In spring, eat more taro and pork ribs, steam it and go to the table. The nutrition can not get angry, it’s too fragrant

Introduction: The second wave of infection is coming!These two "high protein" foods should be stored more, and the lives of home are guaranteed

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. I often hear that the old man said that it was finished in the thirty years of the first month, but now most young people have returned to normal work on the seventh day of the seventh day.As the epidemic announced the end of this year’s year, there is an atmosphere of this year. What are the shopping malls?As if returning to the familiar 2018 again.It feels like the epidemic disappears.

But with a large number of return and normal work after the holiday.Do you find a lot of positive reactions with colleagues and friends around him.Some people say that there may be a second wave of infection.Then, according to the first wave of experience, I suggest that everyone goes out to a lot of people to wear a mask and go home to wash their hands and disinfection frequently.It is also suggested that you need to stock some high -protein nutritional vegetables and meat foods.After our yang, we can replenish the nutrition of the body and help us quickly restore our health.

In the first month, do you eat the most common?Today, I teach you a different ribs, not only less oil and less sugar, but also rich nutrition.The following is my production method:

【Lipu taro steaming ribs】

Prepare ingredients: Lipu taro, pork ribs, shallots, ginger, garlic, raw soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, Xiaomi spicy, edible oil

Specific steps: 1. Clean the bought Lipu taro, then put it on the glove to use the peeler to cut off the epidermis of the taro.Then rinse it and put it on the chopping board into a uniform taro block.Taro’s nutrition is very rich not only of vitamins and dietary fiber, but not only can it be intestinal and laxative.

The mucin in the taro will produce immunoglobulin after being absorbed by the human body, which helps improve the immunity of the human body.Lipu taro has a stronger flavor than ordinary taro, and the taste is smooth and soft.Then we cut the appropriate amount of minced garlic onion and Xiaomi for spicy.

2. The best food in the pig’s part is pork ribs. Not only is they rich in nutrition, but also a high -protein and low -fat food. It is delicious and easy to digest adults and children.Wash the pork ribs, then remove the dry water and put it in the pot.Add an appropriate amount of cooking wine to the basin to remove the fishy smell of pork ribs, and then add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and oyster sauce, a small spoonful of sugar and a little salt, and finally put the cut garlic minced garlic and an appropriate amount of starch and edible oil, wearPress the gloves and marinate the ribs for a while.

3. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pan, then prepare a disc to put the cut Lipu taro on the bottom of the disc, and then pour the marinated pork ribs.Let the pork ribs fully wrap the Lipu taro.Put it in a steamer and steam it for 45 minutes after the water is boiled.After the pan is out of the pan, sprinkle a little millet and green onions, and the Lipu taro steamed pork ribs are very delicious.

Tips: If you don’t want to simmer the water, you must wash a few more times and wash out excess blood. Do not forget to put some cooking wine to fish. You can also cut some onion ginger shreds.Just take out the green onion ginger.

Lipu taro steamed pork ribs, less oil, salt, and not greasy. My children love to eat very much, and they are especially suitable for the elderly.In this special period, we can supplement some high protein foods to enhance the body’s immunity to resist virus and less illness.Today’s Lipu taro steaming ribs shared here, I hope my sharing can make you gain, thank you for your good -looking and supportive, we will see it tomorrow ,e.

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