In 2011, a woman in a woman in Jiangsu became a vegetative after a car accident.

"Plants are miracles with children, and having children are even more miracles. Plants and children cannot investigate such things. We checked a lot of information, and we did not hesitate, and there was no concept."

The gynecologist Zhang Xinyue was very surprised by this. The doctor who had done it for more than 20 years never expected that he would give birth to a vegetative.

This is a scene that happened in Puyang County, Jiangsu in 2011. Zhang Rongxiang, a vegetative of the auto -door from the Ghost Gate, gave birth to a heavenly son -in -law miraculously after his birth in October. In the following two years, this younger son was feeded by his mother, Zhang Rongxiang, Zhang Rongxiang, and Zhang Rongxiang.The miracle was awake.

God -free and mother

What happened to this woman?As a result, she became a vegetative, and why did her husband not terminate her pregnancy after learning that she was pregnant?Things start from March 2011.

One day in March 2011, Gaodejin paced back and forth at the door of the examination room of the Puyang People’s Hospital, anxiously waiting for his wife Zhang Rongxiang’s examination results.

Because his wife has been in a coma in the hospital for more than three months, no matter how shouting, his wife did not respond. The hospital has issued a notice of illness many times.Gaodejin has already made the worst plan.

However, when the results of the inspection came out, Gaodejin was dumbfounded. When the rescue yesterday, the wife’s lower abdomen was slightly bulging, and it felt a little hard to feel. The doctor suspected that it was caused by urine retention, so he gave Zhang Rongxiang a detailed inspectionI do n’t know, my wife was pregnant.

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Gaodejin stunned, and then asked his own doubts: "Impossible, my wife has been in a coma for a few months, how can I get pregnant."

The doctor told him: "There will be no fake. Your wife has been pregnant for four months. According to time, the child should be pregnant before the accident. Because the time is not long, the pregnancy response is not obvious, so it was not found before."

Gaodejin, who was standing aside, was giving a ginseng. It was his own flesh. There were already two daughters in the family. His wife Zhang Rongxiang had always planned to ask another child. If he could have a son out, the incense in the family was continued.What is worried is that his wife is lying on the bed for a few months, and it is still unrequited.

This is undoubtedly a difficult choice. On the one hand, he really wants this child too much. On the other hand, the actual conditions are not allowed.In addition to thinking about the health of his wife, the current conditions in the family are also very difficult. I have just escaped in the death. I want a child and it is undoubtedly worse for poor families.


Gaodejin was born in a peasant family in Liyang County, Jiangsu Province. His parents are farmers facing the back of the loess. There are many brothers and sisters in the family.

After a few years of work, he married a local girl. Although the family had poor conditions, his wife was very virtuous, and the family was very happy.

Later, his wife gave birth to two daughters one after another. The eldest daughter Gao Yun was 17 years old, and the younger daughter was only two years old.Earlier his father died, Gaodejin took his mother to live in his own house. The family of five was happy and lived.

Gaodejin usually lives with pulling goods, while his wife has handling housework at home.

The accident fell on the head of the family on December 1, 2010. On this day, Gaodejin rode a motorized tricycle and was preparing to go to the client to pull the goods, because his wife had nothing to do, so he planned to accompany him and brought it to him.The daughter over the age of two, the family said and laughed along the way.

The tricycle drove by Gaodejin at the time of the incident

But when they drove at the crossroads of the local industrial park, a vehicle driving from east to west suddenly hit.

Due to the sudden incident, none of them were prepared, and Zhang Rongxiang, who was holding the child, was dangerous and threw her daughter into the grass on the roadside.

Gaodejin’s car was instantly hit, the front of the car was crushed, and the parts and heavy gasoline flavors in one place.

Afterwards, her daughter was not suffered a little bit, and Gao Dejin and his wife were not so lucky. Gaodejin’s legs were broken, ribs and collarbone fractures in multiple places. The two were coma on the spot.

After the hospital’s timely rescue, Gaodekin woke up. The first sentence of waking up was: "Where is she now? My wife, what about my child?"

After his state was stable, the doctor told him that Zhang Rongxiang was severely damaged by brain stems, and he was in danger at any time. After hearing it, Gaode Ming felt that the sky collapsed.

He eagerly wanted to go to his wife’s ward to see what the wife is now. When he sees the wife covered with gauze through the door seam, he is inserted with a tube on his body.Crying.

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In addition to the injuries of the two, the huge medical expenses were pressed in front of him. The couple have been income meager. The expenses of the five people in the family could barely support themselves.

