In the early pregnancy, there is a abortion when there is stomach pain.Doctor: several abdominal pain, different treatment

Ms. Jiang and her husband had been pregnant for more than a year, and finally pregnant with her baby a month ago.They were very happy, and the husband took care of Ms. Jiang even more thoughtfully.

But not long ago, Ms. Jiang suddenly felt a little pain in her stomach, so she ran to the toilet to see it.Fortunately, no bleeding.But Ms. Jiang was still uneasy, so she quickly checked on the Internet, "What happens when I was pregnant?"

It doesn’t matter if this check, Ms. Jiang was even more panicked."Stomach pain is likely to be a threatened abortion", "ectopic pregnancy often hurts stomach pain."The various sayings on the webpage made Ms. Jiang’s mood.

"Is the stomach pain in this pregnancy that is not normal? Will I have a miscarriage?" Ms. Jiang made up for various bad scenes, and the more I wanted to worry.So Ms. Jiang hurriedly ran to the hospital. "Doctor!!! The stomach suddenly hurt, but there was no bleeding, would she have a miscarriage!"

"Don’t panic first, there is generally nothing big problem without bleeding. Otherwise, it’s okay, but you are nervous."

At this time, a pregnant woman suddenly ran over."Doctor, I washed a piece of clothes today, and I bleed the bleeding below. Am I going to have a miscarriage? Can this child still keep it? Or do you give me a B -ultrasound and see how the child is?"

In fact, the obstetrics and gynecology department has such a thing every day.Many pregnant women came to the hospital for examination due to stomach pain and bleeding for three days.Does the stomach pain and bleeding during pregnancy really have a miscarriage?Being stomach pain must be kept?

We all know that a new life starts with fertilized eggs.If the egg encounters its own "true sperm" one day, it will slowly integrate with it to form a community -fertilized egg.Then, fertilized eggs will continue to split and grow up.At this time, it will also plan for the future, and keep walking forward along the fallopian tube to choose an empty, warm and comfortable place for itself, and then settle down.

If it is not surprising, the fertilized eggs will come to the uterine body through the fallopian tube.When the fertilized eggs find their favorite position in the uterine body, they will stick to it to show sovereignty.Then fertilized eggs will slowly extend their fingertips into the endometrium, and then connect with the mother’s blood vessels to obtain more nutrition.We call this process in bed.

From this point of view, when the fertilized eggs are in bed, the movement is still brutal, which will cause a certain stimulation to the endometrium.After pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone and estrogen will also change.Under the influence of these factors, uterine contraction may be caused.

If there are some pregnant women, it feels more sensitive in pain.At this time, the lower abdomen will be painful, or the waist is sore, and the abdominal distension may occur.These symptoms are caused by embryo bed, so we call it the fertilized egg bed pain.

This pain in pregnant women is a normal physiological phenomenon, which generally does not cause abortion, so there is no need to protect the fetus.At this time, expectant mothers should pay more attention to rest and avoid tiredness. It can be relieved after two or three days.But what pregnant women need to pay attention to is that this pain is generally not bleeding.Even if some people bleed because of hormones, they are just a small amount of brown blood.If a lot of bleeding occurs, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

When the fertilized eggs are successfully completed, more nutrition can be obtained, and the baby will grow faster.As the baby grows up day by day, the house you need will be greater.Especially in three or four months, in order to provide sufficient growth space for babies, the belly of Baoma suddenly became larger.The increase in uterus will inevitably affect the surrounding ligaments.

Among them, the impact on round ligaments is the most significant.This is because round ligaments support the uterus, and there are many nerve fibers around it.If the uterus of a pregnant woman suddenly increases, it will be pulled to the round ligament.In this way, it will stimulate the nerves next to it, which will cause minor pain.In the next few months, the uterus will continue to increase, and slowly, the ligaments will be further stretched.Over time, it will cause ligament spasm, which will cause stomach pain.

These phenomena are caused by the ligament after the uterine enlarged, and we can call it traction pain.The uterus prefers to turn right, so the right spasm is more common.So many pregnant women will suddenly hurt the lower right abdomen at this time, especially the first mother.Compared with the maternal maternal, their skin is firmer, so when the uterus increases, they are more likely to have stomach pain.

In fact, this traction pain is also a physiological pain. Generally, no bleeding or abortion will not cause abortion, so there is no need to take any fetal measures.

Therefore, don’t be anxious because of this.When this happens, Baoma can rest properly.If you have a stomach pain on the right, you will lie on the left while sleeping, and the pain can be relieved after persisting for a while.

The two pains above are normal physiological pain, and they generally do not bleed or have a miscarriage, so there is no need to protect the fetus.Hearing these, did the heart of many Baoming hang down?I guess everyone must also want to know what happened when it happened. When needed to protect the fetus?

1. Pain caused by threatening abortion

Speaking of a threatened abortion, I believe that many pregnant women will be more nervous.At present, early pregnancy, threatening abortion is a relatively common obstetrics and gynecology disease.In life, some pregnant women may not know that they are pregnant at first, and they will abortize a threatened abortion as a menstruation.This is because when pregnant women have a pioneering abortion, stomach pain, bleeding, and waist soreness will also occur, which is similar to the symptoms when the aunt came.

But the difference is that menstruation is caused by periodic changes in endometrium.And threatening abortion is completely different.

There are many reasons to cause aura abortion, and the chromosomal abnormalities of embryos are the main causes.In addition to genetic factors, chemicals such as alcoholism, staying up late, contact with lead during pregnancy, or taking certain drugs may cause embryo chromosome abnormalities.From a certain perspective, the embryo of chromosomal abnormalities is at a disadvantage in the process of growth and development, and it is also the manifestation of the "survival of the fittest" in nature.

