronger.If you have a strong pain in your chest before menstruation, you are likely to get pregnant.

3. The frequency of going to the toilet becomes more

In the early days of pregnancy, you will find that you go to the toilet more and more times.I still run the toilet without drinking a few sips of water.Mainly because after pregnancy, the amount of urine and other liquids in the body increased, resulting in more liquid to the bladder, becoming urine, excreted from the body.

4. Early pregnancy reaction

After menopause, pregnant women will gradually have some abnormal reactions.The first response is to be afraid of cold, and slowly feel tired, dizzy, decreased appetite, like sour food, early nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

5. Increase leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a physiological function of a woman.Normal leucorrhea is milky white, without odor.As the female body changes, leucorrhea in the early stages of pregnancy will be a little more than usual, thicker than usual, and bleeding.

It is said that in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo bed is very unstable. So how can pregnant mothers do it to spend the first three months in the first three months?

1. Don’t lift heavy things

Pay more attention after pregnancy, don’t mention heavy things.Because it will use the power of the waist when it comes to the lift, it is likely that you accidentally hurt your fetus and yourself.

2. Don’t stay up late often

Staying up late is a bad habit that consumes vitality. It often stays up late to reduce the resistance of the pregnant mother, a cold, and inadequate spirit.Therefore, pregnant mothers should arrange time reasonably and get up early and get up early.

3. Avoid long -distance travel

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more prone to fatigue and lethargy.Long -term travel or business trip is beneficial to the cultivation of the pregnant mother’s body. If the soil and water are not convinced, it will make the pregnant mother more uncomfortable.

For women, breeding a small life is a very sacred and happy thing.Therefore, women must be prepared to welcome the arrival of a small life in their best state.

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