In the case of pregnant women in 00: 18 -year -old Henan girl was occupied, and they fell in love with criminals 5 times.

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In July 2000, at noon, a small village in Luyi County, Zhoukou City.

"This meal is still sweet, your wife, will you make Babao rice?"

He always felt that his wife made a meal today, and he also had a kind of weird sweetness, and it looked like putting sugar.

But his wife shook her head on her head, saying that it was done normally, it may be a mistake in operation.

"Husband, I feel a little uncomfortable, my head is dizzy, and I can’t see things."

This was frightened by Zhang Xuemin. A heavy cold a few days ago was enough for their family to toss.

This wife can’t have something to do, and more importantly, the child in the stomach.

At the beginning of the year, the parents at home were waiting to hug their grandsons. If you want to make any accidents, you must not pick him up.

I just thought of half, I hadn’t eaten a few sips, and I started to dizzy.

He watched his wife couldn’t afford to fall to the ground, and when he ran and ran over, he fell to the ground, and he didn’t even have the strength to get up.

"Toxic!" He realized quickly, but it was too late, and their husband and wife could not even speak.

It was not until three o’clock in the afternoon that their abnormalities were found by friends in the village.

As soon as the promotion door is a smell and weird sweetness, it is permeated everywhere. Looking at it, they found that both of them could not afford to fall to the ground. Obviously, it was dead.Not personal.

Both of them were full of foam, and they were even more disgusting, and they all flowed into a small beach.

The villagers naturally didn’t dare to think about it, and quickly called the police.

Although the police rushed quickly, they died, and there was no value of rescue. The Zhang Xuetin family died strangely.

The tooling tools are also obvious. It is the sweet taste of the air in the air, and it is also the fear of rural people who are familiar with.

Even the meals they eat were detected by many diverse ingredients.

The murderer can be said to be extremely cruel. Using such a method can just make their family leave no living.

How did the Zhang Xuemin’s family offend the murderer?Why do they have such a ruthless hand to the family?

This is undoubtedly a vicious murder case. In order to break the case, some clues can be investigated from the social relationship between the two.

This Xuemin’s wife has been married for three or four years in a foreign country.

In the eyes of the villagers, she is just a honest girl. Since she is pregnant, she usually does not go out of the door except for the occasional help.

But Zhang Xuemin is not simple. He has not worked since he was laid off. He just likes to hang out.

By the family’s parents and her mother’s house, they have two money. This has been leisurely for four or five years, but occasionally goes to Lala goods or something, and the interpersonal relationship on the bright side is quite simple.

However, there is an extramarital affair in secret.

This is also a very few clues provided by working villagers outside the city. He seemed to have been dyed with another woman in the village.

Although the two people have always avoided others, they still can’t escape the eyes of the crowd.

Some people even saw that Zhang Yanyan had been to their house on the morning of the day.

I thought it was just a small clue, but I did not expect that it was really the key to cracked the case.

Although Zhang Yanyan ran away that day, a young girl didn’t run far, and was arrested by the police on the spot within a week.

She did not hide her crimes too much.

"Why kill people!" As long as people with a little sense of justice will feel sorry for the death of the happy family.

"Zhang Xuemin is not a human! He must not die." The sad girl who was originally sad suddenly scolded and talked about the past.

Second, the sad song of the girl’s life

The girl is only 21 years old. Everything she has experienced is unimaginable by the police.

Zhang Yanyan was a bitter child. His mother had left him since he was a child. His father had no ambitions. He was just an ordinary crop man. Except for farming, he had only drinking.

His father was always drunk, and his body was always smelly. After drinking, his temper was very bad.

It can be said that Zhang Yanyan was used to no mother, and later he was used to his father’s absence.

This also created his dignified personality, and he had to bear everything at home since he was a child.

Fortunately, she also has a cute puppy with her, so as not to let her die.

In the autumn of 1997, even if she was a minor girl at the time, she came to handle her food and collecting things at home.

It’s just that the journey is far away. The villagers who went to her together had already returned from doing things, but Zhang Yanyan couldn’t find the way back.

So far away, I am afraid that I have to be tomorrow morning. When she thinks of the danger that may appear at night, she will not be afraid.

Fortunately, Zhang Xuemin appeared with three jumps. Seeing that she was alone, she proposed to take her home.

At that time, Zhang Yanyan never expected to be a thief car.

Zhang Xuemin has a round of her family in the village. She also knows that such a person should not be a bad person who does not do it. Instead, it is more like a brother next door.

"Yan’er! It’s dark at night, don’t go alone, brother takes you home!"

"Okay! Thank you Zhang, if you didn’t know how to go back."

One thing to say, Zhang Yanyan is very beautiful, without the rough of the crop people, it looks like a cultural college student. It can be said that it is the dream lover of the boys in many villages.

If it weren’t for her family who had an inconvenience, the matchmaker was afraid that she would rot all the thresholds, and she wouldn’t have eighteen people. She hadn’t talked about it.

Even a man like Zhang Xuemin’s newly married man also admired Zhang Yanyan. They often ridiculed interesting: who is the first person to sleep with her.

