In the "time" in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women should be particularly careful, and the fetus is prone to malformations

Pregnancy is a particularly important thing for every woman. Many women pay special attention to their bodies after pregnancy. They are afraid that if there is something bad, it will hurt the baby.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women may not know that they are pregnant because they are pregnant because they are not obvious, so many things in life will not pay attention. At this time, it will easily affect the fetus.In the early stages of pregnancy is the most prone to malformations in the fetus. If pregnant women do not pay attention, it will easily make the baby congenital malformation.

So what is the most dangerous for the baby in the week of pregnancy?In fact, this statement is different at each stage. In the early stages of pregnancy, the middle and late stages have their own dangerous stages. So when is the most important time for pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy?

The first eight weeks of pregnancy are a particularly critical period for babies, because during this period, the baby is still an embryo and is in a period of continuous and rapid differentiation. During this period, the baby’s body’s organs will slowly form.So if the embryo is affected at this stage, it is likely to cause malformations. So what should pregnant women pay attention to during this period?

The first thing is that during pregnancy, expectant mothers and prospective dads should start taking folic acid, so as to ensure the quality of the sperm and eggs of both husbands and wives. This will also help the baby’s health.To persist in eating folic acid, this can provide sufficient nutritional elements to both pregnant mothers and fetal baby, and can prevent the baby’s malformations.

The second thing is that during pregnancy, pregnant women should not use the medicine casually, because many medicines have hormones, and pregnant women cannot use it casually. If pregnant women use what medicine to use, they must consult the doctor’s suggestion and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.This will not affect the baby’s development.

The third thing is that pregnant women must pay attention to their own schedules, do not stay up late, because many pregnant women do not pay attention to their schedule and diet even after pregnancy, and they often stay up late.Pregnant women must pay attention to going to bed early so that they can maintain sufficient sleep. Only the spirit of pregnant women is good, and the baby can develop better in the belly.Do not eat what pregnant women eat. Do not eat foods with too greasy or too heavy taste. These foods are not good for the body, but will also affect the baby’s development.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the above three things during pregnancy, so as to ensure the safety of the baby and avoid adverse consequences.

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