In 2011, a single mother -in -law was pregnant at her son -in -law’s house, and was strangled to death. The daughter kneeling to the prisoner and thanked the prisoner.

In 2011, a terrible fire occurred in Herpe Village, Lu Liang County, Yunnan Province, and the fire raged for an hour.Make the house in a private house in the village into ashes.

However, in this desolate ashes, the police found a female corpse that had been severely burned.

The woman turned out to be the mother -in -law who had been burned by the resident. She had been pregnant for many years.However, in that serious fire, she and her unborn child lost her life at the same time.

However, after verification, after the woman was strangled to death, the murderer set fire and burned the corpse. When the murderer was caught, the woman’s biological daughter kneeled to the murderer.

What is going on?

On June 8, 2011, a silent night, suddenly, a fire broke out in a private house in Hehevan Village, Yunnan Province, and the high flames and thick smoke rose up.: "It’s getting angry!"

Soon, someone called an emergency alarm.

After receiving the alarm call, the local police and firefighters quickly acted.They sent an emergency and rushed to the fire scene with the fire extinguishing equipment.

Then, the firefighters tried to extinguish the fire. After hard work, they finally extinguished the fire completely after an hour.However, firefighters were confused about the fierceness of the fire and suspected that there was burning in the fire.

Investigators immediately launched an investigation that they conducted a detailed investigation of the fire scene.Soon, the investigation results verified the police’s judgment. They found that all the furniture in the house was burned, leaving only a little ashes.

However, according to experience, under normal circumstances, ordinary fires are difficult to destroy all furniture, because flames cannot reach such a high temperature, unless there is burning materials, such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.The situation was not the case, and the police found a lighter and a broken glass bottle in the bedroom.

This discovery caused the police to be highly alert.The lighter and the broken glass bottle are common traces of combustion, which deepen their doubts about the arson case.

The police resolutely decided to cut off the thick ashes and meticulously conducted a meticulous search and investigation.As the ashes were gradually lifted, a female corpse completely burnt appeared in front of everyone.

The female corpse exuded a weird atmosphere. She was lying there, facing up, without any traces of struggle, as if accepting the advent of death frankly.However, for the police, they know that the pain of burning fire is unbearable, so the calm state shown by the deceased makes them feel the biggest wrong.

According to reasonable speculation, the woman is likely to be killed before the fire occurs.

Then, forensic doctors conducted detailed anatomy of the deceased and further confirmed the previous judgment.When the forensic doctors cut the dead throat, they were surprised to find that the deceased’s airway was extremely clean without any trace of dust.The contradiction between asphyxia and death caused by the fire further ruled out the possibility of burning death.

At the same time, during the dissection process, the forensic doctor also found the broken lobbles of the deceased.Blogen breaks usually appear on the corpse after being strangled. This discovery further strengthened their judgment: the deceased was burned by the fire after being strangled.

What is even more shocking is that after a detailed autopsy, the police also found that the deceased had two months of pregnancy during his lifetime.

Police initially concluded that after someone killed the woman, he set fire and burned the house.

It was determined that this was an investigation immediately after a murder.Through the reaction of the neighbors, the police confirmed that the male owner of the house was named Gui Xiaoqin. The dead woman was Gui Xiaoqin’s mother -in -law Bao Xiuqing.

It is understood that her mother -in -law Bao Xiuqing has been living with her son -in -law Gui Xiaoqin and her daughter Yunxia in the past two years.

In this fire, Bao Xiuqing’s bedroom was burned out of the fire, but the bedrooms of the couple of Gui Xiaoqin, adjacent to them were intact.In addition, the items in the bedroom have not been flipped, which indicates that the suspect did not come to the property.

However, it is strange that the firefighters did not find the trace of Gui Xiaoqin during the fire fighting process.

Where did the couple of Gui Xiaoqin go to this evening?

The second day of the incident, Gui Xiaoqin and Yun Xia finally appeared at the scene.However, what shocked the police was the first reaction of the deceased daughter Yun Xia. When Yun Xia looked at her mother’s room was burned, her face did not show a trace of sadness.On the contrary, she didn’t seem to care, but cared for her house, worried about the degree of burning and whether it could continue to live.

