In addition to condoms, you should also know 5 contraceptive methods

Before talking about scientific contraceptive methods, let’s talk about those common non -reliable contraceptive methods. If you have the following contraceptive habits, you need to correct it as soon as possible.

1. Safety contraception

People often say that "the first seven, post -eight" and "front three and four" are not reliable. Many Baoma are pregnant in their own "safe period".This is because people with irregular menstruation can not be a safe period, and Baoma may disrupt the menstrual cycle because of emotions, environment, health, etc., so that the ovulation period changes.Therefore, the safety period is really not safe.

2. Entrandor ejaculation

Sometimes the in vitro radon is not well controlled. There will be a small amount of semen to enter the vagina, and there are a small amount of sperm in the prostate fluid secreted by the male ejaculation before the male ejaculation, which may be conceived.

3. Breastfeeding contraception

Menstruation does not come, it does not mean that no ovulation is not ovulated. Moms who are pregnant during breastfeeding are too common, so listening to Jun’s persuasion: Please fasten the seat belt when you get on the car.

Speaking of contraception, the first thing you think of is the contraceptive cover. Of course, there are many contraceptive methods. Today I will introduce 5 kinds of ways to you. You can choose a contraceptive method that suits them according to their own situation.

1. Burning contraceptive method

The subcutaneous burial contraceptive method was recognized by the World Health Organization in the 1980s. It has also been promoted in China, but it is still rare.This contraceptive method is to put a certain dose of progesterone in a small hose, and then bury it under the inside of the upper arm to slowly release a small amount of progesterone to play a contraceptive effect, which can last for 3 years.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pill

Oral contraceptives are divided into long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives.Long -acting contraceptives have large hormones, and there are many side effects. It is now less recommended.Emergency contraceptives are not conventional contraceptive methods. The following will be detailed. Here are the main description of short -acting contraceptives.

The conventional usage of short -acting contraceptives is to take it for 21 days in a row, do not eat it for 7 days, and then take another box. The contraceptive effect reaches more than 99%.

3. Emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency contraceptives can not be used as a regular contraceptive method. If contraception fails, such as looping and hacking. Please use emergency contraceptives as soon as possible within 72 hours.As for the time to stop breastfeeding, it is usually 3 to 5 days.

4. In -the -palace birthday

That is, the contraceptive ring, commonly known as the "upper ring", needs to be put in the uterus by medical staff.

5. Ligation

Loeling surgery includes female tubal ligation and male vasters ligation.If you don’t intend to give birth again, you can choose a ligation.Women are responsible for fertility, and men take the responsibility of contraception. Male ligation almost 100%contraception success rate, small side effects, simple operation (outpatient surgery of 10-30 minutes), low probability of postoperative infection and complications, etc.advantage.

The above contraceptive methods need to be selected according to their own needs and their physical condition, and accept the advice from doctors.

Of course, the most convenient and minimum of side effects may be a condom. The correct use of contraceptive success can reach 98%. Not only can it be contraceptive, but it can also prevent the spread of sex diseases such as gonorrhea and AIDS., Condoms are our first choice.


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