In summer, hot fetal fetuses are susceptible to oxygen.

The early days of hypoxic fetuses will also send a signal for help, and their performance is that "lose his temper" should attract the attention of pregnant women.There are many ways to cause fetal hypoxia, which includes two categories: maternal factors and fetal factors.

Maternal factors

As long as it refers to the lack of oxygen content of the blood of pregnant women. Generally speaking, if it is only mild, the mother will not feel any, but the harm to the fetus is huge.Usually, there are insufficient oxygen porting, acute blood loss, or insufficient blood supply to small arteries, uterine placenta development, multiple pregnancy, long -term delivery, etc. It may cause fetal hypoxia.

Fetal factors

Congenital dysplasia, fetal malformations, congenital cardiovascular diseases and other fetal cardiovascular disorders may directly cause fetal hypoxia.Furthermore, the umbilical cord of the fetus is the conveying channel between the fetus and the mother. If there is any obstacles, it may cause the fetus distress.

Fetal movement changes are the signal of the fetus for help

Fetal movement is a normal physiological activity of the fetus, and pregnant women can perceive at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.The fetal movement is different due to different fetuses. Generally, the static fetus is softer and less.

If an original lively fetus is suddenly quiet, or a quiet fetus is suddenly restless, the fetal movement is less than 10/12 hours or more than 40/12 hours, it may be hypoxic in the fetus.

This is caused by the fetal consumption of oxygen or hypoxia affects the central nervous system.The pregnant woman calculates the fetal movement, and it is advisable to sit or lying. A few hours each in the morning, middle, and evening in the fixed time, and 3 times to increase the number of fetal movements for 12 hours.

Be wary of fetal heart abnormalities

The normal fetal heart is regular and powerful. It is 120-160 times per minute. If the fetal position is normal, the left side of the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman is on the side of the fetus.Before the fetal movement is reduced, the fetal heart is frequent. If it exceeds 160 times/min, it is a signal of early hypoxia in the fetus; the fetal movement is reduced or stopped, and the fetal heart is less than 120/min, and the fetus is late in hypoxia.Listening to the position of the fetal heart should be at the designated area of the doctor, but it should be noted that if the fetal heart is abnormal, it should be listened for 20 minutes; if the fetal heart is fast, it should be repeated when there is no fetal movement.

The growth of the fetus will be slow after the growth of the growth stagnation.Fetal growth can measure the bottom height (distance from the top of the pubic bone combination to the highest point to the highest point of the uterine bottom).Under normal circumstances, it should be increased by about 1 cm per week after 28 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnant women can measure at home or go to the hospital regularly.If it does not grow for two weeks, further inspection should be made.

Once pregnant women capture the above abnormal signals, they should go to the hospital in time in order to clarify whether the fetus is hypoxic in the palace, so as to correct the cause and ensure the smooth healthy growth of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women must conduct regular check -ups to check whether the fetal development is healthy, and if this happens, it can be rest more if it occurs. If it is serious, it is necessary to be hospitalized for treatment.

Summer fetuses are susceptible to oxygen

Note 1. Pregnant women’s stroke

Summer is hot and hot, and many pregnant mothers may have heat stroke. Once pregnant women have heat stroke, the fetus may cause hypoxia.The weather is hot in summer, and pregnant women must prevent heat stroke and protect the health of individuals and fetuses.

In the summer prevention of heatstroke, pregnant women can often wash their bodies with warm water, reduce their body temperature, and make the body comfortable and cool; the clothes are mainly loose and cool, it is best to choose real silk or cotton clothes; eat more fresh vegetables in the diet, eat lessGrancoli food; ensure sufficient sleep and make your body in a good state.

Note 2. Pregnant women visit the mall

During the pregnancy, during pregnancy, due to the growth and development of the fetus, the burden of various systems such as circulation system, respiratory system, and urinary system will increase, the blood capacity will gradually increase, the heart rate increases, and the lung ventilation will increase, and it will be prone to hypoxia itself;Large shopping malls or supermarkets have air conditioners. There are few fresh air entering the room. In addition, the traffic flow is large, and the indoor hypoxia is more serious.

To prevent this situation, pregnant women should not shop for more than one hour each time shopping.In the late pregnancy, pregnant women should be less than shopping in cities and shopping malls, and try to reduce staying time as much as possible.Once you feel tired and tired, it is best to get away from this environment, or find a place with a seat to rest for a while.In addition, pregnant women should not shop during the peak period of shopping malls and during promotional activities.

Pay attention to three, mental stress during pregnancy

In summer, the weather is hot. Under the action of this weather, the emotions during pregnancy will be inexplicable, irritable, and nervous. This mood will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and tension will cause the fetus to hypoxic.

Medical research proves that tension emotions can change the sympathetic nervous system. This change will reduce the blood flow of returning to the uterus, so the nutrition and oxygen required by the fetus will also be reduced.

In order to avoid the impact of mental nervousness on the fetus, pregnant women can listen to some soothing music, relax the body and mind, and maintain a happy mood.

How to send oxygen to the baby in the belly?

Walk more, not to sit for a long time

During pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not sit too long.Because the sitting position will oppress the uterus, it is not conducive to the fetus in the abdomen. After a long time, it will affect the blood circulation of the placenta, which will cause the fetus to hypoxic.Pregnant mothers should walk more appropriately, which is not only good for the fetus, but also conducive to the decline of the fetal head, and it will be more helpful to give birth during childbirth.

Keep a suitable weight growth, stay away from second -hand smoke

Studies have shown that pregnant mothers overweight or contact with second -hand cigarettes will cause reduced oxygen volume of fetuses during pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant mothers must try their best to control the weight anyway. Do not raise themselves too fat, and stay away from those smoke ghosts to avoid contacting the environment of smoking.

Take the left sleeping position on the left

As the pregnancy time becomes longer, the uterus continues to increase, and even occupy the entire abdominal cavity. This will cause the nearby tissue organs to be squeezed. The uterus rotates to the right to varying degrees, so that the ligament and film of the protective uterus are in a tense state.The blood vessels that provide nutrients to the uterus in the film are also pulled, which will affect the oxygen supply of the fetus and easily make the fetus chronic hypoxia.

Pregnant mothers take the sleeping position on the left side, which can reduce the right rotation of the uterus, alleviate the lack of blood supply to the uterus, and is beneficial to fetal growth and development and childbirth production.

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