In July, I never softly encountered Lizi. I bought 3 pounds at a time, sprinkled and marinated.

Regardless of the step people, they have to find some fun and think about it.Yes, food is the joy I find, think of ways!Talk to the food with you seriously with you!


In June and July, many fruits at this time have entered the market, especially fruits such as peaches and plums.Whether you go to the fruit shop or to the supermarket, the plum is the most placed. Their variety and color differences are relatively large, such as Heblin, Sanhua Li, Hongxin Li and so on.I generally like to buy Sanhua Li. I never softened when I encountered this fruit in July. I bought 3 pounds at a time.

When it comes to eating plums, you may not need to teach everyone to know that you can just eat it and eat it. If you really think so, then you still do n’t understand it. The fresh plums are marinated and eaten.The right way.Why do I have a soft spot for this kind of food?It is marinated and eaten.

The diet of Yunnan people is mainly hot and sour flavor. When encountering some sour fruits, this time is very suitable for dipping materials, or picking some ingredients and marinating.This pickled Sanhua Li, inspired by Yunnan people’s way of eating fruit.Because Li Zi needs to be preserved and to ensure its appearance, it is generally not completely mature when picking, so the plums at this time are sour, and some are even sour.

At this time, we can put some ingredients and marinate.In the summer, the fruit was just an order at the time. The 4 yuan per catty was very affordable. Put the feed and marinated it.The plum is sweet and cold, and has the effect of clearing the liver and reflection, spawning fluid, and urination. Especially when there is no appetite in summer, this time, it is particularly suitable for some appetizers.This pickled Sanhua Li can be used as a snack, but also the current meals, which is worth trying.

Food preparation: 4 Hua Li 4

Accessories: half a spoonful of sugar, 1 spoon of soy sauce, 1 spoon of dipping sauce in western Yunnan

Production process:

1. Rinse the flowing water of Sanhua. After washing, hit the knife with a knife, you can cut it darker slightly, so that the marinating will be more flavorful.

2. Put the cut Sanhua Li into a large bowl. At this time, you can simply marinate it, put it in half a spoon of sugar, and mix it well.

3. After adding sugar and marinate, put 1 spoon of soy sauce. You must pay attention to this soy sauce. You must choose the one that can be eaten directly, that is, the kind of meals.

4. Then prepare a spoonful of dipping squeeze in western Yunnan. If not, you can put the pepper noodles and salt, stir it, and mix well.

5. Mix all the seasonings with a spoon, and then marinate a simple, about 5 minutes, let its taste penetrate into the plum.

6. Such a very simple pickled Sanhua Li was made. It tastes hot and sour, crispy, and appetizing. Eating in summer can also play a role in lowering the heat.

Food punch:

1. When buying, pay attention to the selection of higher freshness. For example, the hardness should be moderate. If it is too soft, it may be too mature.

2. Pickled plums, don’t need too much seasoning. If you prefer spicy food, you can put some Xiaomi spicy. If you don’t like spicy, don’t put it.

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