In summer, which kind of summer drink is suitable for you?

In the hot summer, you want to cool the summer

Only cold drinks …?

There are many summer drinks that are necessary for home travel in the summer -cold drinks, mung bean paste, milk tea, ice coffee, herbal tea, sour plum soup … Any of any kind of one that seems to be drinking all the time, and it is not afraid of it ….. …

But healthy bacteria want to remind everyone that drinking too much summer drinks and not drinking can bring hidden dangers to your health.So, which kind of summer drink is the healthiest -see each analysis first.

Cold drink: Happy source, but stimulating the stomach.

Cold drinks seem to be the standard of sports and home -pot dramas. After sweating, you must quench thirst, and lack it. No matter how much snacks, you cannot satisfy you when you cook the drama.

Although cold drinks can bring a short sense of refreshing, the effect of quenching thirst is not as good as hot tea, and drinking too much can easily lead to poor pores. It is difficult for the body to heat the heat, but it will cause symptoms of heat stroke.

Secondly, a large amount of cold drinks enter the body will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause blood vessel contraction, mucous membrane ischemia, thereby weakening the digestion and sterilization of gastrointestinal tract, causing spasm pain and diarrhea.

People, elderly people, fever patients, bronchitis and chronic pharyngitis patients, patients with gastric ulcers, patients with coronary heart disease, patients with high blood pressure, yang deficiency and blood stasis, menstrual women and other people should not drink cold drinks.

Cold drinks, it is better to drink boiling water to get practical and healthy. If you really want ice, let’s have some ice water …

Mung bean paste: clear heat and heat, but it is not advisable to eat on an empty stomach and cold.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Boil the mung beans, which can reduce swelling, clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating heat and quenching thirst, and soothe the qi.Mung bean paste is the best choice for most people in the hot summer heat, especially after ice.

But if you drink mung bean paste on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause damage to the spleen and stomach, especially friends with cold constitution, drink half -iced mung bean paste, maybe you will diarrhea immediately …

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that "mung beans are cold and non -toxic, and all kinds of herbs, beef and horses, and gold and stones are poisoned." Therefore, you cannot eat mung beans during the medication, which will hinder the recovery of the body. At the same timeDrink less mung bean paste.

Milk tea: difficult to resist the temptation, but the sugar and caffeine content is extremely high.

A variety of flavors and styles that can be selected for multiple styles can be described as wild drinks.Both men and women like to drink, coupled with the ingredients such as pearls, coconut fruit, 蒟蒻, red beans and other ingredients, it is really difficult to resist …

However, drinking a cup of ordinary milk tea is equivalent to eating the calories of three bowls of rice, and the amount of sugar containing a cup of milk tea is about 60 grams, which is equal to 13 square meters of sugar, far exceeding the "Chinese residents’ dietary nutrient intake".Sugar intake standards -restricted within 25 grams per day.

A cup of milk tea is overdue, which may be difficult to consume for 2 hours, or it may be difficult to consume for 2 hours.

At the same time, according to the testing of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, the 51 samples of the currently -produced milk tea, the average caffeine content is as high as 270 mg/L.intake.

Long -term caffeine intake will have a certain adverse effect on the nervous system and the heart, which may cause palpitations, vomiting, mental abnormalities, and insomnia.

Herbal tea: Lao Guang’s memories, but you have to figure out your physique before drinking.

Cantonese -style herbal tea is thirsty. Many friends will also want to drink herbal tea when they "get angry".

But herbal tea is not a drink.Without the guidance of a professional doctor, self -made herbal tea and medicated soup are often difficult to be scientific and reasonable for control.

At the same time, the following 4 types of people try to avoid drinking herbal tea as much as possible:

1. Patients with qi deficiency and chronic gastroenteritis, arthritis;

2. People who are afraid of cold and runny nose symptoms;

3. New women, menstrual or pregnant women;

4. Old and children.

Plum soup: appetizing and clearing heat, but patients with colds and gastric ulcers should not drink.

