In summer, eat less pork, duck meat, eat it more, the whole body is treasure, two dollars a pound, delicious nutrition to relieve the nourishment

Introduction: In summer, eat less pork and duck.Eat it more, the whole body is treasure, two dollars a pound, make bibimbap sauce, delicious appetite, nutrition and relief.

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister. The work of a busy day is finally over. No matter how tired, the first thing after returning home is to prepare a delicious meal for the family.In the hot summer, you will flow away without sweating, let alone cook in the kitchen.High -temperature weather appetite will decrease. The most simple and delicious meal is needed. The following editors will share with you the practice of a perilla hot sauce that everyone loves to eat.Buns, don’t mention how fragrant, delicious and saving.

Perilla is a herbaceous plant, also known as Gui Gui and Chisu. The seasonal nature of perilla is relatively strong and likes to grow in a humid and high temperature environment.Shape or round.The seemingly inconspicuous perilla nutritional value is very high, and the perilla flavor, spicy, and slightly hot.Entering lung and spleen meridians, perilla leaves are rich in nutrients such as protein, cellulose, carrot, vitamins and minerals. Eating some perilla appropriately can solve the cold and stomach gas.Female friends with cold must eat more, especially in summer the best time to remove moisture.The following editors will share the specific methods of the purple suction sauce with everyone, let’s take a look together!

[Perilla leaves and spicy sauce] The ingredients prepared are: a pound of perilla leaves, Xiaomi spicy, salt, edible oil, oyster sauce, very fresh flavor, garlic, white sugar

Specific methods: 1. Perilla is listed on May-August each year. During this period, there are a lot of listings. There are many people selling perilla leaves in the market. The price is very cheap, only two dollars a pound.Pick up the perilla leaves that you buy, throw all the dry or broken leaves, and then put the picking leaves in water and soak them with white vinegar.White vinegar can clean some bacteria and insect feces on the surface of the leaves.After the purple leaves are cleaned, chop them into small pieces, and dry the surface in the plate to dry the surface of the surface.

2. Prepare 2 pounds of millet spicy, clean the surface, and remove its root.Xiaomi does not need to remove the seeds when it is spicy. This is Xiaomi’s soul, otherwise it is not delicious at all.Put all the cleaned millet spicy into the meat grinding machine (can also be broken by wall breaking machines), all of them are crushed, and the crushed peppers will produce a lot of soup. Do not throw it away.EssencePrepare 2 garlic, peel and chop it into pieces for later use.

3. Pour more edible oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, the millet is spicy and minced and minced garlic. Fry it with a shovel.After cooked, add a little soy sauce, 1 spoonful of flavor, a small half spoonful of chicken essence, 1 spoon of sugar, and the appropriate amount of salt and stir -fry evenly.

3. After the chopped pepper sauce is fried, put the perilla leaves into the pot, stir -fry the high heat, fry the perilla leaves until softened, and then turn off the heat.

4. Stir -fried perilla peppers keep stirring with a shovel and cool in the pan. Be sure to dry it through, otherwise the purple sauce will be easily deteriorated when it is stored.

5. Prepare a few bottles left by canned food, soak it and clean it. After drying, put the cooling perilla hot sauce into the bottle with a spoon and cover it.Refuel in the refrigerator.

The perilla hot sauce is ready, delicious and spicy, delicious and delicious.Nowadays, the perilla leaves are listed in large quantities, make more, usually cook lazily, eat it with bibimbap, and roll the big cakes. It is particularly simple and simple.Especially when it is hot, put 2 spoons when fishing for cold noodles. It is delicious and relieved.

Have you ever eaten perilla hot sauce?What other different food methods are there in perilla leaves?Welcome to leave a message to share your cooking experience and make more friends learn to benefit. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like it, collect, and pay attention. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. WeSee you tomorrow, goodbye!

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