In Japan, what happened to the female high school student in pregnancy?

A recent survey of the Ministry of Culture Science found that from 2015 to 2016, a total of 298 students were pregnant in public high schools in Japan.

Among them, 778 students continued their studies, and 642 students took the initiative to drop out of school out of their wishes.In addition, there are a small number of students who are suspended and transferred.

It is worth noting that 32 students dropped out of school under the advice of the school.Among them, 18 students actually wanted to continue their studies or rest and transfer to school.

According to the "Asahi Shimbun", the reasons given to these schools that have been dismissed students are:

"From the perspective of the student’s situation and their parenting family, we judge that it is difficult to continue their studies."

"The school’s aid system is not sound, and it cannot ensure its personal safety."

A pregnant female high school student said that when she was going to school, the teacher had said "forbiding the relationship between men and girls" and hearing rumors that someone dropped out of school because of pregnancy.

She once considered helping her children to support her parents, but with the support of her family, she decided to conceal the existence of children from the school, while studying and raising children while studying.She said, "Even for her future, I hope to continue reading."

According to "Daily News", a female high school student who wanted to continue her studies after pregnancy was told after asking teachers to discuss:

"This will have adverse effects on other students. I will not tell others about it. You take the initiative to drop out of school."

At the High School of Iwate County, there have been regulations on the punishment of pregnant students for dropping out of school, and this provision was not canceled until 2015.Other behaviors that lead to dropping out include stealing, killing, holding or using drugs.

Although no school now stipulates that students must drop out of school if they are pregnant, they do not seem to be the case.

Mr. Nakajima, a representative of the pregnancy consulting agency "Pregnancy SOS Tokyo", said that in the past two years, about 1,200 people who came to consult, high school students accounted for 16%.

Mr. Nakajima said that the girl who was pregnant would be troubled by dropping out of school because he was afraid of being known to the school, and the target of the interaction usually had no audio after that. In the end, it became a problem faced by girls alone.

At the end of last month, the Ministry of Literature and Arts of Japan issued a notice to the National Education Commission, urging schools not to easily dispel students.

In addition, many people want to give birth to children, but they chose abortion under the persuasion of parents.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Life, Labor, and the Ministry of Labor, in 2015, among women aged 10 to 20, there are 11,929 pregnant children, of which 39 are less than 14 years old.

16113 people chose abortion after pregnancy.270 of them are under the age of 14.

In fact, the survey was conducted under the requirements of parliamentarians, and these members have been paying attention to children’s poverty for a long time.

In Japan, some high school students dropped out of school after pregnancy and childcare with the targets of the relationship. They once had a dream about the new life, but they were eventually crushed by the realist reality.

According to statistics, couples over the age of 15 are the highest, and some of them are poverty after becoming a single mother.

Because it is difficult to find a job with a diploma for middle school, returning to the campus means a lot of expenses. In the end, these single mothers have to choose the custom industry.

In order to cope with the problems brought by the pregnancy of minors, local governments and social groups have taken some measures.

In Tokyo, if a high school student is pregnant, as long as the school applies, the Tokyo Metropolitan Education Commission will send social well -being to help students solve uneasiness and troubles.Students can also get the benefits of tutoring homework and suspension before production.

In Aichi Prefecture, if high school students who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy meet the conditions for one -year courses or no more than 2 years, they can resume school.This system is also applicable to the situation of dropping out of school.

In addition, some experts and social groups have called on schools to strengthen sex education.

Pilcon, who advocates that in the university’s development of sex education, said that in the past 10 years, there has been a lot of changes in society, but the school’s sexual education has still remained motionless.

Inquiring on the relevant information on the Internet, what appears is full of violence and discrimination with female tendencies. Students have come into contact with this information and use this as a "textbook" when they are insufficient, which will only make the problem more difficult.


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