It is not difficult to solve the practice and ingredients of sour plum soup. You can easily DIY at home. It can be said that it is one of the best drinks in summer. Its sweet and sour taste should be young and old.

Use black plums, hawthorn, osmanthus, licorice and other materials, add an appropriate amount of sour plum soup made from the seasoning of rock sugar, drink it, remove the annoyance of the gods, eliminate the heat, and eliminate food.

It is worth noting that although the sour plum soup is good, not everyone is suitable, especially children and elderly people with relatively weak gastrointestinal function, gastric ulcer, cold, diabetes and other patients should not drink more.

Ice coffee: Ice and refreshing, mellow, but to drink with milk.

On a hot day, ice coffee is always more popular than hot coffee.After walking out of the comfort zone of the air -conditioned room, a scent of mellow ice coffee slid into the throat, and it was very comfortable to penetrate everywhere.

But in fact, the heat -relieving thirst efficiency of hot coffee is higher than ice coffee -drinking hot drinks will increase the body temperature and promote natural sweats. Sweat evaporation is the best "cooler" in the body.

Ice coffee is a type of cold drink. In addition to causing gastrointestinal discomfort, many ice coffee adds a lot of sugar or other high -calorie ingredients for the taste. It is not advisable to drink more.

Especially pregnant women, people in obesity or weight loss, children, patients with hypertension, osteoporosis, elderly people, etc., are not suitable for drinking ice coffee, especially coffee without milk.

Bitter gourd juice: sweet and bitter, clear the heat, and those who are weak in the cold should drink cautiously.

The nutritional value of bitter gourd is very high, and the vitamin C content is abundant, which helps increase the permeability of blood vessels and protects blood vessels.

Squeezing juice with bitter gourd will become a good summer health drink. For friends with little blood sugar pressure, you can also add honey to season.

But bitter gourd is cold, and those who are cold and weak should drink cautiously.

Swipe: Disaptation of the summer, but more pigmentation is added, extremely cold.

Broken ice cubes shaved with ice machine, plus fruit, soda, honey, jam, milk and other condiments.

But for the sake of color and taste, most of the smoothie on the market will add artificial pigments, and the fruity taste is not all from fresh fruit, but fruit powder.

In particular, people with poor gastrointestinal function and cold constitution should avoid eating; if normal people eat smoothie for a long time, it will also easily aggravate internal moisture.

Winter melon tea: diuretic swelling, clearing heat and detoxifying, but drinking self -made.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Winter melon is sweet and cool, which is beneficial to urine and swelling, clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing the liver and eyesight.

Winter melon tea is also a good product for weight loss and fat in summer. Drinking winter melon tea often makes the skin smoother and delicate, and can help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

However, people with cold spleen and stomach deficiency, renal dysfunction such as nephritis and renal failure, just performed surgery or the initial healing of the serious illness, infants and children, and menstrual women should not drink winter melon tea.

In addition, it is best to drink it for winter melon tea. There are a lot of sugar that you buy outside. It is not advisable to drink more, let alone a drink labeled "winter melon tea drink".

Kumquat lemon tea: appetizing and strengthening the spleen and eliminating heat, unique taste, but not suitable for drinking every day.

Fruit tea made with kumquat and lemon.Kumquats have the effects of anti -inflammatory, sputum removal, ulcers, digestion, enhanced heart function, qi and cough, etc., and have a good curative effect on bronchitis. The nutritional value of lemon is very high and it is very beneficial to the human body.

Summer home and travel, you may wish to have a cup of homemade. The method is simple and the effect is extraordinary. Drinking a sip can make you feel refreshing, and your lips and teeth are fragrant.

However, the taste of kumquat lemon tea is very sour. If you drink it every day, it will put a lot of pressure on the stomach and oral cavity, let alone drink it on an empty stomach, and put as little sugar as much as possible.

Although high temperature weather is unbearable, it is best to use health when seeking heat and solving thirst, to avoid too much cold drinks.

Each food has different nutritional values and attributes. It can be more healthy according to its own situation.

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