In Liangshan, Shandong, the man found his wife’s derailment and was pregnant. Netizens: Do not do stupid things

For the eternal theme of emotions, people always have endless words. The confusing things are always charming. The more unclear, the more fascinating.

At first, it was beautiful. There were not a few cases where the ending towards extremes. Whether a deteriorating feelings make people lose their humanity alone, or make a person expose their nature, it is difficult to make it clear.

A man was wearing a green hat in somewhere in Liangshan County, Shandong Province, and his emotions and states were slightly worried.

It is reported that the two have been in love to marriage for more than ten years. During the college, the woman had derailed another male, and the man chose to forgive.

Sadly, the woman not only did not disconnect with the other party, but even kept in touch after marriage. What’s more, she derailed a male colleague.

The second derailment was even more serious, not only pregnant, but also secretly hiding a miscarriage from her husband.After the husband discovered, he asked his wife in a relatively calm tone. This was the most worrying place.

It is normal to lose your temper and not lose your temper. When a person should lose his temper when he should lose his temper, it may indicate that he is disheartened, or it shows that he is brewing a more violent way of venting.

Not long ago, a criminal case that caused a sensation across the country in Haicheng, Liaoning. A man brutally killed his wife, mother -in -law, and children because of his relationship discord.

When the criminal suspect Li Mousheng was arrested, his expression was calm and seemed to be like a person.The reason why he suffered a killer was because of divorce. The saying that he had rumored to cheat and cheat money on the Internet was not necessarily true, but he must have experienced great grief before the crime, otherwise it would not be so decisive.

Can’t blindly bully the honest person, because no one can expect what extreme things he can do.

The man in Liangshan, Shandong, faintly made people see similar concerns.

He asked his wife in a very bland tone, and he said that the video was left to her intentionally. He said that there must be a reply.

Netizens seem to hear a trace of unusual, and they persuaded him not to be impulsive in the comment area. Do not do things. If your wife derailed, you can find another one. Once some things are done, there is no way to look back.Life is second, it is too worthwhile to ruin your life.

The performance of his wife is also unusual. She did not try to ask the other party’s understanding. There was not much emotional revealing. The spirit seemed to be numb. She had to make people think of the worst results: there is no moral standards in her values, right and wrong, right and wrong, right and wrong, right, right or wrong, right, wrong, or wrong, and wrong, right and wrong, right, right and wrong, and wrong, right and wrong, or wrong, or wrong, or wrong, and wrong, right and wrong, right and wrong, right, right and wrong.Black and white, honesty and shame, when these concepts do not exist in her mind, any effort is futile.

The most ironic is that these two people usually fall in a family.

One is the "old good people" who are indecisive, bottomless line of indulgence, tolerance, tolerance, passing, soft -hearted, persuasion, and persuading one acre and three -point land;People.

The former, lacks the opposite sex, is difficult to keep the other half of the marriage, and is mostly abandoned. In the end, you can only choose a person with a "non -picky eaters"; the latter, the fourth twilight, the wise man does not marry, since everyone is the same.Choose the best person.

It is difficult to change the things in a person’s bones. From the viewer’s view, it may be the most appropriate way for such a person to enter the marriage, but if they have such a sober mind, will they still embark on this path?

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