In order to save money, Gaodejin ended the treatment early. He said: "I now know that I can’t die anyway, it hurts, and I can bear it for a while.

But the wife’s medical expenses are still not enough, and early inspection costs have a lot of nutritional support.

Today’s situation is that the wife is already a vegetative, and the risk of having a child is very risky. Even if it is successfully born, the family has a high debt, with an old mother, two daughters, and the subsequent treatment of the wife still requires a lot of cost.

When it comes to this, everyone may say that since the tragedy is caused by a car accident, can the claim from the owner be unblocked?

In fact, since the accident, Gaodejin has sued the insurance company where the owner and the owner participated in the insurance company. In order to claim, Gaodejin sued the owner three times. Why did the accident suck the owner three times in a row?This has to mention the responsibility of the accident.

Gaodekin is restoring the scene

After checking the monitoring of the crossroads of the incident, the traffic police found that the two cars collided vertically at the intersection. Gaodejin was very fast during driving. When he arrived at the intersection, he did not slow down and no whistle.

The driver of the car, due to the interference of the roadside trees, the sight is not good, and there is no deceleration near the intersection, so a car accident occurred.

The main reason is that the two cars did not slow down when they were near the crossroads. It was too late to react. This caused such a tragedy. The police determined that the accident was the same as the two sides.

Afterwards, because of the poverty of the Gaodejin family, the car driver Zhao Gang also expressed his understanding that although his car was seriously damaged, he was injured after all. He always had a conscience. He said that he would not escape the responsibility.

Finally, according to the court’s accident judgment, the car driver and insurance company jointly took out more than 40,000 yuan for compensation to pay the cost of the preliminary treatment of Gaodekin and his wife.

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The incident was handled smoothly, and the car driver was also cooperated with execution. Why did Gaodejin suck the owner Zhao Gang again?It turned out that in the process of treating his wife, Gao Dijin quickly spent money soon. After relatives and friends borrowed it, he still could not pay the later treatment costs.

In desperation, Gaodejin once again issued a claim lawsuit with Zhao Gang. After being sued for the second time, the driver Zhao Gang still expressed his understanding. He said, "He has a wife to take care of.Reasonable, I am willing to pay. "This time, after mediation, Gaodejin received more than 10,000 yuan in compensation.

Although the compensation matters have been resolved, it is still a stone that is still pressed in Gaodejin. After the doctor’s re -examination, Gaodejin decided to leave the child because the child developed well in the belly of the vegetative mother, and it was still a person.Boy, Gaodejin thinks this is the gift of heaven.

Gaodejin’s mother didn’t want her daughter -in -law to give birth to this child, because he felt that the adult was tight, but Gaodejin’s eldest daughter said, "Maybe this is the mother’s wish! Maybe because of this younger brother, she has been supporting it to the present."

This further strengthened Gaodejin’s decision, and the doctor was also moved by Gaodekin. In order to keep the child, the doctor adjusted the treatment plan to reduce the impact of drugs on the fetus as much as possible.

Indications Liu Liansong

One month later, good news came in the hospital ward. Zhang Rongxiang could slightly open his eyes. Although consciousness was not very sober, it was good news to open his eyes.

Because of serious injuries and children, she was very weak and exhausted every day, but it took several months before giving birth.

Gaodejin decided to pick up his wife home. First, the hospital’s treatment cost was really high. On the other hand, he felt that it would be more convenient to go home to take care of his wife, because the resettlement houses of their previously score can be moved in.

The days are just slipping away from the fingertips, and the fetus also grows day by day in the wife’s belly. The monthly routine pregnancy test, Gaodejin also prepares early. Fortunately, under the careful care of Gaodejin, the fetus is developing.Very healthy.

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Gaodekin gets up early in the morning every morning, wipe his wife, talks with her, go out and live to carry the burden of raising the family after eating. Gao Yun, the eldest daughter, is also very sensible.Sister.In order to prevent her mother from giving birth to sores on her back, she should be careful to turn over her mother every time to deal with the dirt on the single.

After nine months of pregnancy, Zhang Rongxiang’s body responded. Gaodejin saw that this was a sign of giving birth, so he quickly sent his wife to the hospital. After the nurse sent his wife to the delivery room, Gaodejin stood at the door, but his mood was very heavy.Reluctant waiting for the news.

With a cry in the house, the stone in Gaodejin’s heart fell to the ground. The doctor told him that he had a boy, his mother and son were safe.

After holding out the child, the people in the whole hospital felt that this was a miracle. The attending doctor said that she had seen many mothers with trauma, but her physical condition was like her. It was the first time to see the child.

