In the early stages of pregnancy, the early pregnancy is tired, and the most comfortable in the middle of pregnancy?Five embarrassing symptoms make pregnant women uncomfortable

I haven’t woke up from the joy of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, but I found that I ca n’t get up every morning. I ’m too sleepy. I do n’t want to eat every night when I go home.Want to vomit.

The belly of the third trimester has gradually become larger. Walking on the stairs has become a difficult thing. I always feel tired and don’t want to move.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers say that the whole pregnancy is in the middle of pregnancy, and it is more comfortable.

Some pregnant mothers even have small travels in the second trimester, and mothers who work crazy still go out in the middle of pregnancy.

One of the friends of Jing Jing was training. During the second trimester, he still flew tens of thousands of kilometers in the sky. He ended in the second trimester. He still flew in the sky in the third trimester. He was almost rejected by the airline.

Many mothers also said that they are relatively comfortable in the second trimester.

And some mothers who are not very lucky feel that the middle of pregnancy is actually not good, because there will be these embarrassing symptoms.”Zero plan”

The chloasma that cannot be covered on the first kind of face

Some mothers are pregnant. In the middle, some melasma will appear due to the changes in hormones. Although these melasma is not particularly obvious, it is also very crazy for some beautiful mothers.

Because when you are pregnant, you ca n’t draw too thick makeup, so you go out with chloasma on his face every day.

These melasma will gradually disappear after giving birth, but mothers should also pay attention to sun protection during pregnancy. Otherwise, the skin is prone to sunburn when we go out to expose the sun.Go on.

The second kind of itching that can’t stop

Some mothers are pregnant, and repeated mold vaginitis will occur in the middle of the period. Because the bacterial balance of the vagina will be affected by hormones, and this impact is conducive to the reproduction of mold, so it is prone to mold vaginitis.

Mold vaginitis can cause mother to feel itching, and this itch cannot be caught, it is very uncomfortable.

If it is serious, it is recommended to find a doctor to see it, and the mother should also pay attention, do not wear too tight pants or socks.

It feels itchy after the belly is big on the belly

The blood flow in the middle of the pregnancy will increase, the surface of the surface will stretch a lot, the skin will be tight, and after the skin is tightened, the skin’s defense function decreases, resulting in the mother’s easily eczema.

Mother Jing started eczema in the fourth month of pregnancy, and stopped until she gave birth to a child.

This taste, until the child is now more than six years old, I can still reflect on the kind of itching at the time.

It ’s useless to grab, the more itchy, and the eczema, it may also cause infection, so I ca n’t hold back.

The doctor opened it. Because the skin is relatively dry, they can only wipe olive oil, tea oil, and rub it once. It can relieve two hours and start itching.

I can’t stand it at night, get up and wipe.

The whole body clothes are oily. After giving birth, all the clothes were thrown away.

If the stomach is itchy in the second trimester, you can wear loose clothes, you can consider using a cooker or a mild lubricated milk or cream.Or use olive oil like me.

The third varicose veins are serious

After pregnancy, hormones can relax the blood vessels, the fetus needs more nutrition, and the blood volume is more increased than before pregnancy. Therefore, the increase in blood flow and uterus in the body will cause pressure on the vein, so varicose veins are formed.

Sometimes when we see that pregnant women wear skirts, we will find that the feet are curved. The veins are protruding like earthworms, and the feet are not good -looking. If it is vein cluster near the anus, thenCause hemorrhoids.

The mother with varicose veins should not stand as much as possible. When sitting, let the feet leave the ground, reduce the pressure of the feet as much as possible, and buy some anti -vein socks.

If you feel a little painful in the veins, you can also use ice packs to soothe.

The fourth kind of sneezing

The pregnant mother has increased sharply after pregnancy, but the estrogen has decreased. The hormone can drive the blood, put pressure on the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, cause the sinus to expand and edema.

So it is easy to cause allergies, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, snoring while sleeping at night.

While the boss spoke on it, the pregnant mother kept sneezing below, and the paper towels were piled up with a trash can, which is really embarrassing.

Even many pregnant mothers have symptoms of snoring when they rest at noon.

Moms can often smoke the nose with hot water steaming to make the nose more comfortable. When going to bed at night, pay attention to the humidity in the air. Don’t be too dry and keep it at about 50 degrees.

The fifth kind that can’t help but the fart

In the early pregnancy, the appetite is not good, and the appetite in the middle of pregnancy is slightly better. Many mothers eat everything?

However, the hormone during pregnancy will mess up the digestive system, and the pressure of the expansion of the uterus to the stomach, so it is easy to cause constipation, flattering, and flatulence. After that, there are a lot of qi in the body.In public, we may not be able to bear it, because when we are pregnant, we have a weak control of the bottom muscles of the pot, so we will be particularly embarrassing.

Mom should chew more thinner when eating as much as possible. For example, if you have to chew 30 times for each meal, you will be more easy to digest, because chewing is a physical digestion, and we try to eat less peanuts, and we eat less peanuts.Soybeans, black bean sweet potato taro rolls of cabbage and other foods that are easy to exhaust to reduce the production of gas in the intestine.

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