In love for less than 30 days, just mentioned a bordender girlfriend and said that she was pregnant. Will it be so coincidental?

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The reason why I met my ex -girlfriend was that the fellow talked to me to introduce me to me, because I was still in a different place at the time, so I just added a friend on the Internet. At that timeTalk to her

We called each other on the Internet and talked about it for almost half a year, because I went home to go home, and I called her. When I saw her at first glance, I felt that she was very fashionable. WeI went out and played together. I stayed at the hotel at night, and she didn’t go back

In this way, we had a relationship. At that time, I used her as a girlfriend. When I went out for dinner the next day, I said that she would buy her a gift and ask what she wanted, and I thought, she would say that she would say no or to sayBuy clothes and bags, so how do you know she said she wants the latest Apple mobile phone

At that time, I felt very speechless, but I still took her to buy a mobile phone, because I came back because I had something to do, so I returned to work in a few days. I still missed her after returning. Because she didn’t go to work, so she didn’t go to work, so she didn’t go to work. SoI said let her come to me to work here to play

In this way, I bought her tickets, and she came to me. As long as I have time, I will take her out to play. It doesn’t matter if I take her to eat delicious food, but I want to move a few days, but I want to move a few days.She watched me pack up, and didn’t say to come to help me. I said at the time whether I could help me help me.

Knowing that she said directly: You can pack it yourself!I won’t help you. At that time, I was so angry that I didn’t say anything. The next day after I moved the house, I said that I bought you the ticket that I bought back. You should go back!She went back without saying much.

Within a few days when she arrived at home, I told her that we are not suitable, let’s break up!She didn’t keep it, and didn’t say much. I thought it was over. The next day she called me to say that she was pregnant and let me solve it.

I was speechless at the time. Why did I tell me that I was pregnant today yesterday, and I had a relationship with her, and there was no 30 days until now.I will check it in a month. At that time, I questioned her, and she told me that she was discovered because she was discovered when she was uncomfortable to go to the hospital for a medical examination.

Give me two options now, one is to give her for 10,000 to fight the child, and the other is to let me marry her. She gave birth to her.So I still compromise, I said I only have 5000, if you want me, I will call you, but don’t contact me in the future

You don’t think I can’t help me. She asked me to make money. Since then she hasn’t contacted me. Although things are solved, I can’t be happy

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