In addition to the larger stomach during pregnancy, these parts will become larger, and some are difficult to restore

Female having children is actually a process of constantly changing the body.Some physical changes can be recovered after giving birth, and some will accompany Baoma for life, so that people can see at a glance that you are a child.

The more obvious physical change during pregnancy is that the abdomen becomes larger.But do you know which parts will be larger in addition to your stomach during pregnancy?

One, foot

By the third trimester, expectant mothers will obviously feel the edema of the lower limbs. In severe cases, pressing it is a nest, and the shoes before pregnancy will not wear it at this time.Many Baoma said that after giving birth to a baby, she had 1 or 2 yards when she gave birth to her feet, and she had to buy new shoes.But don’t be nervous, most people can return to their own sizes after giving birth, after giving birth.However, there are also very few people who can’t go back after giving birth.

Two, chest

The first part of the body to become larger during pregnancy is the chest.In the early pregnancy.The expectant mothers can obviously feel that the chest becomes bigger and softened, and has a sense of pain. This is the preparation of the chest in advance for the baby’s "granary".But don’t be happy, after your breastfeeding passes, your chest will shrink back into the previous size, and it is accompanied by varying degrees of sagging.

Third, hip

During pregnancy, because the hormone in the body continues to rise, and the increased nutritional intake during pregnancy, but the amount of exercise is reduced, the hips will become wider and thick, not only the fat, but also the bones will become wider.This change is difficult to return to the previous state after giving birth. Many Baoma feels that he is not fat much after giving birth, but the pants I bought before can not be worn, that is, the hips are wide and thicker.Many people who come over can see if you have given birth to these changes in your body.

After women have children, they will change more or less. After all, they will return to the previous state after all. After all, there are a few. Most people will become bloated, so Baoma does not have to mind her current figure.After confinement, insisting on exercise and exercise and diet management, I believe that I can lose weight soon!

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