Everyone will naturally dream that it will be themselves, and Zhang Xuemin is no exception.

Originally, the two were quite normal at first. Later, Zhang Xuemin talked about the adults intentionally or unintentionally.

However, Zhang Yanyan just knew about these things. When he met, he no longer responded to his shame and looked at the scenery along the way.

It is this cuteness and innocence that makes Zhang Xuemin have a mind. Such a wonderful thing must belong to himself.

"Yan’er, guess what I dreamed of my brother last night!"

Zhang Yanyan just shook her head ignorant. She didn’t even know how she went home just now. How could she know this.

"Dreaming about sleeping with you, I want to die, haha!" Zhang Xuemin echoed in the bridge cave with laughter, like a greedy devil.

This time, Zhang Yanyan frightened the cold sweat. Those in the fine branches of adults, she may not understand without personnel.

But Zhang Xuemin said so, almost writing me to sleep with you on my face.

Seeing that Zhang Yanyan had no violent reaction, he even thought he was going to be a master, so he stopped the car and reached out to hug her.

Zhang Yanyan was frightened and jumped directly. "Brother, thank you for sending here, this is going to the village, so I will go back first."

"Just make a joke! Let’s take you back."No matter what Zhang Xuemin said, his "Yan’er" did not get on the car again, and walked home by himself.

He didn’t think of rushing out Zhang Yanyan on the ground, but he saw a few ox carts on the way back. If the movement was great.Not to mention that the wife who had just married would leave him, and his reputation in the village all made him break.

But this time the successful experience has become Zhang Xuemin’s motivation to make a nonsense in the future.

Speaking of Zhang Yanyan, she was almost scared to death. On the way home, she kept looking back, for fear that Zhang Xuemin would chase it from behind, until she saw the lights and dogs at home that made her feel much more at ease.

"Why come back so late?" She actually saw her father sitting on the threshold, apparently to wait for her.

"The town is handed in grain, and the collection is connected with a few rice, and I bought some rice back, and there are meat and peanuts."

Although his father was very incompatible, Zhang Yanyan still wanted to cry in his arms.

"Come back so late, there is no peanut rice, so how can I get wine?" My father hurriedly took things from her hands. "A girl’s house, run so far to pay for the food, what’s the matter?This kind of thing is to go, let’s scare you! "

On the surface, the matter was over, but the night still made Zhang Yanyan feel helpless. Seeing Zhang Xuemin and the unsatisfied bachelor hooligans on the road, she would always avoid it subconsciously.

It is useless to avoid it alone, or let Zhang Xuemin find an opportunity.

In those days, Zhang Xuemin’s wife had to go home for a few days, and heard that Zhang Yanyan’s father would play cards and drink at his relative’s house.

Zhang Xuemin feels that his chance is here.

Zhang Yanyan just heard a sound of "得", and then the dogs he raised kept calling for a while, and then the nearby dogs were like the opening of the dog industry.

Zhang Xuemin knew that he had no chance, and fled over the wall again, but Zhang Yanyan didn’t understand what happened.

It was just a few days after that, his dog died strangely. The old man in the village said that it was bad, and his father lamented: It’s life!

All this was the ghost of Zhang Xuemin. He put some medicine for his illness chickens and threw it in the night to clear all obstacles for his next crimes.

Every day when his wife is absent, he almost wants a woman to crazy: I can’t wait to get Zhang Yanyan.

Finally, while Zhang Yanyan’s father was away, he secretly sneaked into her to occupy her.

Zhang Xuemin did not dare to do this stupid thing. He wanted to avoid the limelight and went to his mother’s house to find his wife.

What made him unexpected was that after the first night was taken away, Zhang Yanyan was no different from before, but he was even more afraid of Zhang Xuemin.

This made him overjoyed. After that, he always frequently entered and exited Zhang Yanyan’s boudoir at night, and threatened her "ask me to seduce you about me. I see who dares to you in the future and how to be a person in the future."

At first, Zhang Yanyan chose to swallow the sound like the traditional women of that era.

But her life has briefly ushered in dawn.

Wang Si is the object introduced by the matchmaker in the village. Although there is no money at home, he is an honest person and is good at her.

Eye was about to get married, and Zhang Yanyan also sighed: Finally, he was going to say goodbye to the cage.

Although the relationship Zhang Yanyan did not have a voice, Zhang Xuemin still heard from the gossip, and gritted his teeth: he believes that Zhang Yanyan is his toy and can only be her toy.

After another forced Zhang Yanyan, he put down his ruthlessly: "I don’t allow you to be with others, you can only be mine! I really don’t know what the surname Wang will look!"

"You dreamed during the day! I have to be with him even if I die!" Zhang Yanyan was angry, and she urgently wanted her new happy life.

"I have a means! Just wait to see it!"

Sure enough, at a reception of the elders, Zhang Xuemin told Zhang Yanyan’s father’s bad words to Zhang Yanyan’s father intentionally or unintentionally, and felt sorry for his daughter.

For her daughter’s life, her family also decided to let her have a relationship with Wang Si.

