In love with couples, girlfriends accidentally have babies, will you get married in Fengzi

The marriage of Fengzi has become a topic that many people pay attention to. Time has become more and more open in the development of young people. Many excellent traditional love concepts have changed a lot. Many young couples have a male and female relationship before they get married. Even in love, girls are pregnant.The phenomenon is very common. Girls face many problems after pregnancy. Whether the two sides are married, or they will kill the fetus.Education.

Love is crazy. It can be leaned for each other. The men and women in love are dry firewood. In love, the woman accidentally get pregnant. Will the man get married!What harm will be caused by unmarried first education.

There is a young couple around me. The girls were in 1998. The boy was 96 years. In May this year, we joined our company. He is a graduate who is about to go out of the school’s door. Two months later, the two sides determined the relationship between men and women.Kiss you and me did not take contraceptive measures. The girls were pregnant in mid -August. They were at a loss at a young age. They were not working all day long.

After the departure of our company, I really want to know what they look like. Just yesterday, yesterday, on October 21st, I saw that they were married to get a certificate. This is considered to be married.One month, this is the rhythm of flash marriage. Maybe they will face many difficulties in the future, but they can be regarded as a good ending.

In love, whether it is a woman or a man, it is necessary to take contraceptive measures. If you love each other, do not cause unnecessary damage before you get married. Under the premise of no contraceptive measures, avoid the relationship between men and women.The man asked the relationship between men and women, and the woman must refuse firmly. Some girls are worried that they will affect each other’s feelings. In fact, there is no need to worry about it. A man who really loves you cares about your heart, not your body. On the contrary,If the man is not satisfied with the physiological requirements and does not love you, then this love itself is fake. What he loves you is your appearance and body, and what he wants to get is your beautiful skin.

Not every girl is very lucky. When you are pregnant in love, the man will marry the man and give birth to a child without being married.Cause a great damage to the physical and mental of the girl: physical damage may lead to infertility in the future. In the future, he will be disgusted with a boyfriend. Psychological damage may lead to fear of marriage and no longer believe in love.Love yourself more, don’t lose yourself, don’t dedicate yourself to your boyfriend because you especially love each other. Even if you are happy with each other, you must take contraceptive measures.

Boys must protect their lover in love, be responsible for their behavior, do not hurt her, do not let her conceive her child before marrying her.Even if you accidentally let your girlfriend pregnant with your baby, then the marriage of Fengzi is also a good result. You have to be responsible for the mistakes you make. Even if you think she is not the perfect object of your marriage, what about the marriage?perfect.Marriage was originally making up for the mistakes made.

Most marriage starts with love. My understanding of marriage is: the original two unrelated people made serious mistakes from love to each other, but we did our best to make up for each other in the future to make up for the commitment to make the commit.Wrong, we love each other, rely on each other, understand each other, care for each other, and respect each other. These are the best ways to make up for the mistakes. Young couples make mistakes in love.It is the best to make up for mistakes.It is also the best explanation of each other.May lovers in the world eventually become dependents.

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