In addition to the larger stomach after pregnancy, is there any obvious changes?

Many times, we judge whether a woman is pregnant is the most obvious thing is the change of the belly, because the fetus lives in the uterus. As the fetus grows, the uterus will gradually become larger, and it will grow from the pelvic cavity.The little eggs become a watermelon, and you can’t hide it if you want to hide it.

But in fact, people who are pregnant or experienced people know that in addition to the larger stomach after pregnancy, there are many obvious changes in pregnant women.

Like the role of the uterus, the chest is also a unique signs of women, and it has a very outstanding contribution to childcare parenting.From the day of pregnancy, the chest has begun to change from the inside. First, the internal mammal glands are constantly growing, and these breast glands bubbles will support the chest greater.So pregnant mothers will have chest pain, bigger, softened, etc., and all of this is to prepare for the baby to eat breast milk after the baby is born.Essence

It will also secrete a small amount of milk because of the prolactin bleeding, but under the suppression of progesterone and estrogen, the prolactin can only escape from the desert.The leading role of progestin and estrogen, secrete milk for baby to drink.

From the end of pregnancy to the end of pregnancy, the breasts have grown three times larger than the original. Can this be a clear manifestation?

"Mother Suggestion"

For the baby can eat breast milk well after birth, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must take good care of this powerful place. After all, this is the baby’s granary.Usually do a good job of cleaning. If there is milk, just wash it gently with hot water when taking a bath. Do not treat it roughly to avoid destroying the breast duct.Replace the appropriate underwear in time, and you need to replace about 3 sizes throughout your pregnancy. As long as you feel a little tight, you should replace it immediately, so as not to affect the "development" of the chest.Try to choose a dedicated underwear with good support, don’t be too loose or too tight.

Under normal circumstances, our hair will fall off about 70 to 100 every day, but when you are pregnant, you will find that your hair is less, and it is softer and easier to take care of it.

The lazy mother’s hair is relatively easy to get oily. Washing her hair every day when she is not pregnant. After pregnancy, the hair is obviously easy to care for, and it is less. Washing the head twice a week. Compared with the previous, don’t be too comfortable.

Many pregnant mothers may not know this.

In fact, after pregnancy, because of the role of estrogen and progesterone, the hair quality of pregnant mothers has improved, and the cycle of hair loss is prolonged, so the hair that should have fallen off during pregnancy does not fall off.

However, these "longevity" hair will be about 3 to 7 months after giving birth. After the maternal hormone level slowly returns to normal, it falls off with the normal hair, so the mother feels that she is crazy about her hair. In fact, these hair is because of these hair.It’s all about to fall off together.

"Mother Suggestion"

During this period of pregnancy, hair is also rare and obedient. Pregnant mothers usually take normal care, and enjoy this benefit brought by pregnancy.It is not too long when you wash your hair too long, so as not to cause hypoxia due to excessive abdominal pressure.

These two friends often appear together, because the rectal and bladder are in the position of the uterus before and after the uterus. As long as the uterus increases, the first affected is the rectum and bladder, which will appear constipation and frequent urination.

By the end of pregnancy, the president of the uterus will be out of the pelvic cavity. The pregnant mother’s constipation and frequent urination will be eased. However, in the third trimester, the fetus is getting larger and the fetal head will be oppressed.Constipation and frequent urination appear again.

"Mother Suggestion"

Not every pregnant mother will become constipation, because constipation during pregnancy can usually be relieved by adjusting the diet structure. For example, eating some sesame paste can moisturize the intestines and laxative.Exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

Frequent urination, almost every pregnant woman has appeared, and has become a good friend with the toilet since pregnancy.Pregnant mothers must not drink water because they are afraid of going to the toilet. This can easily lead to urethral infections.You can change the habit of drinking water appropriately, change to a small amount of drinking, and let the body fully use these water.In order to sleep well at night, you can drink less water two hours before going to bed.

After pregnancy, in order to facilitate the fetal delivery, the body will secrete some relaxation. With the oppression of the fetus, the pregnant mother will feel back pain, pubic bone, and sciatica. Moreover, pregnant mothers will find that her crotch has become wider, buttockIt has become bigger. The pants that I can wear before now seem to only mention it, and I can’t mention it anymore.

"Mother Suggestion"

During pregnancy, these are normal changes, but physical pain is more uncomfortable.Like pubic pain, it is difficult to walk in severe cases.Pregnant mothers usually exercise properly. It will help to relieve pain, and it can also increase the flexibility of the bones and help childbirth.Calcium should be supplemented on demand when appropriate.Do n’t stimulate whether you are sitting or standing, but you should evenly stress on both sides.The same posture, don’t keep it for too long, just a long time of activity.

Whether it is the pain on the body or the bigger butt, it will be relieved and disappeared after giving birth.However, if the crotch is restored to the original state, it will not be said that the change is relatively large. If necessary, you can go to the pelvic repair after giving birth, but it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for treatment.

Fifth, changes in pregnancy vomiting/appetite

Because of the changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, about 80%of pregnant women have experienced pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers just vomit their doubts.Moreover, some pregnant mothers have a strange appetite. The foods that have not been touched before are now regarded as treasures. The food that I was going to eat every day now is extremely disgusted.

This situation may last until the end of pregnancy, or at five months of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will occur during pregnancy.

"Lazy Mom Suggestion" Pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy should try to find ways to eat some foods, such as eating some alkaline foods and eating some foods they love to eat.If pregnancy is too powerful, it has affected daily life. Pregnant mothers should go to consult the doctor, and the nutrient solution should be hung.A proper exercise can also relieve pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can take a walk according to their physical conditions.

In fact, there are other relatively obvious changes after pregnancy, such as increased secretions, spots on the face, and black lines on the abdomen. Even if not every pregnant woman shows the sameWhich is a pregnant woman.

I am a lazy mother, pay attention to me to know more.

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