In addition to Kung Fu, Bruce Lee knows a little story

He is well known to the world for "Kung Fu superstar". However, Bruce Lee outside the movie, how much do you know, for example, his nickname, he will jump just … Come, please follow the editor to pull and pull the "Reference News"Let’s look at his old interest.

Bruce Lee is a kung fu superstar

"Mom, I am an Oriental"

On July 29, 2003, some little -known stories about Bruce Lee were recorded:

1.When Bruce Lee was born, his mother He Aiyu was worried that the monster and monsters would harm the son and gave him the name: fine phoenix (that is, Xiaofeng), and staped on one ear.Later, the official name was Zhen Fan, and the English name "Bruce" was from Mary Groofer, the nurse of the hospital where he was born.

Once a street fighting expert

2.He is a street fighting expert.After being expelled by Lhasary College, he became the leader of the street.Bruce Lee also participated in the campus group to participate in the big fight of the Hong Kong gangs in the 1950s in the 1950s.

3.Bruce Lee was still the champion of the Hong Kong Dance Contest in 1958. The purpose of his participation was very simple: attract girls and make his behavior more elegant. Indeed, all the girls were captured by his attractive smile.

4.He learned the director through books: In Hong Kong, when Bruce Lee reunited with his mother, he said, "Mom, I am an Oriental. If you want to make a buddy, you must defeat all the white people in the movie." When shooting "Raptors Cross the River",He bought dozens of books related to film directors, and took all the work of the entire film alone: self -editing, self -directed, selfie, personally selected the shooting venue, picking actors, choosing clothes, and serving as martial arts designEssenceHe even had a phonetic sound.Sometimes he even filmed 66 scenes in a day.

5.He had rejected Elvis.When Hollywood was interested in him, MGM gave him a chance to co -star with Elvi Presley with Elvi Presley.For this rock singer, this is a good opportunity to clear his anesthesia, but Bruce Lee rejected this cooperation.

Stills of "Dragon Fighting Tiger", Bruce Lee Jackie Chan is rare in the same frame

Bruce Lee’s "Rice Cross Culture"

Bruce Lee may create the first true sense of "rice circle culture" covering China and the West and the world.

In the report of "Reference News" on August 7, 1998, Hong Kong’s "Asia Weekly" gave a powerful "Model Li Xiaolong" reason: the current society does not ask right or wrong, but only cares about "good self -feel"The hero "is full of" nonsense "of anti -intellectual" nonsense ", let alone the phenomenon of" Xiong Hero ".

The heroic image of Bruce Lee’s heavy air festival and anti -evil hero just forms a strong contrast, sweeping the moral and indifferent wind.

Bruce Lee’s classic image

He even showed a contrast between his love in Japan- "I should have hate but not to be in love with themselves": Bruce Lee hit the Japanese in "Jingwumen" and can win the respected Japanese fans until the 1980sStill ranked high in the most popular stars in Japanese magazines. "The image of the article describes" three sticks, the footsteps of constantly bouncing, roaring when punching instant punching, cyclone -like three legs flying, bulging muscles, thumb rubbing nose.They are all characteristics of Bruce Lee, recorded his glory."

What extent does the worship of Bruce Lee even?

"(Last century) Bruce Lee almost became the heroes of the world around the world, and the Chinese in Malaysia were no exception. They named the children as Xiaolong. It can be seen that Bruce Lee’s charm is not easy."

"Reference News" published an article entitled "Kung Fu Boys in Russia"

Bruce Lee’s fans are not limited to Asia, but also in Russia.On March 1, 2001, the "Reference News" published an article entitled "Kung Fu Boys in Russia"., Sticks, Knife. When he was 10 years old, he performed his fists at the Russian National Martial Arts Championship, defeating many opponents who were more than his own age, and won the juvenile championship. Because of the Martial Arts Gao Qiang, people called Hediebnikov as Russia"Bruce Lee ‘".

Bosnia and Herzegovina "Bruce Lee"

"Reference News" on November 28, 2005 also records: Reuters reported that the statue of the world’s first kung fu legendary figure, Bruce Lee, located in the southern part of Mostel, in southern Bodhita, in orderThe people’s idol pays tribute.This real -size bronze statue is 168 meters high and is placed in the central park of Mostel, near the front line of the Civil War between Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995.

In the "Reference News" newspaper on July 22, 2003, it also recorded the trend of American fans to commemorate Bruce Lee: "According to the Associated Press, many people visiting the Lake Bruce Lee on the Lake of Victoria said that their worship of Bruce Lee was far away.Far more than his fame as a movie star. Michael, 29, at Portland, Oregon, said: ‘He never let anything hinders himself. He has never restricted himself.He will find a way to bypass it. ‘"

Bruce Lee in Hong Kong

The world’s worship of Bruce Lee is unlimited and cultural."Reference News" reported on January 17, 2001 stating that "Oriental Martial Arts dumping Britain" -the "Oriental Kung Fu Tide" opened by Bruce Lee made the martial arts martial arts museum instantly.Movies that advertise Kung Fu, Judo or Karates, such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Perak Jiaowa" in the past 4 months, have increased British Oriental Martial Arts fans by 20%.