The family who moved hard because of accidents finally ushered in good news. Gao Dejin named the child "God". He felt that this was a gift from God to their family.not easy.

After the child was born, Gaodejin felt that his wife’s condition would also be improved, but the doctor gave it after the examination

He splashed a pot of cold water and told him that Zhang Rongxiang would still take care of it in the future. Whether it can be good in the future is still unknown.

At this time, some people gave Gaodejin’s idea and asked him to find a regular institution to show his wife a disability identification, so that he could ask for the subsequent compensation.

So under the application of Gaodejin, the court commissioned relevant agencies to identify disability to his wife. Finally, the results issued showed that "the accident caused Zhang Rongxiang’s brain damage, which seriously affected Zhang Rongxiang’s physical function and intelligence, which constituted the four levels of disability in the fourth level of traffic accidents.","

After getting the appraisal report, Gaodekin sued the driver Zhao Gang for the third time and applied to the court for the treatment of his wife and the cost of future care. In the indictment, the support for the "Gao Tianci" of the newborn was also mentioned because heHe believes that his wife not only loses labor ability, but also has the ability to raise newborn.

Zhang Rongxiang, paralyzed in bed

He believes that if it wasn’t for the previous accident, he would not face the current situation, and all pain would originate from the collision of the two cars.Driver Zhao Gang, who did not want to cooperate with the previous two times, was unhappy this time. He believed: "There is no child at the time of the accident. There is no such existence. Now it is a bit unreasonable to let himself compensate."

He also said: "The accident really caused great harm to you. The medical expenses of Zhang Rongxiang, which were previously injured, and the raising fee of the unin -injured little daughter.

The Gaodejin side didn’t think so. Although he didn’t know his wife was pregnant when he was in a car accident, the child was indeed in Zhang Rongxiang’s stomach during a car accident.

At this time, Zhao Gang put forward a refutation point: "Although your wife is pregnant at the time of the incident, it is not necessary. After the accident, you do not give up the child when she is in danger.Children, and because of your choice, let me pay for the support for me a bit wrong. "

In the face of the dispute between the two parties, what is the court saying?The court said that it was indeed because of this car accident, which seriously affected Zhang Rongxiang’s ability to raise children and comprehensive consideration of various aspects. It was believed that Gaodejin had the right to claim the child’s support costs.

Under the mediation of the court, the owner Zhao Gang once again expressed his cooperation. Zhao Gang said: "Involving the problem of human life, I should pay or pay."

Simulation screen

This time, according to the responsibility, Zhao Gang compensated Zhang Rongxiang for some expenses for the later treatment care, and some of the maintenance costs of Gao Tianci before adulthood, a total of more than 50,000 yuan.

The lawsuit ended at the end. Three years have passed, and the situation in Gaodejin has improved. The relevant local departments have proceeded with minimum guarantee and disability subsidies for them.Starting full of hope for the future.

Especially the thriving growth of Gao Tianci, when he was talking, he often saw the eldest sister lying in his mother’s ear. The elder sister told him that as long as he was better for his mother, his mother could wake up.

So the little heavenly gift was often lying in the mother’s ears to speak to the mother, and often fed the food he had chewed to the mother.

In the past few years, Gaodejin has never been idle. He has worked day and night, and he has to take care of his family. I did not expect that one day, when she spoke to Zhang Rongxiang herself, she even said: "I’m fine"" ".After hearing this answer, the wife never said a second sentence again.

The next day when Xiaotianci fed her mother to feed the fruit, the mother and child looked at each other, and Zhang Rongxiang called the child’s name.

Gaodejin family five

Since then, Zhang Rongxiang, who has been in a coma for nearly three years, can often be opened, and he can also communicate with his family simply. The spirit has become better and better. Although the limbs have shrunk, there is a simple movement of a hand, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise, such as a simple exercise. For example,Take an apple.

The eldest daughter Gao Yun also said: "Every time she calls her brother Gao Tianci, her mother will say a lot of Zhang Tianci, because the mother’s surname is Zhang, and sometimes she will call me Zhang Yun."

The Gaodejin family, the kind of non -abandonment between the husband and wife, the miracle of the mother and the child’s heart also makes us understand that sometimes the love that loves to cure people’s hearts.Human support is not related. This family does not fall into despair because of the sudden disaster, but helps to continue to move forward.

Regarding this car accident, the two parties of the accident also showed their due attitude afterwards, and they both assumed corresponding responsibilities and compensation. This is what we should do by each rule of law.Wake up: "There are tens of millions of roads, the first one is safe, it can be slow, it does not give the accident at all.

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