In 2020, the American man naturally gave birth to a baby boy, and the child should call his father or mother.

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A man gave birth to his son in October, so the child should call his father or mother?

In October 2020, a maternity hospital in Los Angeles ushered in a special "patient" -a 37 -year -old "male maternal".This "man" is called Natcaspa-Williams, who gave birth to a healthy male baby.

The times are constantly changing, technology is constantly improving, can it be that men can give birth to children now?So why haven’t we seen "male mother" on the street?

Why have we seen this phenomenon?Think about what happened in 2020?

That’s right, the early stage of the outbreak.Most people are isolated at home and there is no way to go shopping, which also gives Williams a chance to raise a baby at home.His lover Malik took care of him and carefully prepared every meal, and took good care of Williams and the baby.

I believe that readers want to know one thing: How do two men be together together?

If this "male mother" who gave birth to the child is not a real man?He is not a man, nor a woman, but a "bisexual".

He has two types of reproductive organs, men and women, so he can bred the beautiful crystallization of two people’s love in the uterus.

So, how did he think of giving birth to a child as a man?

In fact, Williams was regarded as a small girl from a young age, grew up in a skirt carefully prepared by her mother.

When he was young, Williams had not yet shown bisexual characteristics, he was still a beautiful "little girl".The young Williams loves beauty very much. She often travels to jewelry shops with friends, and also buy some "gadgets" that girls like.

Even his mother also reported a dance class to Williams, hoping that he would become a "goddess" that coexisted with a good temperament and a happy.

This situation has continued to the adolescence of Williams.

Adolescence is a period when teenagers begin to develop, and "bisexuals" like Williams are naturally developed at the same time of reproductive organs of men and women.

After going to junior high school, Williams’ chests gradually became larger with their age.His mother carefully prepared various sizes of underwear for him, and also taught him some women’s hygiene knowledge.

After wearing underwear, Williams was very distressed. He didn’t like the sense of restraint of underwear, and he didn’t like to put on underwear in trouble every time he wears clothes.But if you don’t wear it, the characteristics of the chest will be seen at a glance.

At the age of 15, Williams came on vacation.On the morning, he felt a pain in the morning. When he went to the toilet, he found that blood appeared on the panties.The frightened Williams called his mother overwhelmed, and he began to panic.

"Don’t be afraid of babies. This is the time when the little girls must go through. In the future, you will have a physiological period every month." Mom comforted Williams while teaching him how to use sanitary napkins, and reminded him to pay attention to the physiological period.Matters: Do not touch cold water, do not eat cold things.

Wear underwear, come to leave, pay attention to various matters … all kinds of tedious things make Williams distressing. He feels that it is really troublesome to be a girl. Maybe this is why he chose to be a male last.Essence

We mentioned that the gender characteristics of bisexuals develop at the same time.At the same time, Williams found his voice slowly rough, and even had a throat knot that was talented.

But it is not the most serious, because Williams found that he was beyond the beard!

You know, Williams has always thought that she is a beautiful girl and likes to wear skirts to stay long hair.Suddenly the beard was too abrupt on his face, and he began to scrape his father’s shave.

The number of scratches is becoming more and more frequent, the sound becomes thicker, and the throat knot becomes more and more obvious.For this reason, many students in the school began to point him and are unwilling to make friends with Williams.

Williams also began to fall into a deep self -doubt: Am I really a monster?Am I a boy or a girl?

His will gradually disappears, and his mother realized his son’s wrong.Ask patiently what happened to his son.Facing his mother, Williams still courageous.

Hearing his son’s distress, the mother decided to take her son to the hospital to consult the opinions and suggestions of the professionals.The results given by the hospital were also shocked.

"Your son belongs to a bisexual person, and is a man with two types of reproductive organs of men and women. But don’t worry too much. In fact, before your son, there are cases of bisexual people in medical history. This is a normal phenomenon."The doctor explained.

Maybe the feeling of women in adolescence, I feel that many things are too troublesome, Williams decided to become a man.He cut his long blond hair for many years, began to injectrog herself, and re -lived as a man.

But I don’t know what out of the psychology, Williams retains her uterus, and there is also an incident of "man having children".

In fact, incidents such as "men have children" are not the first time.

In 2018, Simpson, Italy, also gave birth to a baby boy.

He is very similar to Williams, because he is also a "bisexual".Before Simpson was 21 years old, he had always been his daughter, but with the development of his body, his idea of becoming a man became more and more intense. Simpson began to take the hormone level in the testosterone module.

He also removed his breasts and was ready to completely turn into a male.But the accident suddenly happened, and he was pregnant.This also made him prepare to cut the uterus temporarily.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Simpson and his fiance were scolded by many people.Many people who do not know just see that this matter is too crazy and not ethical.

Some people even threatened Simpson. If he gave birth to a child, he would never be worthy of a man, not even others.

Here, the editor wants to say that we must allow the existence of various phenomena in the society and respect different people.Everyone can look at things from their perspective, but they must learn to respect the existence of every special phenomenon.

For Simpson, he has liked the clothes that boys wear since childhood, and when he grows up, he is eager to become a male.Simpson, who heard this kind of words, often shed tears, but when he saw the picture of the children in the B -ultrasound, he decided to give birth to the child.

