In summer, carp grass carp stands while standing. It is recommended to eat these two kinds of fish. The flesh is delicate and not fishy.

In summer, carp grass carp stands while standing. It is recommended to eat these two kinds of fish.Dear friends, hello everyone, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. I am here today. I will share with you the time for food. Are you ready?

There is a saying that it is good, the wind blows in the summer, the fish is fat in the river, and many fish in the summer. When the meat is the best and delicious in the year, so in the summer, don’t just stare at carp and grass fish and let them stand while standing.,,

Today, Jiang Yizhou suggested that you eat these two kinds of fish. The flesh is delicate, not fishy nor firewood. Next, you will share these two fish, and your own delicious approach to you. Interested friends watch it with me.

Yellow bone fish is the most delicious and delicious in summer. The most nutritious fish is much higher than the nutrition of carp and grass carp, and the flesh is delicate and the earth is much less.The method of stewed tofu, share it with you.

Fresh yellow bone fish, after handling it, change it to a word of flower knife, and then cut some tofu pieces, prepare some onion ginger, dried and dried pepper, prepare some soy sauce, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, beer, then nextBegan to get angry.

After boiling the wok, let’s put some oil, then stir -fry the green onion ginger and garlic dried peppers. After fried, put some soy sauce and stir -fry, then release the soy sauce, old sauce, oyster sauce, add a bottle after stir -fryBeer, then add some salt chicken essence to season, and then add half a spoonful of water,

Then pour this fried soup into the casserole, put the yellow bone fish and tofu in the casserole, then stew over the medium heat for eight minutes.You can eat sesame oil, and you can eat it out of the pan. It is very delicious and delicious.

Sea bass is a fish with the freshest and delicious meat in the summer. The sea bass is much more delicate than freshwater bass.Share it with you.

Fresh sea bass, clean, change the word flower knife, put two chopsticks on the fish plate in advance, put the sea bass on the chopsticks. When steaming, the hot steam is circulated evenly, and it is cooked evenly to be evenly cooked.It is delicious, then put two slices of green onion ginger, pour some cooking wine, boil the water and steam it for ten minutes, and simmer for three minutes.

After getting out of the pan, remove the chopsticks, pour the steamed water, pour a circle of raw soy sauce, put some green onion chili shredded, boil some hot and fry, and the delicious steamed sea bass will be done.Let’s share it with you, the practice of garlic bass.

The fresh sea bass is cleaned, and then we split from the abdomen from the middle, but do not split, then change the flower knife, the two ends of garlic are smashed into garlic, then put it in the pot, put a little salt chicken essence, stir well, and after stirring well, after stirring well, after stirring well, after stirring, after stirring,Apply it evenly on the sea bass, seal the plastic wrap, marinate the last night,

Unplug the excess garlic minced garlic the next day, sprinkle some starch, add more oil in the pot, 70 % hot in oil temperature, and fry the sea bass in the pan, fry the fire in the whole city until golden and crispy.Eat the plate, the taste is crispy, the outside is tender and tender, very delicious, do it quickly.

How about friends, after reading the article, this time I know, in the summer, the carp grass carp stands while standing. I share these two fish and these delicious methods. You must collect it., Not rotten or broken, very delicious, remember to do it, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou, let’s see it next time.

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