In 2009, the dementia daughter did not go out all day but accidentally became pregnant.

In 2009, there was a farmer named Zhou Yidou in Anxiang County, Hunan Province. He had a daughter named on Friday.On Friday, the sister had intellectual obstacles and could not stop at home all day.

But for a while, the amount of meals on Friday was getting smaller and smaller, and sometimes she didn’t want to eat, but her stomach was bizarre.

Zhou You was sick for his daughter, and hurriedly took his daughter to the hospital for examination, but the results of the inspection surprised him: the daughter was pregnant.

Zhou was very angry. Although her daughter was 28 years old, she could not take care of her own due to dementia, and she had to take care of people.And she never went out, how could she suddenly get pregnant?

Zhou You knew that his daughter must have been violated by rogue. He asked who the child’s biological father in his daughter’s belly was?

But the daughter did not answer, but said with a smile: My baby must be beautiful in the future. I will name her Gui Jiujiu!

Zhou had to look at the silly daughter, and hated it.For his daughter’s affairs, he sighed all day long, and he was sick, lying in bed without eating or drinking.

Zhou You said: Everyone is facing.When her daughter happened, she couldn’t raise her head in the village, which was too shameful.


Zhou had to start thinking hard. Who was suspected of committing crimes in the village?After thinking about it for a long time, he finally remembered a person in the village: Yao Sanxi, nicknamed Sanjie.

Because Yao Sanxi was closest to his family, Yao Sanxi’s fish pond was only 100 meters away from his house.And Yao Sanxi often goes to his house.

Zhou Yidi said: When the sky was raining, Yao Sanxi sat in his house to hide from the rain.When it rains, he also likes to report to his house.

Therefore, Zhou You had to test Yao Sanxi specifically. He said to Yao Sanxi: The only thing you and my daughter know about my daughter. You know that you are the most in your heart. If you do not admit, the consequences are at your own risk.

Unexpectedly, Yao Sanxi finished listening, his face changed greatly, and he couldn’t say a word.His performance confirms the guess of Zhou You.

Zhou had to determine that the person who made her daughter pregnant was Yao Sanxi.Some good people said to Zhou: You go to report the case and let Yao Sanxi go to jail.

Zhou Youde thought: If he reports the case, this incident is well known, and his face is not good.

So, Zhou Youde found Yao Sanxi again and said, "You give me 2000 yuan, I take my daughter to get the fetus, as long as you don’t do such a thing in the future, even if you don’t do this kind of thing, even if this matter, I will no longer pursue your responsibility anymoreEssence

Unexpectedly, Yao Sanxi was furious and said: Why do I give you 2,000 yuan, do you have evidence to prove that that is my child?

Zhou You was also very angry, saying: No one except you will do this kind of harm.

After that, Zhou had to ask Yao Sanxi to ask for money three times, but Yao Sanxi didn’t give money.Zhou You only cried secretly.

The villagers were sympathetic to Zhou’s experience, but because of fear of Yao Sanxi, they did not dare to say a fair word. They only talked behind them, accusing Yao Sanxi too much, and bullying too much.

Some villagers told this incident Jiang Zhongfu, the director of the police station.I thought that Jiang Zhongfu would stretch justice for himself, but did not expect that things made things more complicated. Zhou had to be bitter.

On this day, Jiang Zhongfu came to the village to find Zhou Yi’s saying: If he will give you 2,000 yuan in the future, you can’t ask for it, don’t pick up his money.

Zhou Yidi felt very aggrieved. If it wasn’t for his poor family, he couldn’t get 2,000 yuan for his daughter -in -law for induction, and he would never go to Yao Sanxi for money three times and five times.

And he had asked the hospital, and his daughter had almost 2,000 yuan for dictatorship.He didn’t ask Yao Sanxi to ask for a penny.

Zhou Youxiang thought, maybe Director Jiang did not know the hidden feelings, so he told Director Jiang in the ins and outs of the matter, but he did not expect that the director Jiang said: If you have no conclusive evidence, do not doubt others for no reason for no reason., Not to rely on others.


Zhou Youde heard the words of Director Jiang suddenly became alert. Director Jiang maintained Yao Sanxi everywhere. Is it possible that they were a group?

Director Jiang did not let him report the case, and he left after understanding the situation.His appearance is to prevent him from asking for money from Yao San, not justice.

But what should I do if my daughter does the money for induction of labor?

At this time, Zhou You found that Yao Sanxi was gone, and he couldn’t ask for money to ask him.He suddenly regretted not getting money from Yao Sanxi.

The villagers told Zhou You: You are not Yao Sanxi’s opponent. There is a director behind him to support him. You can’t fight him.

Zhou had a signs of crying: Is this still reasonable?Why is my life so bitter?

At that time, the family planning cadres also came to the Zhou family and said: Let the girl on Friday quickly perform an induction of labor, and then drag down the child to be born.Wumei could not take care of her life, and she couldn’t raise her child.If the child inherited the mother’s dementia, it would be even more troublesome.

Zhou Yidou heard the treated cadres very reasonable.So he asked relatives and friends to borrow 2,000 yuan and took his daughter to the hospital for induction.

To Zhou Yi’s anger, he just took his daughter to the hospital, and Jiang Zhongfu, the director of the police station, took someone to rush over. He even more believed in the villagers’ words, and Director Jiang was supporting Yao Sanxi.

After the sister entered the operating room on Friday, Director Jiang sent two people to keep the door of the operating room and not allow anyone to approach.

It wasn’t until the surgery of the sister and left the operating room that Director Jiang left.

Zhou Yidou felt very strange. He said: Why did Director Jiang not investigate who made her daughter pregnant, but she was so concerned about her daughter’s induction of labor?