This makes the police very strange, because even if the relationship between the mother and daughter is cold, the daughter’s death should not be so indifferent.

The prayer flags asked where they went last night and why they were not at home. Gui Xiaoqin and Yunxia said that they went to the neighboring village to visit relatives last night, so they did not realize that a fire had happened at home.

This answer aroused the suspicion of the police. Why did you go to visit relatives in the middle of the night?Do you still avoid the scene where the mother -in -law was killed and set of fire and burning the body?

However, in the face of the police’s interrogation, Gui Xiaoqin and Yunxia repeatedly expressed nothing to know the cause of the death of her mother.

The police had to start reviewing and questioning all the people related to Bao Xiuqing.

It turned out that Gui’s mother -in -law, Bao Xiuqing, unfortunately lost his puppet two years ago, and chose to go to his son -in -law’s house alone.According to the villagers’ narrative, the relationship between the three of them has been harmonious in the past two years.

Gui Xiaoqin said that at the beginning, he welcomed his mother -in -law to come to rely on. For him, an extra pair of tableware was not a problem. He was willing to live with his mother -in -law.However, a few weeks before the incident, what his mother -in -law said shocked him.

Mother -in -law suddenly said to Guo Xiaoqin: "I am pregnant. After the child is born, I will raise them."

You know, Guo Xiaoqin’s mother -in -law Bao Xiuqing has been widow for two years. How can he suddenly become pregnant without warning?

After the news of the widow’s mother -in -law was pregnant in the son -in -law’s house, the words in the village had not stopped.Many people in the village speculate that Bao Xiuqing was pregnant with Gui Xiaoqin’s children.

Every day, Gui Xiaoqin has to face the villagers’ pointers, which makes him feel very uncomfortable and troubled.

This made Gui Xiaoqin feel that he couldn’t raise his head in front of his neighbor, and no matter how Guo Xiaoqin and his wife persuaded, his mother -in -law always insisted on refusing to disclose who the child was, and refused to consider the choice of killing the child.This problem has become a fuse of frequent quarrel between Gui Xiaoqin and mother -in -law.

As the mother -in -law’s belly became larger day by day, Gui Xiaoqin’s pressure was getting heavier.He felt the accusations and ridicule from the villagers, which made his life extremely difficult.He realized that even if the child was not born, he was deeply hurt.

Gui Xiaoqin felt very painful and helpless in the face of the villagers’ tongue.He hopes to get rid of this evil words and live a normal and peaceful life, but the villagers’ saliva is still endless.

Speaking of which, the police couldn’t help but suspect Gui’s suspicion of committing the crime, but after inquiries about the relatives of the neighboring villagers, the Gui Xiaoqin couple did have a conclusive proof.

So who is the murderer?

Just when the police had a dismissal of the case, the police received a report from a villager, saying that he witnessed Gui Xiaolin, Gui Xiaolin, who had witnessed Gui Xiaoqin on the night of the incident to knock on the door of Bao Xiuqing.This clue attracted great attention from the police, and they immediately went to Gu Xiaolin’s residence to investigate.

During the investigation, the police keenly noticed the scratches on Gu Xiaolin’s face and his mouth. There seemed to be mottled blood on his shoes and clothes. In order to further verify these clues, the police decided to perform DNA analysis of the blood on him.

After inspection and comparison, the police obtained the key results: Gui Xiaolin’s blood was completely in line with Bao Xiuqing’s DNA.

Faced with evidence that could not be denied, Gui Xiaolin could not suppress his emotions and cried and lost his voice.He acknowledged his crime, claiming that if his brother had not married Yunxia as his wife, he would not have a unreasonable mother -in -law such as Bao Xiuqing, and he would not lose his mind because he lost his mind to protect his brother.

After Gui Xiaolin was arrested, the villagers were shocked and confused.Many people were impressed by him, thinking that he was a honest and kind person, doing many good things for the villagers, and also building the road to the villagers.

So how could he become a murderer?This has become a question in everyone’s hearts.