Although Bruce Lee’s "not present" has also left a lot of controversy, such as his cause of death, portraits of portraits, and names, etc., so far the "Bruce Lee effect" is still inspiring the Chinese martial arts boom (such as Zhou Xingchi is the hardcore is the

Bruce Lee talked about "the philosophy of water" in the interview

Bruce Lee’s famous "philosophy of water" said: eliminating thoughts, you have no form, intangible, like water, you pour water into the cup, and the water becomes the shape of the cup. When you pour water into the bottleThe shape of the bottle, if you pour the water into the teapot, the water becomes the shape of the teapot, and the water flow can also impact.Therefore, Bruce Lee is soft -like, but it is as hard as steel -he does not regret that he is Asian in the white world in the United States, but instead "supports" his identity as a Chinese.

The pulse of steel tough guy tenderness

In Bruce Lee ’s many letters, the most impressive is undoubtedly a series of family books he wrote to his wife. Not only is there a lot, but the emotion is the most full and sincere. In the words, it reveals that as a husband and father’ s fist love to the family, to his wife and children, and the wife and children.Careful care.

Bruce Lee wrote to his wife Linda’s letter. He has rich content, mood sadness and joy. He has daily chores such as taking care of dogs and paying attention to flights.The future imagination of family and careers, even how housing loans are repaid, how the film can make more money in the United States and Hong Kong, China and Hong Kong.

Every letter he wrote to Linda is comparable to love books.Here we only give him the first dating letter (October 20, 1963) as an example, because this is not only the beginning of the two people’s love, marriage and family journey, but also because this letter is quite literary in terms of the original text and translation., Concise and concise.


Life is alive, and if you have a little bit of money, you will be content;Vientiane, be brave, wait for the sky, and never go forward.In other words, and let the nature of the heart, Yu Ping ordinary is free.

Bruce Lee

This letter can also see the unique ingenious translator Li Qian.In this book, she rarely uses such translations rich in Chinese ancient style, and she is mostly understandable.Presumably, it was because of the beginning of the belief of the Bruce Lee and his wife’s love, so he translated it with a special letter.The beauty of poetic and text is full of tenderness, showing the tenderness of Bruce Lee’s tough guy.It is this sincere feeling that I have moved the Irish American girl.

Bruce Lee’s family portrait

Bruce Lee and his wife love each other and admire each other.During Bruce Lee’s illness or injury, Linda had a brief work to support his family.This made Bruce Lee very painful. He thought that supporting his family was the responsibility he had to bear.With the increase in performance fees, the support of supporting the family is no longer a problem. His locked brows finally unfolded, and his gratifying smile finally bloomed.Bruce Lee in the letter is similar to the popular of life.He waited for the glorious day with a persistent spirit.We can also be the master and life of life like him.

The pursuit under the help of friendship is excellent

Among the many friends and disciples of Bruce Lee, Yan Jinghai not only helped him to achieve huge successful assistants in kung fu, but also cared for his role as his elder brother.Yan Jinghai is also the only important friend who mentioned the death of Bruce Lee before Bruce Lee’s father’s father.

Reading a letter from Yan Jinghai and Bruce Lee, as if I saw a pair of friends who supported each other and loved each other.Shi Jinghai should be the first important person to understand and witness Bruce Lee founded Jeet Kune Do from thoughts to the entire process of implementation. In the letter to him, "My Kung Fu system has been slightly embossed -this systemThe main trunk is Wing Chun Boxing, which combines fencing and boxing. As for training, I still have other methods of practicing. After I all conceive, I will write it down. God, my own boxing method will take shape.! "

Bruce Lee

It can be seen that in front of his close friends, Bruce Lee showed his most authentic and lovely side. He was excited about the forthcoming results and was eager to share with the other party.They are brothers, friends, teachers and apprentices, and the best confidants in martial arts.The most praise of Yan Jinghai’s help to Bruce Lee is the muscle training method he taught.Yan Zeng was a weightlifting athlete and had experience in muscle training.Bruce Lee’s hard work in accordance with the law has made the muscles that are already very strong, and the fighting power and explosive power are more fierce.Therefore, if there is no help of Yan Jinghai, Bruce Lee’s strong and powerful body and iron -cast body are likely to discount.After all, when Bruce Lee took off his coat and showed the amazing and healthy muscles, the domineering and powerful gods instantly took the opponent and countless viewers.

Therefore, when reading a letter from Bruce Lee written to his brother in January 1973, countless readers would be the same as my mood: "Walking here, sadness cannot be written." What is even more embarrassing is that in just half a year, only half a year, only half a year, just half a year, just half a year.Bruce Lee followed the elder brother.

Bright and eye -catching road

In 1967, Bruce Lee began to contact the film and television industry.Since then, there have been more and more content about the combination of film and television and kung fu in his letter. His kung fu has entered its peak period and has appeared in film and television dramas and variety shows.

