In addition to the "two bars", you can also verify whether you are pregnant through these symptoms!

"Auntie" is late, and the morning is nauseous,

Women who have received during pregnancy receive this signal,

I will soon think of whether it is pregnant.

But for some women who are not regular menstruation,

May know after pregnancy.

In fact, the baby is secretly rewarded.

The key you have to learn to identify


If the husband and wife have sex before and after the ovulation period and do not take contraceptive measures. Usually, the menstrual cycle is normal, and the symptoms of menopause of more than 5 days may occur, which may be pregnant.Although menopause is a sign of early pregnancy, it is not an absolute evidence. If the possibility of pregnancy is excluded, the cause of menopause should be actively sought under the guidance of a doctor in order to give it targeted treatment.

feel sick and vomit

About 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy will experience symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, dating acid, dislike greasy, nausea and vomiting, especially in the early morning and empty stomach. The symptoms of nausea are particularly obvious.This symptom will last about 12 weeks of pregnancy. It varies from person to person. Some people are serious and some people last for a long time, and some people do not have it.

Frequent urine

In the early stages of pregnancy, the influence of hormone changes in the body, pelvic congestion, stimulating the bladder to cause urine. In addition, in the early pregnancy, the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity. With the development of the embryo, the increased uterus is compressed to the bladder, which can store the bladder storage.The number of urination is increased than usual, but the amount of each solution is less than usual.However, as the uterus increases beyond the pelvic cavity, the symptoms of frequent urination will gradually disappear.

Breast bloating

One or two weeks after conception, your breasts will become swollen and softer.Due to stimulation of pregnancy, the body of pregnant women will produce many estrogen and progesterone, causing the gland to grow in the breast, so the breast will become larger.These hormones can also make breasts save more liquids, so the breasts will become sore and soft.

These quiet changes are all prepared for breasts and breastfeeding in the future.

unstable emotion

If you find that you will cry for a small plot in the TV series, don’t feel strange. This may be related to the hormone secreted by pregnancy. You may cry and laugh in a moment.

Symptoms like colds occur

Headache, dizziness, high body temperature, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. For women without experience or first pregnancy, they think they have a cold, and they take cold medicine at will.If there are adverse effects, such symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital for examination, or use early pregnancy test strips to test.

Therefore, when the mothers know that they are pregnant, they still have to have snacks.If you want to easily cross the early pregnancy, you can also comment below to win the strategy!

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