At the same time, Wang Si seemed to feel something and lost his original enthusiasm for Zhang Yanyan.

Zhang Yanyan was already close to despair at this time, and she had obviously met the person who could stay together. Why did Zhang Xuemin do such cruel things and destroyed his life several times.

She originally thought that the enemy’s dates were extremely miserable, but she did not expect that there was a strange sweetness. Perhaps she only had the possibility of getting a sweet life in the life.

Perhaps it was blessed by Cangtian. She was found by her father and was discovered by her father. She sent it to the local health center for rescue in time.

This incident was so popular in the village, and everyone was talking about the discussion: this good girl is going to get married, why did they commit suicide again, and what happened to it?

This scared Zhang Xuemin. He never expected that Zhang Yanyan, who was forced to be desperate, would find himself shortly.

He also visited Zhang Yanyan in the hospital with the villagers.

I never thought that Zhang Yanyan hit and scolded him as soon as he saw him, and even wanted to kill him directly. That was an attitude that he had never had before.

Zhang Yanyan, who was in a desperate situation, was pregnant, and she and Wang Si had not yet developed to that level. This child was Zhang Xuemin. She dare not tell anyone that only the two of them knew this.

Zhang Xuemin was stunned. He didn’t expect that for the first time he was his father in this case.

But not only did he not turn back in time, but he had a worse idea: he wanted to completely control Zhang Yanyan in his hands.

"Yan Yan, I am so entangled with you because I really like you!" Zhang Xuemin said some words of conscience, and even bluntly said that his parents just wanted to want his grandson.

He can say such a nonsense such as "if his wife can’t be born in three or four years", he can say it.

In addition, he also proposed that he could pay for it to let Zhang Yanyan go outside to avoid the limelight, hoping that she could give herself a chance to change from new.

Zhang Yanyan had no other choice, so he had to excuse to go out to work, but he asked Zhang Xuemin to take care of it outside.

After that, Zhang Xuemin really had a lot of goodness to Zhang Yanyan. He did not force her to do anything, and also made her experience the happiness of love.

Unlike Wang Si, Zhang Xuemin has nothing to do, but he can always make a girl.

According to the current situation, as long as Zhang Xuemin divorces his wife, he will definitely marry himself.

Zhang Yanyan also has an illusion: What if Zhang Xuemin really loves himself?

But for the child, Zhang Xuemin was a snot and a tear: when the divorce, if such a big child suddenly emerged, he would definitely make sense, and the reputation of the old Zhang family was broken.

The old Zhang family here naturally refers to the reputation of the two of them, and Zhang Yanyan can only give up.

In this regard, Zhang Yanyan and Zhang Xuemin have three years of underground conditions.

In those three years, they were really like a pair of lovers who were about to be newly married, but at the cost, Zhang Yanyan had been pregnant with three children one after another, but they chose to kill because of Zhang Xuemin’s dissuasion.

Until 2000, Zhang Xuemin’s wife was pregnant, and Zhang Yanyan happened to be pregnant again.

This is what they never expected. Zhang Xuemin wanted to have Zhang Yanyan for a long time through this reason, and Zhang Yanyan’s life also had a hope.

Due to the previous fetuses, Zhang Yanyan’s body was overwhelmed. If the fifth child was killed again, she was afraid that she would permanently lose her mother’s qualifications.

Faced with such a cruel reality again, Zhang Yanyan even put forward the idea of elope with him.

"Actually, it’s pretty good. Even if you find someone to marry again, I won’t blame you. Just look at you and children often."

But Zhang Yanyan didn’t want to live under his shadow all his life, and he had no face to take his child to live with others.

"So you can’t let me die that day!"

When it comes to the words of the dead, this Xuemin is really panic. If she is dead, it is okay to leave something.

The little home that was hard to build, it was destroyed.

Zhang Xuemin could only propose the word "drag" again, claiming that he would give him some time, and he would definitely solve everything, but still asked her to kill her child again.

After speaking, he hurried away, leaving only Zhang Yanyan in place.How could she not understand what she did in the past years!

Zhang Xuemin said that those deceiving ghosts would not hurt, that was because he had no conscience, but he was deceived by him for so long.

Then end all of this!

Zhang Yanyan decided to go alone to their house, and decided to secretly poison all this.

There, she saw the other side of Zhang Xuemin.

In their little home, Zhang Xuemin is undoubtedly a good husband and a good father.

And what about yourself?I’m afraid it’s just a pet dog he is playing at will, maybe it is just a tool of desire.

She originally wanted to kill Zhang Xuemin, and took the time she didn’t pay attention to the half of her last half of the bottle of enemy dichlorvos, and poured into the pot that was burning.

In the process of cooking, Zhang Xuemin’s wife sucked into a large amount of harmful gases that evaporated, while Zhang Xuemin took the rice with poisonous rice without any defense.

"On the way away from their house, I regret it. They are a very happy family," Zhang Yanyan’s face flashed a regretful expression, "But those happiness belonged to me!"

But she carried a tragedy together, waiting for her will only be the cage of life imprisonment.

What exactly made a girl a demon who did not blink in just three years?


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