In 2023, Xintai City openly recruited the second supplementary notice of medical examinations for teachers in the society

According to the relevant provisions of the recruitment section, the relevant matters related to the second time to replenish the medical examination are as follows:

1. Medical check -up time and place

The second supplementary work of the medical examination is scheduled to be carried out on July 23 (Sunday), 2023. Please participate in the medical examination and delivery supplementary personnel.No.) Collection of parking lots in the back building.

2. Scope and standards for physical examination

According to the regulations of the recruitment, according to the total score of the candidates from high to low scores to organize physical examinations, determine the list of second supplementary personnel participating in the medical examination (see Annex 1).The medical examination standards and projects refer to the implementation of the "Notice on the Revision of the Civil Servant’s General Standard (Trial)" and the "Notice of the Civil Servant’s Medical Examination Operation Manual (Trial)" (the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), and the state has anotherStandardized from its regulations.

Third, medical examination notice

1. Participants must bring their ID cards and interview admission tickets to the gathering place on time.Except for special reasons, if the recruitment unit is agreed, those who fail to arrive at the place of medical examination on time shall be deemed to be automatically given up.

2. During the medical examination, it is strictly forbidden to accompany relatives and friends to follow.The various communication tools carried by the candidates must be submitted to a unified management and issued after the physical examination.Those who hide, use, and borrow communication tools to cancel the qualifications for employment.During the physical examination, we must strictly abide by the discipline and regulations of the medical examination, and obey the management of staff.

3. Before the physical examination, candidates must download and print the "Basic Situation Form for the Medical Inspection Personnel" (see Annex 2, and do not change the format format of the table, print it on a piece of A4 paper) manually and sign.Special reminder: This table must be carried to the gathering location on the day of the medical examination.When filling in, the handwriting must be clear without altering.During the physical examination, if you have a stringing staff to cheat or ask others to replace the medical examination, exchange, replacement test samples, and tampering with cheating results, the results of the medical examination will be invalid, and the qualification for employment will be canceled and handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

4. Before the physical examination, do not stay up late, drink alcohol, pay attention to rest.The day before the physical examination, I have a light diet, do not drink drinks, and do not eat after 9 o’clock.On the morning of the medical examination, you must be empty (you can’t eat breakfast and drink water) on the morning.Women should wear no steel ring underwear, do not wear dresses, jackets, pantyhose.

5. Candidates who are pregnant can apply for X -ray inspection for the time being, and make up for the re -examination after the end of pregnancy.Candidates for pregnancy should inform staff and medical examinations in advance, and provide pregnancy -related diagnostic materials on the day of the medical examination.

6. Candidates must complete all medical examination items in accordance with the regulations (except for the situation allowed by the regulations to be extended). If the physician of the physical examination reminds that the medical examination items are not completed at the prescribed time, it is deemed to be automatically given up.

7. If you have any objections to the results of the medical examination, you can apply for re -examination within 7 days from the date of receiving the notice of the medical examination.The re -examination of the medical institution is conducted in accordance with the regulations. The re -examination can only be performed once. The results of the medical examination are subject to the conclusion of the re -examination.

8. The medical examination fee is 300 yuan per person, and the cost is self -care. Candidates must prepare equivalent cash. Candidates will be paid to the hospital during the medical examination.

9. The vacancies caused by abandoning the physical examination or the unqualified medical examination, from the total score of the exam from the test score from high to low scores from high to low scores from the same post interview.

10. Other unsatisfactory matters shall be implemented in accordance with relevant documents.

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Attachment: 1. In 20123, New Tai City openly recruited teachers from the society to participate in the second -time replenishment of the medical examination

2. Basic situation table participating in the medical examination personnel

Xintai Education and Sports Bureau

July 21, 2023

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