Of course, just like he first went to the United States to make a living and opened a martial arts museum, he initially encountered the arrogance and rudeness of Western film companies in the film and television industry, such as the failure to get the protagonist, no lines, and low salary.In this regard, Bruce Lee had expected, and was well -developed. In the United States, he did not develop well in the United States.He said in the letter: "The success or failure is not important. What is important is what it affects a person’s mind … success is just a process, not the end." This words are like philosophical words.Bruce Lee also practically practiced the annotation of success, and he continued to use martial arts as film and television dramas.With the increase of experience and the improvement of fame, he began to set up his own film production company and participated in the writing of the script story.

He closed the martial arts museum and devoted himself to the film and television industry.But in terms of care of his apprentices, he still taught him, reminding them that they must pay attention to the practice of martial arts, because many disciples are also a master of teaching at this time.

In the letter, Bruce Lee carefully told him that he returned to Hong Kong from his encounters to see the trajectory of brilliant achievements step by step.His hard work in the United States is not in vain: "First, I learned a lot of things from the American film industry; second, I have a lot of insights on martial arts." He accumulated a lot of performance experience, and he also had a unique view of martial arts cultivation.EssenceIt is because of this that when he and his apprentices encounter the ups and downs of life, he can say that it is admirable and resonant: "Believe in me, want to do big things and cause great careers, it is inevitable to encounter some big and smallObstacles. These obstacles themselves are not important. Only the way you respond to obstacles are the most important. Unless you confirm your failure, there is no failure at all.You have the ability to get a corresponding return with your own talent with your own talents. "

Bruce Lee also wrote many urgent poems, and translated European and American poetry at the same time to send these original and translated works to friends.In fact, Bruce Lee was inspiring himself in his life.Due to many years of martial arts caused by injuries, even if he was overcome with tenacious perseverance, the pain has been accompanied by his rest of his life, and even his sudden death is due to the allergies of taking analgesic drugs.

With a series of film and television dramas such as "Blind Man Chasing Fierce", "Brother Tangshan" and "Jingwu Gate", Bruce Lee finally came to work and became the first star of Hong Kong Island and was most respected.He happily shared these in the letter to Linda: "Equipped with special cosmetics and rest chairs, even Shu Jie’s paper towels are unique. Yes, I have a strong premonition, I will definitely be in Hong Kong in Hong Kong.Become an unprecedented big movie star. "

That’s right, his films refresh the records of Hong Kong and even Asia again and again, and European and American film tycies also value him, and the film is constantly.He and his family enjoyed the top VIP treatment -round -the -class air tickets, top accommodation arrangements, and so on.

He said in a letter to Ted Ashley, the chairman of Warner Bros. Film: "The most important thing is that my acting skills are indeed superb, and as a dream -seater, my dedication will eventually help me reach my wish.. "Bruce Lee also summarized the reasons why he obtained these brilliant reasons in the letter. From the lines of the words, it can be seen that he is proud of and has always been alert:" Since "Blinds Chasing Murder"Performance experience, because I not only assume the responsibility of playing the protagonist, but also began to directed my own movie … I have become the number one movie star in the Chinese film industry, and happy events continue. No matter where the standards are measured, I can count on both fame and fortune.Accept … I have repeatedly explored my heart and found that I am most cherished in the depths of the soul: the quality of the responsible attitude and first -class skills are best to do. "The performance skills are true, effective, and cleverly expressing themselves. In short, no one can understand more thoroughly than me. "

The process of reading Bruce Lee’s letter is like his accompaniment to grow together: he has continued to usher in the glory of life -he studies and grows in the performance, and a series of experience he summarized is that he has gained the magic weapon in his life in his life.Essence

Bruce Lee was the first martial artist to achieve outstanding achievements in the West in the West, and played a significant role in promoting Chinese martial arts and even reshaping the image of the Chinese people.Through his movies, a large number of Westerners have changed the stereotypes of the Chinese people such as "bald head, long braid, flag suit". Many Chinese people appear again as martial arts masters in many Western film and television, so that Westerners think that all Chinese people will meet each other.Kung Fu, even come to China to learn martial arts.Bruce Lee is also very satisfied with his achievements in the West: "Even though I have now been involved in the new field (performing arts), but looking back at the past ten years, carrying forward Chinese martial arts has always been the main focus of my run. And my achievements in martial arts are the most.It is satisfactory. The three national free karate champions are now from me. For this reason, the three characters of ‘Chinese’ are also well -known in the martial arts world. "

Bruce Lee has never forgotten his true nature of Chinese children, and is reflected in film and television in life with a punch -in life -the evil forces that crush the "East Asian sick husband" and play all over to challenge, support justice, jealous and hatred, and reproduce China in China.The hero’s heroic character has made countless western people see the righteousness of the Chinese who are not deceiving.So far, Bruce Lee and the film and television image he shaped have still respectful countless people.

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