In order to retain her lover, German women pierced their condoms and wanted to get pregnant, but they were sued in court with sexual assault.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on May 5, a local court in Bellefield, Germany publicly tried a unique case.On the court, a 42 -year -old German man told the judge that his lover secretly poked the condom without his consent and had sex with with.

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It turned out that the man met with a 39 -year -old lover in 2021 through social media. The two were initially a purely artillery relationship.However, in the process of getting along with the two sides, the woman gradually felt good about the gentle and considerate male, trying to change from the man to a real couple relationship with the man. Unfortunately, the man was very satisfied with the status quo and was very reluctant to change his current relationship.

In order to firmly tie the man, the woman secretly pierced the bedside condom while the man took a bath in a dating, and deliberately forced the man to admit their couple relationship in the name of pregnancy.However, God is not beautiful, this "baby" has never been able to come.She was patience gradually exhausted, and finally chose to show up her cards. She frankly acknowledged that her hands and feet on the condom and deceived the man herself were pregnant, hoping that the two were married as soon as possible.


Who knew that when the man heard the news, not only did not agree to her proposal, but instead was angrily brought him to court in the name of sexual assault.The judge feels a headache in this case. I do n’t know which method of conviction is more suitable. At first, everyone had been dealing with the sexual assault case. After repeated discussion and confirmation, it was qualitatively discussed as a sexual harassment case.Essence

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In an interview with the media, the judge Astrid Salewski said: In the case where men do not agree or do not know, the woman’s malicious behavior caused a condom that he could not use it normally for the first time in his life.After all, in general, male criminals are more illegal."STEALTHING", as the name suggests, means that during the sexual relationship between the two sides, one party took a condom without the consent of the other party or pierced a hole in advance.

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In November 2018, a court of Berlin made a judgment for the first time on the sexual assault case of "StealthING".It is understood that the defendant at that time was a 36 -year -old male policeman. When he was about to have a relationship with the female companion one day, the woman clearly asked him to bring a condom at all times, and repeatedly emphasizedHe has sex.The man was anxious and agreed with these requirements. However, during the heat of the two, the man did not make corresponding actions. When he was about to finish, he brought a condom again.

I realized that the man’s accompanying woman was worried that she would be pregnant, and she was afraid of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. After thinking about it, she still brought the male police officer to court.In the end, the Berlin Court sentenced the police to 8 months in prison for sexual assault, and fined 3,000 euros (equivalent to RMB 21307.5), and needed to pay the sexual health test cost of 96 euros of female victims.


In fact, whether men and women, in the process of sex, it is wrong to make the other party disagreed or unaware. On October 7, 2021, the legislative parliament of the Australian Capital (ACT) once revised the bill and "stole the sexual behavior process" stealing the sexual behavior process"Picking the condom" is determined to be illegal sexual assault.The Australian Liberal Party member Elizabeth Lee, who proposed the bill, excitedly told the media that the legislative parliament successfully passed this law is undoubtedly a huge progress in the capital.

This is not an exaggeration of its words. As early as 2018, the results of the sexual survey data of the University of Montanos and the Melbon Inspection Center can be discovered: One -third of female interviewees said that they had been "sneaky for sexual behavior.A fifth of male interviewees also said that they have also encountered similar situations.

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Elizabeth Lee tells everyone that the original intention of the bill is to hope that more victims can stand up to protect their legitimate rights and interests.For anyone, stealing condoms are an unacceptable thing.This kind of thing will not only cause long -term negative effects on the physical and mental physical and mental physical and mental body, but not limited to sexually transmitted diseases, accidental pregnancy, and post -trauma stress disorder.SHANE Rattenbury, the Attorney General of the Capital Land, also publicly supported the bill successfully.He believes that the behavior of stealing the condom is very bad, and it is not essentially different from rape. This is a violation of trust in others and physical autonomy.

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In November of the same year, the Minister of Justice of Victoria Jacklin Sims announced that it would amend the Criminal Law. The new law clearly stipulates that only the sexual consent of the partner can perform sexual behavior.Stealing the condom or removing other protection measures is naked criminal acts.It is expected that in 2022, the amendment will be officially implemented under the recommendation of the Victorian Legal Reform Commission (VLRC).

In the subsequent media interviews, the Minister of Justice has also repeatedly stated that in the new bill, the Victorian Legal Reform Commission listened to the suggestions of people from all walks of life to protect the victims in sexual assault cases to the greatest extent.Widely carried out sexual education lectures to reduce sexual violence and sex harm in society.


In order to promote the successful implementation of this bill, the Victoria government took the lead in paying AUD 5.2 million to provide professional sexual assault service agencies to support him to cope with increasing sexual assault cases in society.At the same time, the government will also conduct extensive consultations with the victims, law enforcement agencies, and courts to make the amendment bill better serve the public.

Not only Australia, but on October 7, 2021, Governor of California Gavin Newson signed a new bill AB453, which clearly explicitly included the behavior of stealing pivot condoms in the definition of sexual assault.This is the first state in the United States to formulate relevant laws. Although neither New York and Wisconsin have proposed similar proposals before, neither passed.

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The proposal of the California AB453 Act, Democratic Party member Christina Garcia said: In the results of the 2019 National Medical Library’s research report, 12%of women across the country were victims of "STEALTHING" act, and at the same time, at the same time, at the same time10%of men admitted that they had taken a condom without the consent of their partners.

This bill aims to be able to stand up bravely for those who are deeply hurt by "STEALTHING" and can properly safeguard their legitimate rights.In the end, the bill was strongly supported by the Democratic Republican Party, and the successful approval was successfully passed by zero votes, which marked a big step in California in maintaining feminism.

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