He thought about it and understood that the child was the only evidence. Now that the child is gone, the person who rapes the daughter can no longer find out.No wonder Jiang Jiang sent someone to stay at the door of the operating room, just afraid that he regretted it and would not let his daughter perform surgery.

The more he wanted to be wronged, and he fell on his knees and cried.A trivial little man like him can only be bullied, and no one helps him.

When he returned home, Zhou Youe began to take care of his daughter again day after another, helped her wash her face, and feed her. The suffering in his heart could only swallow himself alone. There was no choice.

To the collapse of Zhou, after the daughter was induced, Yao Sanxi appeared in the village again.Now the evidence has disappeared and no one can treat him.

Yao Sanxi seemed to be proud of it. In Zhou You, he had a head -on -head, humming Xiaoqu, and a look of Yao Wuyang’s prestige, which made Zhou You get angry.

Zhou You was so angry that he was crying at home. He said: If I am 20 years younger, I have to teach him a fierce teaching.


Zhou You couldn’t swallow this breath. He rushed up the courage to run to the police station, trying to scold Jiang Zhongfu for a meal.

However, he did not see Jiang Zhongfu when he arrived at the director’s office, sitting in a stranger inside.

He said: Jiang Zhongfu was transferred, and I was the new director Li Wang.

Li Wang

Zhou was disappointed, and the anger of his belly could not be released.

Li Wang asked Zhou to encounter any trouble, and Zhou You said that he told his experience in 151.

After listening to Zhou, Li Wang was very angry and said, "You can’t count your daughter’s affairs. Your daughter is a person who has no ability to do.This is a serious rape case. We must report the case. We immediately filed the case to investigate, and we must find out the real murderer and help your daughter to recover justice.

Zhou Youde heard the words of Director Li Wang moved with tears. He pulled Director Li’s hand and said: You are really a good cadre who wants to think for the people.

However, Director Li said that before reporting, a certificate of your daughter is a certificate of dementia, and the police station can accept your report.

Zhou You was very puzzled and said: Do you still need to prove dementia?Although my daughter is 28 years old, she needs to serve her family when she is 28 years old. It is not as good as a three -year -old child. Can people in the village prove that this is not enough?

Director Li said: You have to go to a designated hospital in Changsha to give your daughter a legal medical certificate, which costs about 10,000 yuan.

Zhou was in trouble.His family is the poorest family in the village. His wife, son, and daughter are sick. He has no ability to work. He usually works alone and needs a low -guarantee life in the village.Where did he get this 10,000 yuan?

Zhou You said to Director Li: Forget it, this case will not be reported.

After speaking, Zhou was ready to leave.

Director Li Wang held him and said: You must do this identification. As for the money, you don’t need to care about it. I will find a way to raise money.

Zhou You had kneeling on the ground all at once, and moved his eyes with tears. He said, "Thank you so much for Director Li. When you meet you, you are the blessing of our family.

However, the road to fundraising is not smooth, and no department will pay this cost.

Director Li said: In addition, the daughter who had a lot of money had induced labor. Without evidence, it would be difficult for this case.

Zhou Yidai was very disappointed after learning about this situation.In addition to disappointment, he attributed his responsibility to Jiang Zhongfu, director of the former police station. When the sister induced labor on Friday, Jiang Zhongfu was in the hospital and did not mention embryos afterwards.

After listening to Zhou Yi’s remarks, Director Li Wang was very angry. He couldn’t tolerate his colleagues’ inaction and disappeared such important evidence.He decided to get justice for Zhou You.

Director Li found Jiang Zhongfu to ask him: Why did you not save the most important evidence embryos on Friday?

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhongfu laughed and said: You are all wrong, and that evidence is still there.

Jiang Zhongfu brought Li Wang to the forensic room of the Public Security Bureau and found the embryo that the girl was induced on Friday.

Jiang Zhongfu said that after the sister was induced on Friday, he saved the embryo.He was then sent to the forensic room of the County Public Security Bureau, because he was afraid of being destroyed by the embryo, he had never disclosed to outsiders.

Li Wang asked Jiang Zhongfu: Why not helping the girl on Friday?

Jiang Zhongfu explained: On Friday, the sister had dementia.He has already helped the hospital on Friday. The hospital said that he would have to wait two to three months, not to say that you want to identify it, and he has to queue up. He has been waiting for the spiritual identification time.

As for why he did not tell Zhou in advance, he was afraid that he leaked the wind and let the suspect escape, and the investigation was troublesome.

So he deliberately said to Zhou: There is no evidence, don’t doubt others.

However, Zhou You didn’t understand him. He thought he helped Yao Sanxi to support his back. He couldn’t say anything and had to do things according to law.

After that, he wanted to save the evidence, although Zhou did not understand him, he was full of hatred, and he could not explain.Only send someone to stay at the door of the operating room, get the embryo, and save the evidence.

After knowing the truth of the matter, Zhou You had regretted that Director Jiang was wrong. Director Jiang was the person who helped him the greatest help.

In order to thank the director and police officer of the police station, Zhou Youe had to fish in his own fish pond and think of the big fish to send them to express his gratitude.

At the same time, the police also investigated the case, locked three suspects, extracted their blood samples, and sent them to Changsha for parent -child identification.

A week later, the identification results came out and confirmed that Yao Sanxi was the child’s biological father.

In the end, Yao Sanxi was arrested and imprisoned for rape.

Yao Sanxi

Although this case is not very complicated, the process is twisted.Thanks to the people who are full of justice and responsibility, it is precisely that they are full of justice in their hearts and only want to serve the people to allow the people to live in peace.

Although he was wronged, he couldn’t tell, you could only swallow bitter water in your stomach.This is our good police officer, let us order a big praise for them!

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