In addition to eating dumplings after entering, chicken protein is high fat and low fat. These 4 methods are better than dumplings.

As the saying goes: Head Volt Dumplings, Erfu!Dumplings are the festivals of the Chinese people every year. They must eat well -eaten food, and they must be indispensable, but although they are delicious, they eat every day, and they are tired of eating.As the saying goes: Sanzhu does not make up, suffering in summer!Sanfu Tian is often extremely high in temperature, sweaty, and energy consumption is large, so at this time, you should choose some "sexual temperature, flat food" to make up.For example, chicken is a good choice.

The more famous chickens in China include: three yellow chickens, black chickens, native chickens, scattered roosters, old hens with eggs, and wild pheasants.Ordinary people are nourishing, as long as they choose the most commonly used "three yellow chickens" or "chicken" stewed chicken soup.If you are a pregnant woman, you can choose "black chicken" or "raising big rooster".

There are many foods made by traditional chickens. Some of them use a whole chicken, salt, and some grilled chicken with electricity.feature.Today I only introduce 4 common dishes for home cooking chicken. It is recommended to save the collection.

Step 1: Prepare ingredients: 10 chicken wings, a bottle of cola, a piece of ginger, pour the chicken wings into the pot in the boiling water and simmer for later use.

Step 2: Add an appropriate amount of edible oil to the pot, add chicken wings until the surface is golden, put the octagonal ginger slices in the pot, pour the cola into the pot, and add a little soy sauce, salt to taste, boil over high heat and stew 15 and stew 15 15minute.

Step 3: Turn the high heat and collect the juice. When you collect the juice, you must constantly roll it with a shovel until the surface of the chicken wings is wrapped with caramel -colored, and the oil is exuded in the pan.

Step 1: Use fresh chicken breasts to clean it, put the chicken breasts into the pot, add the cooking wine to boil water and simmer, and remove it.

Step 2: Cut into large pieces, put on a plate, adjust a "saliva seasoning sauce", prepare a empty bowl, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, millet spicy, chili oil, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, salt, taste vegetarian, likeEat sweet and sour, you can put more sugar, vinegar, and then put less chili, and finally mix well.

Step 3: Pour the feast juice into the cut chicken breast on the plate. When eating, use chopsticks to pinch the chicken, dip the juice with the juice, sweet and sour and fragrant.

Step 1: After cleaning the potatoes, peel it, cut the knife into small pieces, and cut the chicken into a small piece.Soak the chicken with water, then put it in the pot and boil water.

Step 2: Heat the oil in the pot. After the oil is boiled, turn to low heat, add chicken pieces and stir fry, add edible salt, soy sauce, seasoning, add an appropriate amount of water, have no chicken, add potato pieces to simmer 40 together 40minute.

Step 3: After the chicken and potato pieces are mature, add an appropriate amount of chicken essence to taste fresh and fresh, and you can drink it when you collect the juice.

Step 1: Chicken legs Chicken wings, prepare a bag of 1,000 grams, then take out the chicken leg meat, change the knife on the chicken leg meat a few knives, and then put all the chicken legs into Orleans marinade and marinate for a while.

Step 2: Put 5 eggs in the bowl, make egg liquid for later use, prepare a plate of bread bran, dip the marinated chicken legs and meat and bread!

Step 3: Add peanut oil to the pot. You can have more. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat, add the chicken legs to low heat and fry until the chicken legs are golden and crispy. After being completely mature, remove the oil control and eat it.

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