In addition, early pregnancy will also have a pregnancy reaction.Pregnant women often can’t eat things because of nausea and vomiting, which can easily lead to malnutrition and affect the normal development of the embryo.This is also an important reason for threatened abortion.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women eat less and eat less early and supplement nutrition in time.

In addition, because some pregnant women have no obvious performance in the early days, it makes it difficult for pregnant women to find that they are pregnant.If you continue to engage in physical labor at this time, it will cause excessive fatigue or hit your stomach, which will lead to a threatened abortion.

And if the threatened abortion is not corrected in time, it is likely to develop into an inevitable abortion.Once it develops into an inevitable abortion, it is difficult to protect the fetus.

Therefore, after a precursor abortion occurs, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time.If the vagina is no longer bleeding and the stomach does not hurt after active treatment, and the B -ultrasound shows that when the embryo survives, the expectant mother will actively protect the fetus.

At present, the blood circulation is increased mainly through drugs to inhibit contractions.This helps to improve the baby’s insufficient oxygen and promote his lung maturity.In addition to taking drugs, when you protect your fetus, you should rest properly, avoid tiredness, and prohibit sexual life.In terms of diet, pregnant women can eat more light foods, and it is best not to eat spicy and irritating food.

But if vaginal bleeding continues to increase and the pain is intensified.When the B -ultrasound found that the embryonic development was poor, and the blood HCG continued to rise or decreased, it indicated that the embryo would inevitably have a miscarriage. It is best to terminate the pregnancy under the guidance of the doctor.

2. Pain caused by ectopic pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs will bed in the uterus.Extra pregnancy is actually the fertilized eggs when they are looking for the place of bed, and they choose a place that is not suitable for growth and development, which causes ectopic pregnancy.If this place is too small or the nutrients are insufficient, they do not have the ability to support the fertilized eggs, but the fertilized eggs will grow and develop there, and there will often be a series of problems.

Especially when inflammation of the fallopian tube, fertilized eggs are easily blocked by the fallopian tube, which causes tubal pregnancy.And fallopian tube pregnancy is the most common ectopic pregnancy.When an ectopic pregnancy occurs, the vagina is irregularly bleeding in addition to the end of the menopause.And when the fallopian tube rupture, severe abdominal pain occurs suddenly, and it will faint or shock in severe cases to threaten the life of pregnant women.

The cause of abnormal pregnancy is in addition to the clogging caused by fallopian tube inflammation, as well as artificial insemination or uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.

Once there is an abnormal pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital in time and terminate your pregnancy.Because abnormal pregnancy leads to major bleeding, not only can’t keep the fetus, but even pregnant women will be at stake.

Therefore, after diagnosis, you can choose drug treatment or surgical treatment based on the doctor’s advice.For pregnant women who have no abdominal hemorrhage, drug treatment can be selected.For example, under the guidance of doctors, use methotrexate, rice non -lygosterone, or fluoropromol to promote natural miscarriage.If abdominal hemorrhage occurs, surgery is needed immediately to save life.

However, this situation is generally weak after being discharged from the hospital, so take more rest and avoid strenuous exercise.It is also conducive to the next time you do n’t need to be too nervous and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.In normal life, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, do a good job of personal hygiene and cleaning, and prevent infection.

The above two types of abdominal pain requires pregnant women. The aura abortion may cause abortion and sometimes can be kept.There is no need to consider fetal protection.What should pregnant women pay attention to in order to prevent abdominal pain or threatened abortion?

Gastrointestinal discomfort can also cause stomach pain, which is critical to prevent diarrhea.In the early stages of pregnancy, if pregnant women eat some cold foods, such as ice cream and cold drinks, they are prone to uncomfortable stomach.In addition, it can cause stomach pain at night or eating unclean food at night.When the situation is serious, diarrhea may be diarrhea.Diagnosis can adversely affect pregnant women and embryos.

This is because most of the things that pregnant women eat during diarrhea have been discharged, and a large amount of nutrients cannot be absorbed by pregnant women.This is easy to lead to malnutrition in pregnant women. In addition to affecting their health, it is not conducive to the growth of the baby.

In addition, pregnant women secrete a chemical called prostaglandin during diarrhea.This kind of chemical can promote uterine contraction, and it is easy to lead to signs of abortion after a long time.In case pregnant women are infected with bacterial dysentery and not treated in time, the toxins released by bacteria will also affect the baby’s development through the placenta.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is necessary to ensure that pregnant women eat food clean and easy to digest.When pregnant women have nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite due to pregnancy reactions, family members can prepare some small snacks she likes for pregnant women, and they can eat when they are hungry.Usually pregnant women can eat less, but eat more a day, which can help pregnant women alleviate gastrointestinal pressure and supplement nutrition.In addition, expectant mothers should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, and sleep in the quilt at night to avoid being cold.

In addition to prevent diarrhea.Folic acid needs to be supplemented in time in the early pregnancy.Except to supplement folic acid began three months before pregnancy.During pregnancy, expectant mothers must insist on supplement folic acid.Because sufficient folic acid can reduce the risk of fetal nerve tube deformity and prevent neonatal defects.

Newborn deformities will be a nightmare for the entire family.Therefore, expectant mothers should go to the hospital for prenatal examination in accordance with the doctor’s guidance to pay attention to the baby’s growth.

Bringing life is a great and challenging thing.Some pregnant women have physiological pain in the early pregnancy, and usually do not need to be treated.However, when a signs of abortion or ectopic pregnancy, you must decide whether to protect your fetus according to your own situation and doctors.

In addition, stomach pain cannot exclude diseases like gastroenteritis. Therefore, abnormal pain should seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.Also remind you that pregnant women should not be too nervous and anxious during pregnancy, so as not to affect the fetus.


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