Gui Xiaoqin also did not believe that his brother killed his mother -in -law. Is there any deep hatred for his brother and his mother -in -law?Is my brother the father of the child in the belly of the mother -in -law?

It turned out that since her mother -in -law moved into the Gui Xiao Qin family, in fact, she has been living a comfortable life and does not want to make any efforts for the family. Instead, she often directs her daughter and Gui to do various trivial matters.

At first, Gui Xiaoqin tried to persuade her mother -in -law to help do some housework, but her mother -in -law asked unexpectedly: "What do you and your wife eat? Dare to ask me to work?" In addition, she also asked them to ask them frequently.Qian wealth brings additional burden on the family economy, which makes Gui Xiaoqin feel very helpless.

Gui Xiaoqin had long been dissatisfied with her mother -in -law’s behavior, but because of the consideration of family and respect for elders, he chose to silently endure his mother -in -law’s white and drinking.

Bao Xiuqing’s life experienced three short marriage. The first husband died unexpectedly, the second husband divorced her, and the third husband was unfortunately died in a car accident. Yunxia was the child of Bao Xiuqing and the third husband.

Although Bao Xiuqing had three marriages and mother -in -law, she still maintained a charming charm at the age of 39 and was very eye -catching.She has a graceful look and her face is still glorious.

What makes people unexpected is that she knew that she had a lover outside and she was pregnant with a lover child.

Gui Xiaoqin and Yunxia realized that the child’s arrival may cause the external criticism and accusations, especially considering that Bao Xiuqing has been widow for many years.Therefore, they often persuade Bao Xiuqing to consider killing their children.

Bao Xiuqing not only refused to kill the child, but also boldly declared that the child would be raised by Yunxia.She even preached her pregnancy in the village.

On June 7, 2011, Bao Xiuqing once again attracted the attention of the villagers in the village. She publicly stated that she was resolutely born to give birth to her child’s father and live with her son -in -law’s house.She asked her daughter and son -in -law to separate a house for her.She threatened that if her daughter and son -in -law did not agree to her request, she told the villagers that the child was a son -in -law.

Originally, the village had promoted his pregnancy because of Bao Xiuqing, and he had rumored, and now it is even more out of control.

Bao Xiuqing’s ridiculous words and deeds aroused widespread discussion among the villagers. They laughed at the affair of the Gui family. Gui Xiaolin felt that their hearts seemed to be inserted into a knife.

Bao Xiuqing not only insisted on giving birth to his child, but also blatantly stated that he would take his lover home to live.She kept testing the bottom line of son -in -law Gui Xiaoqin, and every sentence was full of provocations and threats.

Bao Xiuqing couldn’t convince her son -in -law Gui Xiaoqin to raise her child, so she began to find other ways to go out and go to the troubles of the son -in -law’s family.

She went to Guo Xiaoqin’s brother Gui Xiaolin’s house many times to make trouble, so that the brother’s family could not be peaceful.

On the evening of June 8, 2011, Bao Xiuqing insisted on bringing his lover home, which caused a fierce quarrel between Gui Xiaoqin and Bao Xiuqing.In the state of emotional control, the two sides were arguing fiercely.

In the end, Gui Xiaoqin returned to his grandmother’s house with Yun Xia at night, hoping that his grandmother could help them solve their dilemma and return their families to their normal life.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, I heard the villagers’ gossip, and Gui Xiaolin, who couldn’t sleep, decided to persuade Bao Xiuqing.After that, he found that only Bao Xiuqing was at home at home, so Gui Xiaolin hoped to have a serious dialogue with her.

"Bao Xiuqing, Yunxia is your daughter, Xiao Qin is your son -in -law and half of your son. We are all families. Don’t make any noise. Please think about it.Let’s live a good life together. Don’t let others make a joke. "

However, Bao Xiuqing’s response was not as expected by Gui Xiaolin.She laughed mocked and said coldly, "Broken the child? I won’t do it! This child is my life. What is your family’s matter?"

