In order to get the 200,000 pregnancy reward of my mother -in -law, I want to try my best to conceive my baby.

When I heard this news, I was ecstatic, and I thought, the opportunity to get rich, I would like to love money. If I can have such an opportunity, I just want to get this money.The benefits are also to get the most 200,000 rewards of her mother -in -law for their own. Isn’t that the icing on the cake?I didn’t want to promise me to say yes, okay, you can talk about it, you must talk!

Mother -in -law said you can’t believe me?I can guarantee my reputation. I have always been right in my life, standing upright, and never doing something to be lost. If you really do n’t believe me, wait for you to return to your hometown, I can still be able to returnGive you a guarantee and understand your worries. Since my mother -in -law said this, I still have to say something. I immediately gave her a reassurance. I said it was good.West death.

But when I finished my mother -in -law’s phone, I regret it again. How do I say, this 200,000 temptation is very large, it is a big fish for me, but can I eat this big fish, is there such a way?The big appetite is another matter. I feel that if I want to sprinkle a lie, I must fulfill more lies to make up for this lie. I feel like I am in a invisible conspiracy, as if it is a transaction with my mother -in -law.Essence

But this incident really can’t let her husband know. If he knows, will he look down on me?At that time, he will scold me. Don’t agree to what you can’t do. Don’t agree without 100%of your grasping. Don’t promise your mother so easily.A contradictory product, think about it for a while, and think like that for a while. I can’t tell a little bit southeast and northwest. For money or for the happiness of the future, I already feel a blank and I can’t find any clue.Help me out of this mystery.

Hanging up the phone’s phone, I thought about it. I thought about it in the kitchen for a long time. The spinning vegetables in my hand had been washed away by me. I don’t know how many pots of water I was washed.After that, my husband was about to get off work in two hours. I was still carefully preparing a delicious dinner for him. Seeing the time for a minute and a second, I only made a pot of meals.I was always thinking about the 200,000 that my mother -in -law just promised in the phone.

well!I admit that I am greedy. I want to fight for myself for money, but I come here every day. Which day is not in blog?I want to get to my baby quickly, but the more I go, the more I want to get the same thing, the more I ca n’t get it. The mood is really unable to say. What should I do?If once half a year passed, my belly had no movement at all, how can I face my mother -in -law?She is not a fuel -saving lamp. At that time, I have suffered suffering.

What do you say?Can I get these 200,000 yuan?

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