In order to study the demand for nutrition during pregnancy, A1+Pregnancy Research Institute’s pregnant nuts are officially launched

With the income level of the new mother group and the improvement of consumption capacity, and with the post -95s and post -00 new generation groups, the new generation groups gradually entered the ranks of Bao Da Bao Mom, the consumer groups of the mother and baby industry gradually younger, the new generation of the new generation, the new generation of generationsYoung consumers have different consumption concepts and needs. They are more pursuing the novel and unique, convenient and easy to use the product. They have higher requirements for the value of the product. They pay more attention to the consumer experience.Service consumption projects have brought more diverse development opportunities to the mother and baby market, and innovative and refined subdivision categories are expected to grow well.Nutritional intake has always been the core appeal of pregnant mothers’ diet. It is understood that 86%of pregnant mothers will buy nutritional products during pregnancy, and 81%of pregnant mothers will buy pregnant women’s snacks during pregnancy.However, we rarely see pregnant women’s snacks that are really developed for nutritional needs during pregnancy.

The Chinese Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch pointed out that according to the growth rate of fetal growth and changes in the physiology and metabolism of the mother, the pregnant mothers will have different nutritional needs at different stages of pregnancy.As one of the most nutritious foods, Nuts has always been the first choice for pregnant mothers.But so far, various nuts in the market, including 1.0 rough processing nuts, and daily nuts of 2.0 cannot provide targeted nutritional supplements for different stages of pregnancy.The R & D team of the A1+Pregnancy Research Institute seized this pain point to create a nut that really researched for pregnant women -A1+pregnant nuts, for the different nutrients required for early pregnancy, medium, and late stages, create innovation in the outer layer of the nut"Natural Nutrition Clothing", with natural ingredients such as fruit powder, five black grains, meat pine milk powder, etc., specially made of special wrapped in 4 kinds of nuts, for the nutrition required for different stages of pregnancy, accurate supplies, and increase the level to the nuts to increase the levelRich taste flavor.

A1+Preparation Early Nuts -Multi -dimensional small acid bomb, rich in protein, folic acid, multiple vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E), iron containing, not only can help supplement the nutrition required by early pregnancy, alleviate early pregnancy reactions, To help the early development of the fetus, its sweet and sour taste can also promote the appetite of pregnant mothers.

A1+Nuts in the middle of pregnancy -five black energy balls, rich in calcium, iron, protein, zinc -containing, can not only assist in supplementing the comprehensive nutrition of pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy, help the baby develop rapidly in the middle period, but it does not add sucrose.Eat at ease.

A1+Nuts in the later stages of pregnancy -high -fiber and small gold fruit, rich in dietary fiber, calcium, protein, iron -containing, can not only supplement the nutrition required by pregnant mothers in the post pregnancy, alleviate constipation in the post pregnancy, and help the postal development of the fetus. It itself is salty and fragrant itselfThe taste of milk flavor can also help solve many pregnant women in the late pregnancy.

In response to nutritional needs during pregnancy, A1+pregnant nuts are preferably 4 kinds of high -quality nuts that are beneficial to pregnant mothers to absorb nutrients, namely Hawaii fruit kernels, California tonsillus, Xinjiang walnut kernels, and Vietnam cashew kernels.Pure nuts do not add feascism and preserved fruit, which can effectively avoid the taste of preserved moisture affecting the taste of nuts.The production process of nuts use non -fried technology, low -temperature baking, to avoid some nutritional loss and greasy to get angry that pregnant mothers are worried about.At the same time, zero -additional flavors, pigments, and preservatives are added during the production process, and each product has been tested by 604 items to provide safety guarantee for each pregnancy snack of each of the pregnant mothers.

At the previous press conference of the A1+Pregnancy Institute, Chen Baoying, the former dean of the Beijing Maternity and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, also invited Chen Baoying, the former dean of the Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University.Gu Jianzu expressed its recognition.

It is reported that, in addition to the A1+green plum series and A1+care nuts series that are currently launched, A1+Pregnancy Institute will also launch low GI bread, biscuits, etc. for full -category layout including baking and meat products.The A1+Pregnancy Research Institute will continue to adhere to the research and development concept of "focusing on scientific research and seeking practical effects", and to protect the full cycle of pregnant mothers with more health, safe, nutritious and delicious snacks to serve the tens of millions of pregnant mothers in China.(Correspondent: Xie Xizheng)

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