Gui Xiaolin looked at Bao Xiuqing, who was quite unreasonable, and was full of anger and helplessness.He thought of the accusations and misunderstandings that his brother Gui Xiaoqin had suffered in the village, and the flames in his heart became more and more burning.

Gui Xiaolin, who was so angry, began to scold Bao Xiuqing’s ignorance. He did not expect that Bao Xiuqing, who had a sharp teeth, not only insulted Gui Xiaolin’s words, but also fists his feet.

Gui Xiaolin grabbed Bao Xiuqing’s neck and pressed to the ground. In the struggle, Bao Xiuqing captured Gui Xiaolin’s face. When Gui Xiaolin reacted, Bao Xiu had no breathing early in the morning.

Afterwards, Gui Xiaolin, who killed people, was very scared, so he wanted to disguise the scene as a bottle of gasoline bought by his younger brother from the yard, and a fire of Bao Xiuqing’s house with a fire.Essence

After returning home, Gui Xiaolin, who was gradually calm, regretted his impulse. He deeply realized that his behavior was wrong and irreversible.

He understands how regrets can not change the facts, and he will face legal sanctions and responsibilities.

After Gui Xiaolin was arrested, Gui Xiaoqin and Yun Xia rushed to the detention center in a hurry, hoping to see Gui Xiaolin’s last side, although they knew that it was too late no matter what they did.

The moment they saw Gui Xiaolin being taken out, they were like a knife and fell to the ground, and they were sorry to say sorry.Tears were soaked in their plackets, and regrets and weakness rushed into their hearts like tide.

Gui Xiaolin’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness and helplessness. He understood the mistakes he made, and he also understood the pain and sorry of his family.He tried to comfort Gui Xiaoqin and Yunxia and told them not to blame himself. It was all his own choices and responsibilities.

At that time at that time, Gui Xiaolin comforted Gui Xiaoqin and Yunxia with a weak smile. Gui Xiaolin could only tell his brother and hoped that he could live a happy life.

He said in a trembling voice: "Brother, I have made an irreversible mistake. I can’t fulfill the responsibility of your elder brother. I hope that your husband and wife will live a happy life in the future."

When Gui Xiaoqin and Yun Xia heard these words, tears flooded their eyes again. Gui Xiaoqin trembled and said, "Brother, thank you, you paid too much for"

After Gui Xiaolin was arrested, Gui Xiaoqin fell into a deep self -blame and depression.He has always been unpredictable and felt that he had affected his brother, and felt deeply guilty and guilty about it.

At the same time, Gui Xiaolin was deeply sorry for them. After all, he killed his brother Yun Xia’s mother.

If the underground Bao Xiuqing saw this scene, I wonder if she would feel guilty.Bao Xiuqing’s unreasonable trouble and selfish behavior did bring tragedy to the two families.Although she also played the role of the victim in this tragedy, her behavior is undoubtedly the culprit of all this.

Even if Bao Xiuqing’s behavior is abominable, it cannot be the reason for Gui Xiaolin to kill.

In this case, due to the complicated cases, many people hold different views and doubts.Some of them expressed doubts about Gui Xiaolin’s confession, and even proposed that Gui Xiaolin may be the father of Bao Xiuqing’s child.

They believe that Gui Xiaolin has to kill Bao Xiuqing because he does not want to be criticized.

However, after autopsy and DNA testing, the genetic material of the child in Bao Xiuqing’s belly was not matched with Gui Xiaolin’s DNA, which means that Gui Xiaolin is not the child’s biological father.This discovery excludes the possibility of Gui Xiaolin’s murder to hide his identity.

In this case, some people do hold this view that Bao Xiuqing’s behavior is the source of all this sin, and Gui Xiaolin’s actions can be regarded as justice.These people believe that Gui Xiaolin was under tremendous pressure and grievances, and ultimately erupted extreme behaviors.

However, we must make it clear that no individual can solve the problem by criminal method, but should rely on legal and judicial institutions to deal with it.

No matter what kind of fault Bao Xiuqing committed, Gui Xiaolin had no right to punish him by prison.In a rule of law, we must abide by the law, respect the judicial procedures, and let the law deal with criminal behavior.

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