In addition to pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy, these six pregnancy symptoms will also bother to be pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, each pregnant mother may have symptoms such as pregnancy, weight gain, fatigue, etc., but there may also be that you do n’t know that strange pregnancy symptoms will also cause the pregnant mother.

Lier felt the pain, numbness, and burning when she woke up one night when she woke up.She knew this feeling, because she used to have mild wrist tunnel syndrome.But during pregnancy, because of a large amount of body fluids in the wrist, her body was swollen, which caused a lot of pressure on her hands and nerves on the wrist.

Like Lier, many expectant mothers will encounter problems that friends and elders around them have never encountered.Let’s understand the situation you may encounter together.

Pregnant mothers may find that with the changes in the body, due to the changes in the level of progesterone and estrogen, and the increased blood flow, the gums of the pregnant mother start to swell.Due to the congestion of the gums, bleeding will be bleed when brushing your teeth or cleaning your teeth.If the pregnant mother finds that there are severe bleeding even if they do not brush their teeth, they must go to a doctor.Pregnant women’s oral problems may affect the fetus. The toxins produced by bacteria in oral diseases may enter the blood circulation system, affect the normal development of the baby’s baby through the placenta, and may even cause serious problems such as premature birth and low birth weight.

Fortunately, these problems will disappear after the baby is born. The expectant mothers must pay attention to tooth protection during pregnancy. Any dental problem occurs, and they must seek medical treatment in time.

Nasal congestion, nasal bleeding, and snoring may also happen. Why?Because of the changes in hormones, the inner wall of the nose is swollen. Swelling can reduce the area of air circulation, and the nose problem will be even worse because of dryness, especially in winter.

Generally, some discomfort can be relieved by using physiological saline drops or humidifiers, or hot water steam.Fortunately, these nasal problems will disappear after childbirth.

Increases of progesterone will slow down the time when food reaches the intestines from the stomach, leading to constipation.In addition, pregnant women vitamin can cause the body to absorb more water, which may cause stool to be difficult to pass through the intestine.If there is a spare person, you can temporarily use an iron -free vitamin to temporarily use the vitamin of the pregnant woman.Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to increase dietary fiber.Doctors will also warn that the use of laxatives will be prohibited. Although laxatives can stimulate stimulation, they will reduce moisture and affect nutrient absorption.

The growth of the baby requires a lot of blood supply to provide additional oxygen and nutrition.By 20 weeks, the blood circulation volume of pregnant mothers will increase by 50%. Increased blood flow will cause venous veins in the legs and feet of pregnant mothers. Although there is no way to stop this, in order to reduce pain and swelling, pregnant mothers can lift upGreat -legged and legs, do not stand or sit for a long time, from time to time, it is good for alleviating varicose veins.In severe cases, pregnant mothers can buy varicose veins to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

Another kind of vein -terrible hemorrhoids -including swelling and protruding tissue around the anus.They are caused by the increase in venous pressure and the increase of fetal weight (it may also be caused by the constipation).Use cream, pads and warm water baths to reduce inflammation and pain.After the baby is born, this problem should be greatly improved, but it may not completely disappear.

Expectant mothers may have heard that pregnancy hormones can cause acne, sensitivity to the sun, and turning black (usually the black line around the nipple, on the face, and the abdomen) But you may be surprised to find that you suddenly have a lot of dandruff suddenly.-The usually appear in places or clothes in the skin, such as your neckline, underarms, or small skin around your breasts.Sensitive skin must use sunscreen when going out, and these skin problems will disappear after childbirth, except for the areola.

Your feet and ankles may just be swollen, but after giving birth to a baby, some women will find that their feet have grown up.This is because the loosein secreted during pregnancy makes the ligament connecting bones relax and make the gap between them larger.

However, about 6 months after the baby is born, the pregnant mother’s feet will return to the previous, so there is no need to throw away the previous shoes.

The above information is for reference only. What are the strange changes in your body during pregnancy?

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