In order to prevent me from getting pregnant, my husband secretly gave me medicine. Can such a horrible man still ask?

In order to prevent me from getting pregnant, my husband secretly feed me medicine. After exposing the truth, it was said that it was good for me?Define my opportunity to be my mother, all of this for me?

The most unspeakable in the world. In addition to the sun, there are people’s hearts, and people’s hearts are unpredictable. You will never know what kind of darkness will be hidden in his heart.

This story is a warning to the world.

In the year of marriage, I was just 32 years old. In my own opinion, everything was just right. I was not young and panic when I was young. The mature thoughts, and the independent economy allowed me to live in a good state.

My husband is a colleague in the same factory with me. I am an accountant. He is a technician. He is from Sichuan. He has been divorced for several years. The child has followed his ex -wife.

Our conditions are similar. Except for his divorce, but later thought that he was the marriage of his ex -wife derailed, and he was alone in Guangzhou. It was equivalent to saying that all the previous one was broken. Later, he accepted his pursuit.

After marriage, he was very good. He was a hard -working person. He always said in his mouth that his daughter -in -law hurts pain, so most of the family affairs have done it. After all, in usHere, there are not many men who work hard to do housework.

Life is happy, and because we are not too young, I am looking forward to the day when I can become a mother, but for a long time after marriage, he was contraceptive and discussed with him several times. Every time I told me that I couldn’t worry, I couldn’t worry, Slow, don’t need to be so anxious.I am strange, my life is stable and happy, does he not want to have children?

Later, I saw that I said too much, and I probably saw my persistence. He started to stop contraception. I was looking forward to the arrival of a new life. Unfortunately, two years have passed in a blink of an eye.Watching myself, watching myself close to 35, my heart is indeed anxious.

After doing all kinds of inspections, all the results were healthy, and there were no problems at all, but they couldn’t be pregnant. They only persuaded us to adjust their emotions. The child’s fate has not yet arrived!

What I never thought of was that the truth came so fast. It can only be said that in this world, as long as it is a lie, there is always a piercing through it, and it also shows that the paper can not hold the fire.

This is what happened, because I have something, I need to issue a certificate. I can only take the time to go to the village committee for a trip. When I start it, when I am ready, I happen to meet the women’s director of our village.She shouted me, and handed me a pack of things, and said directly and said:

Just see you, your husband was leading me earlier, now see you and give you directly!But it ’s strange to say that you really do n’t understand you. Your parents are anxious, but you have to contraception!

I heard her words, I was a little bit embarrassed, what contraceptive?Open the pack of things she gave me, four boxes of pills inside, and dazzling on the box, contraceptive pills!I was a little bit confused and looked at her inquiring.

The woman director looked at me with an aggressive look, and said it directly. This is your husband who came to me, because now the country is open for three babies, and the town family planning office is gone, but you can still receive it in the village to receive it in the village.Family planning, your husband said, do n’t have children for the time being, so come to me!

When the soul returned home, her husband just came back from get off work, was about to cook, and told me that I bought the dishes I like to eat, and looked at the smile of this face. This has always been a good husband …

I took out the four boxes of pills from the village committee and asked him directly:

This, I want to listen to your explanation!

Seeing that he was in a moment of panic, all kinds of unable to explain, I didn’t believe it, the bright facts were in front of me, and in the end it was all right. He could only say that he did not want a child.When a child comes out, one more child, the quality of life will be greatly reduced, and a child is regenerated. He thinks that the pressure is too great!I have a heart full of obsession, then I can only come up with this method!

In a moment, he understood what he meant, that is, he already has a son, he does not need to regenerate, and does not want to regenerate. He even thinks that our husbands and wives are older than children.I thought, saying what had a child hurting a woman too much, saying that the elderly maternal is prone to various problems, and I can’t hear it later.

Suddenly it was cold in the body. It turned out that I had been eating this thing for two years, and I had always eaten this thing. I did n’t talk about the side effects or there would be any problems. This time was delayed.After being a chance to be a mother, and carrying, the egg could not give birth to such a notorious name, and he was still the considerate good husband, and he would never give up.

Knowing the truth, I resolutely divorced, and I couldn’t tolerate it for a moment. He was unwilling to die, and agreed to have a child with me. It’s funny. Now, who cares about it, even in his heart, I even think that it is not just eating.Is contraceptive?What can this be?Isn’t this all for me?

Unwilling to divorce, there is still the most important point. His relationship with his hometown has been broken. He finally took root in Guangzhou. It is also a home, so he is unwilling to die, but I insist that you must leave.Those who get along with each other will go goosebumps!

At this point, when the new marriage period, when the two of us are sweet, we can feed me for medicine. If this goes on, what will we feed me to eat when there is any argument?Poison?Or wait for the old, we have no children under his knees. Now he can block my fertility hope for his son. What will happen in the future?Never forgive!

This happened, the whole person was on the edge of the collapse. This man destroyed all my trust in human nature. Finally, I finally did a psychological guidance for half a year before I could come out!Fortunately, after experiencing this bumpy marriage, it took more than two years to restore myself, and finally put on the wedding dress again when I was 37 years old!

Let me understand a thing, want to be happy to marry, and reduce the expectations of expectations. Everything still depends on myself!In the second year after marriage, in my 38 -year -old year, I finally fulfilled my dream of being a mother and ushered in my cute and precious baby!Weeping, the hardships of this way, felt that it was worth it for a moment!

This is the story of my good friend. The little baby is now three years old. I also use this story to warn the sisters that you don’t know who you will meet in your life, or you are facingPeople are ghosts, and they may not be able to see it all at once.

But no matter what you are facing, you must remember that at any time, you have to dominate your own world. Anyone next to them is just others.Your own world is good, your own world is stable, you are good!Do you say this?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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