In addition to fetal movement, the fetus still "hiccups"?In fact, it is conveying this information to my mother

Guide: When the mother felt "fetal movement" for the first time, she was often novel and nervous, and she was slowly excited.This is the first interaction between the child’s heart with his own heart; this surprise brought from the deep heart is unforgettable for life.

But after the first fetal movement, the expectant mother would be awakened by the "vibration" in her stomach.Many novice mothers are a little nervous about this: Is this fetal movement?Or what information is the baby who is not comfortable to himself?

Some mothers felt the fetal vibration and quickly went to the hospital for registration.After consulting, the baby’s mother knew that the irregularity of the baby’s "vibration" was normal.When the baby moves in his belly, it is mainly divided into two physiological phenomena: fetal movement and snoring.

Many mothers feel that the fetus hiccups and fetal movements feel very similar.When the baby hiccups, it always feels that there is a regular beating in the stomach, about a few seconds.However, the number and length are not fixed.At this time, Baoma put his hands gently on the beating place, and he would feel that his hands were played by one and a bounce, which was very regular.

The fetal movement is extremely irregular for the mothers.Most of the fetus’s hands and feet exercise exercise, and Baoma often feels the sudden rise of the stomach at this time.If the fetal movement is too large, the mother’s belly will even bulge.Snoring is not as large as the amplitude of fetal movements.

Overall, fetal movement and snoring are very similar.However, if the mothers are observed attentively, they can find that the fetal movement is not located in a part, and the snoring is mainly concentrated in a position.In addition, fetal movement can feel the baby’s activity in the abdomen.But hiccups are just some beating in the abdomen.

Because the babies live in the stomach of the pregnant mothers for nearly 10 months, they don’t need to do anything every day.The fetal baby only needs to breathe; but because the baby’s lung development is not yet mature at this time, he can only swallow the amniotic fluid in the uterus to prepare for the normal breathing after birth in the future.In this way, the babies will stimulate their diaphragm and snoring. Bao mom does not need to worry about it.

Generally speaking, when the pregnant mother is about 24 weeks of pregnancy, I can feel that the fetal treasure is snoring in her stomach.Because the pregnancy was relatively small at the beginning, the fetal body was small, and the activity space in the uterus was large, so the position of the baby’s snoring was not fixed.

But when the fetal treasure grows to 35 weeks

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