In September, Simpson’s child was born smoothly in Texas.

As early as 17 years, Thomas in the United States became the first man to be pregnant.In order to get pregnant for his wife, he gave birth to a child artificially, and he shocked the whole world.

In fact, when Williams found that when he was pregnant, he and his lover Malik tangled for a while. Is such a child really healthy?Do you want to leave this child?

After careful consideration, the two felt that they should not ignore this little life. They should go to the hospital for a check -up first and consult the doctor.Therefore, the two came to the hospital.

"From the B -ultrasound, this child is very healthy, and there is no problem at all. In fact, this situation like you is still very advantageous. With both love and children, why not?"After hearing the doctor’s words, Williams and Malik put their hearts into their stomachs, and made up their minds to give birth to the child.

In the process of conceiving in October, Williams went to the hospital for check -up on time, and the results of each time were normal.Therefore, Williams successfully gave birth to the child.

Children are very beautiful, and their physical indicators are very normal.The two named their son Hudson. Whenever they saw their son laugh at himself, Williams was very fortunate to have giving him birth, and he was also fortunate that he could meet his other half -MalikEssence

When I first learned the identity of her bizarrer, Williams was unacceptable.The classmate pointed at him, and the teacher voted a strange look at him. Therefore, Williams began to resist to communicate with people and resist out of the house.

On this day, Williams met an interesting person on social networking sites -Malik, his lover after him.

Interesting souls, extraordinary talks immediately attracted Williams.The advantage of online communication is that they can’t see each other’s appearance, and there are no concerns. Only the souls of both parties are communicating.

After a period of time, the two found that each other and themselves were simply "a natural pair", and Williams began to confess to this netizen that he was a "bisexual".What surprised him was that Malik not only did not abandon Williams like everyone, but also comforted him intimately.

Gradually, Williams used to the existence of Malik, and everything was shared with him first.In 2017, two netizens finally met in real life.

Williams fell in love with him at first glance when he saw Malik. After a period of time, the two confirmed their love relationship.

This world -famous wonders eventually ushered in their happy ending.The family of both sides agreed with the two children’s affairs. After two years of love, they got married.

However, because of worrying about worldly prejudice, the scale of the wedding was relatively small, but it was only a banquet of the two parties.After marriage, they bought a house to live, and the life was called a sweet.Naturally, I asked the child.

Then the question is, how does Williams become a bisexual person?

Bisexuals are people with two types of reproductive organs formed by the deformity of the embryo.Also known as: sexes.

For a long time, the general definition of men is characterized by thick bones, thick tones, and beards, throat knots, penis, and testicles that can produce sperm.Women are characterized by small skeletal fiber, fine tone, rich subcutaneous water, beautiful body curve, and ovarian with vagina, uterus and ovaries that can produce ovarian.

The bisexual person refers to the phenomenon of both male testicles and women’s ovaries.

However, because the number of bisexuals is still relatively small, the society’s tolerance for bisexuals is still too small, so many bisexual people will have some psychological problems.They will show dual gender development in adolescence and will be criticized by their peers.

After growing up, bisexuals will be troubled by a series of things such as spouses and children.Should I find a man or a woman in love?Am I giving birth to a child or my other half of my child?

But many times, society has made choices for them.

"Who would be with such people? Don’t you feel disgusting?" "Will the children born?" …… …… …… ……

In fact, in addition to human beings, there are many gender species in biology, such as anemone, sea worms, hippocampus and other creatures.

In our lives, many plants are also "gender", and biology calls them male and female.Like the gourds, corn, cucumber, etc. we usually eat are the products of this phenomenon, this is not surprising.

So why do you feel strange about the existence of bisexuals?

For bisexuals, if the uterus and ovaries of TA are normal, such women can have childbirth.But some bisexuals and ovaries are abnormal, or even no, such women cannot have children.

What makes readers strange is that it is the phenomenon of "men and children", but in fact, there are really many things.

I believe that many female friends want to ask. With the development of science and technology, will children have a common child in the future?

Swedish Medical professor Marz Brownstrom believes that men can do it completely, and women’s uterus can even be transplanted into men’s bodies.But technically, men still have a long way to go.

In short, it is still impossible to make men get pregnant with the current technology.

Most of the cases of men in the world’s successful pregnancy are bisexuals who moved into sperm without removing the uterus, and they succeeded in combining with eggs in the uterus.

Therefore, if you want your husband to have a long wait for your husband to have a child.

It is true that although our protagonist Williams born today has broken the concept of many people, it also proves that pregnant and having children are not exclusive rights for women, and men can also pregnant and give birth to children.

Williams and lover Malik proved that love that is not favored by the world can also have a good end.So readers and friends, we can’t always take colored glasses to talk about other people’s affairs. We must learn to respect the special crowd.

If you have time to talk about the uniqueness of others, it is better to think about what Williams’ son should call him and Carrid. This is something that this pair of lover didn’t want to understand.Today, children should talk about it. How can he call his "parents"?

What do you think of readers and friends?Welcome to exchange and share in the comment area.

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