In order to ask for a son, my mother was pregnant in half a year, and borrowed breast milk from the daughter who had just finished

"There is only a mother in the world, and the children who have mothers are like blocks."

With the development of the times, people’s outlook on marriage has also changed a lot. More and more young people no longer want to enter the palace of marriage early, which leads to the very serious population aging.Very unfavorable.Therefore, the country is also actively liberalizing the second child and the third child policy, and gives rewards in all aspects, that is, to curb the continued seriousness of this phenomenon.

In fact, many elderly mothers are deeply influenced by traditional concepts. They always feel that they must have a son to complete the mission of the passage. Therefore, if the first child is not a son, he has the idea of having a second child, and this idea is very strong.Just like the old mother we are talking about today, we are over half a year old, but we still want to have a son. Although the physical condition is pretty good, this idea was immediately opposed by his daughter.

Because her mother has reached a big age, the possibility of pregnancy is very small and the elderly maternal will face greater risks, and even more will lose their lives.It was just that the couple really wanted a son too much, so they couldn’t listen to the advice of their daughter.

Fortunately, the mother’s physical fitness is still very good, so soon there was good news, and she gave birth to a cute big fat boy.This time, the couple can be happy, and they finally satisfy their wishes, and they still have things to do.

But the couple are still too happy. After all, their wife is very old. Although they have given birth to a child, they cannot provide sufficient milk, and they still have no nutritional intake.Although there are milk powder, on the one hand, the nutrition of milk powder is not as good as breast milk. On the other hand, drinking milk powder for a long time is a large amount of expenses. For ordinary families, it is not a long -term plan at all.

So they thought that their daughter had just produced it soon, and they could help them solve the problem of lack of milk. Even if the relationship with her daughter was not good, she still put down her face to find her daughter.

It’s just that their daughters don’t give them face at all, and they are resolutely resisted for this unreasonable requirement.You should know that their daughters were resolutely opposed to the arrival of the second child, but the couple did not consider their daughter’s thoughts, and they gave birth to their son according to their own ideas, so the daughter’s heart will have a great resistance, and it will not helpThey came to raise this child. Although they were their own brothers, their daughter’s thoughts were worthy of attention.

Although my country actively liberalized the policy of having a second child in order to alleviate the aging of the population, and encourages the addition of three babies, it does not encourage those older women to do these things, because their age is already a limitation, and childhood children will face children. Great danger.Everyone knows that pregnant in October is very hard. Even young mothers are unbearable, not to mention that for those elderly mothers, they have to endure even more unknown.

First of all, in the process of production, elderly mothers may have other accidents. These are unknown and have a high probability. According to various research, the difficulty in the elderly maternal production is very high. ThereforeLess, it is not recommended to have children in old age.

Secondly, even if the elderly mother gave birth to a child smoothly, the health of the fetus is also a big problem. After all, her age no longer has an advantage, so it needs to be more detailed when receiving various examinations to ensure that the fetus is in the mother’s body.This is the most important thing to grow up healthy and not have any strangeness.After giving birth to a child, the ability of the body is also very slow. It does not recover quickly as young people. It may take longer and energy to restore their health.

Another is that the first child of the couple is married and has children, and the second child is still among the age. The age gap is too big, so there is no common topic in the two, and even a certain rejection will be rejected.psychology.In this way, it is not conducive to the harmony between family members, and it will even trigger a series of family crisis. These are potential risk factors, and the funds for children’s life and education in the later period are also a large amount of expenses.Because the couple have already belonged to retirees at this time, and their economic income is not high, the arrival of the second child will inevitably cause economic tension.

Finally, the country is actively encouraged to give birth to three babies, and it is also to conform to the development of the times. After all, it has gradually entered the age of aging. The aging population is very serious, which is not conducive to the development of society at all.Therefore, the country is guaranteed under the environment.

However, there are also many people who are trapped in the vortex of traditional concepts. They always think that raising children can prevent the elderly, and even have serious phenomenon of heavy men and women.Yes, I have to say that this is a serious social concept, but some people choose to believe this concept.

In fact, every life is a gift from heaven, and they are qualified to come to this world, but their arrival needs to enjoy love, rather than with various colors.There is nothing wrong with the second child policy, and there is no wrong for the elderly mother to have children, but under the influence of various factors, there are some hindrance factors. In the end, it is not understood by the society.Good voice, but these are all others say. As long as they have a well -deserved other, they are not important. Every mother is very great and deserved.

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