In March of pregnancy, the fetus ran to the liver!Many people do not know these dangerous signals after sex!

As we all know, the birth of new life should be in the warm uterus where mother is.However, some fertilized eggs, but they are "not going to go to ordinary ways", and they just run to other places to "camp and Zhazhaizhai."

In some places, you can’t think of breaking your head.

For 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus is empty!

When I checked the fetus, I ran to the liver

Miss You (pseudonym), 29 years old, recently did not care too much about abdominal pain. She didn’t care too much at first, thinking that she was just an ordinary gynecological disease.However, after the blood test, the doctor found that she had a sign of pregnancy, but she could not find a pregnancy sac in the uterus.

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You may guess.

Then check, check, check, and finally find a block in her liver through CT examination.This block is not a tumor or something else, but an embryo!

It turned out that the fertilized eggs came out of the fallopian tube and did not arrive at the uterus well.

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The situation is very dangerous and can cause major bleeding at any time. The doctor immediately took out this dangerous block through laparoscopic surgery.

Those who know a little about pregnancy and baby may know that the most common place for ectopic pregnancy is the fallopian tube (after all, it is near the uterus).

But few people know that fertilized eggs may also swim to the liver and even the spleen for development.Although the probability is extremely low, it is a real case that has happened.

Miss Wang and her husband are preparing to have a child. The blood drawing results of the hospital show that she has obvious signs of conception, but B -ultrasound did not find that there was a gestational sac in the uterus.Later, at the location of the spleen, a two -month -old fetus was found …

Once spleen pregnancy occurs, it is more dangerous than ordinary ectopic pregnancy!Fortunately, it was found in time, and finally removed some spleen and fetuses to keep their lives.

So the question is: Why should I go long journey and run to the wrong place to grow and develop?

Why is ectopic pregnancy?

Here is the approximate process of women’s conception:

Ovarian excretion of eggs

Pick up the eggs in the fallopian tube and transport it to the fertilized site

Sperm from the vagina to the fallopian tube

Sperm and egg encounters are combined into fertilized eggs

Development of fertilized eggs through the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity to develop

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The ectopic pregnancy is commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy". It refers to the sperm eggs on the part of the uterine cavity, such as tubes, ovaries, abdominal cavity, cervix and so on.

The most common of these is fallopian tube pregnancy, accounting for more than 95%.There are also some rare, such as liver pregnancy and spleen pregnancy.

Statistics show that the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is 2%.That is, every 100 pregnant women are two ectopic pregnancy.

For embryo, the uterus is the most suitable environment for "planting"."Giving up and seeking far away" runs to other places to "take root and germinate". There are several reasons:

The most common occurrence is that there are problems with the fallopian tube itself.

For example, chronic fallopian tube inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease sequelae, or the history of extraterritical pregnancy in the past may cause the dysfunction of the tubal to transport the fertilized eggs, the embryo "stuck" in the fallopian tube, and can only "live".

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Secondly, the environment in the uterus may not be good.

For example, the endometrium damage caused by multiple abortion or curettage, etc. After the embryo reaches the uterus, it is found that "the land is too barren", you can’t find the foothold, you can only turn back to the fallopian tube, or run out of the fallopian tube umbrella, run to the stomach to the stomachGo in.

In addition, the embryo itself will also cause ectopic pregnancy.

The fallopian tube function is very good, and the uterus environment is also great, but there are defects in the embryo itself. For example, chromosomal abnormalities, embryos cannot be "interacted" with the uterus, resulting in "running away from home" and going to the place where they should not go.

The fertilized eggs are "wandering" outside the uterus. Normal development and maturity do not exist. The final ending is nothing more than: abortion, pregnancy rupture, etc.

Ectopic pregnancy is good at camouflage

4 dangerous signals, the first one is very common

In the early days of ectopic pregnancy, before abortion or rupture, some symptoms were very common. Young men and women who prepared and contraceptives had to be vigilant.

1. Mentalomy

Like normal pregnancy, women with ectopic pregnancy will also have pregnancy reactions such as menopause, nausea, and vomiting.

2. Abdominal pain

At the beginning, when the pregnancy sac is relatively small, abdominal pain is mostly painful, painful or sour, but once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, vaginal bleeding will evolve into severe pain.

In the news, there are also some girls who mistaken the abdominal pain of ectopic pregnancy and think that they are just ordinary abdominal pain, which eventually causes tragedy.

3. Bleeding

After a period of menopause, a small amount of vaginal bleeding will occur, and the color is darker than normal menstrual blood, and the tick is endless.

Many women often mistakenly think that they are coming, and as a result, they ignore the two symptoms of menopause and bleeding.

4. Slower and shock

Ectopic pregnancy is like an irregular bomb. It is like no one when it is broken. Once it is ruptured, the blood flows from the fallopian tube to the stomach.If too much bleeding, people will faint, shock, and even danger to life.

In life, many women do not understand that this is the manifestation of ectopic pregnancy, but only suspects that irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other issues.This idea is dangerous!

Women in childbearing age, if symptoms of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding occur after menopause, must pay special attention.

Ectopic pregnancy, unmarried little girl is particularly vigilant

Why do you say that?What is the relationship between ectopic pregnancy and unmarried women?

Keke, you should know that sexual behavior is very common before marriage, but the pace of sex education is far from keeping up.

Some unmarried little girls went to seek medical treatment because of the symptoms of menopause and abdominal pain, but because they were afraid of being blamed by their parents, they determined that they had "no sexual life".

The previous "no sex life ‘, almost asked for the life of a 23 -year -old girl!" It is a living example.

The girl insisted that she did not have a boyfriend, but the result of ectopic pregnancy broke bleeding, causing hemorrhagic shock and almost might.

Therefore, women with sexual life must be alert to the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, and do not cheat doctors, otherwise they will only suffer themselves. They can only be themselves.

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